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Rehab for Mental Health Problems in England

Live in the UK and suffer from Mental Illness? You may need mental health rehab.

Verve Healthcare produce an exceptional standard of mental health rehab care. We appreciate that living with a mental health disorder is exhausting, painful, and can have physical symptoms, too. There is a broad spectrum of mental health problems that are worthy of our tailored, industry-leading rehab program. If you are plagued by mental illness, we are here to provide some much needed relief.

Verve Healthcare Rehab for Mental Health

That’s a full quarter of all living people. 25% of us (MIND, 2020) will have to battle inner demons that have a significant impact on our everyday lives. When your mental illness becomes repetitive, chronic, or interferes with your daily life, you have developed a disorder worthy of help by a specialist team of psychotherapists. You will find these here, with Verve Healthcare rehab clinics.

We create a safe, inviting space for you to share your experiences with a group of your peers or with a therapist. You will have the opportunity to explore the inner workings of your own mind in a spacious, opulent setting, where each of our guests is treated as royalty might be. Your every need will be tended to, leaving you free to concentrate wholly on your recovery process. We aim for tranquility, serenity, and a touch of luxury affordable to most.

If you feel you would like help for a mental health problem, you should contact us today to start rehab therapies. We will bring you into a mental wellness rehab clinic near you – either in Watton or Peterborough – so that you can take time over your recovery. When you leave us, it will be with a greater perception of why your mind works the way it does, and of what you can do to manage this.

Call us now, on 0203 955 7703 or read more about mental health rehab on our overview page.

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Can you get Rehab for Mental Health Problems?

Rehab for mental health problems has long since been an established part of American health culture. Slowly, it has crossed the seas to Britain and is wearing away some of the last remnants of stigma we still have as a society against those with mental health problems. Nowadays, having depression isn’t something that people will judge you negatively for. A few decades ago in Britain, that wasn’t the case.

In a similar way, the people of Britain have grown more accepting of the recovering addict. Now, instead of being loathed, they are urged towards recovery treatments, a lot of whose therapies are similar in nature to those used for someone recovering from mental health crises.

Since the two conditions are so similar in treatment plan, it makes sense to see both types of client through one rehab centre. While addicted clients will go through a detox program at one of our specialist clinics before they go on to join the therapies in the rehab programs, a client being treated for mental ill health in our rehab clinics is allowed to settle straight in to our world-class rooms.

Clients who chose mental health rehab with Verve Healthcare are subject to our broad range of treatments, therapies, and workshops. They can use our stunning on-site amenities, can choose from our wealth of therapies, and can enjoy a menu compiled with dietary nutrition – and good taste – in mind. At Verve Healthcare, we aim to eliminate all other little stresses so that you can focus on what you came to do… recover from a mental illness in safety and peace.

If this sounds like the right program for you, you can choose from our 7 day program, our 14 day program, our 28 day program, or you can arrange to stay for longer by contacting us directly. To do so, call us now, on 0203 955 7703.

What Conditions Might Need Rehab for Mental Health?

We treat a varied mix of mental health rehab clients for all sorts of conditions. We see those suffering from a phobia, can treat PTSD with Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing, and offer trauma therapy to help you get to the roots of your mental health issues. Whether you are suffering due to something that happened to you in childhood, we can help. If you are suffering because of your own behaviour, some Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with Verve Healthcare rehab clinics will allow you to examine that behaviour, find the cause, and sort it out.

With our full network of therapists and support systems, as well as our aftercare program, in mind – we are able to treat the following mental health illnesses…

Verve Healthcare Rehab for Mental Health


Verve Healthcare Rehab for Mental Health
As mentioned above, rapid eye movements, associated with PTSD patients, can be soothed to the effect of removing the constant “fight or flight” effect felt by these mental health rehab patients.

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This debilitating, life-altering condition can be treated here at Verve Healthcare. Use our art therapy classes to express emotions effectively, learn to prevent suicidal relapses, or get to the bottom of your changing moods to better understand how to manage depression, through rehab.

Anxiety Disorders

Both panic disorder and Generalised Anxiety Disorder can be treated through our tailored blend of therapies and key work psychotherapy courses. We run workshops aimed at raising your self-esteem, getting over the trauma that made you feel this way, and even offer yoga classes so you can keep calm in future, once your program is finished.

Verve Healthcare Rehab for Mental Health


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder comes in many shapes and sizes. It can take over your whole life to keep up with the demands your malfunctioning brain places on you. People with OCD have a three part illness. The obsessions, such as contamination, the compulsion to do something about it (the cleaning of the hands), and then the resultant frustrations, anxieties, and other health problems arising from it. We run an excellent stress management program aimed at reducing guilt, shame, and obsessions.

Verve Healthcare will provide high quality care for those who are seeking rehab for OCD in Britain.

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Overcoming Fears and Phobias

Exacerbated phobic reactions are often the symptom of something much deeper going on in the mind. This is especially true if multiple phobias flare up at one time. A phobia is a completely irrational fear, most of which is unfounded or baseless. If you are constantly exposed to the things that you fear, you will eventually overcome them. We will work with you to help you gain traction over phobias in your life and get you back on track.

Visit our treatments pages to explore how we provide rehab for phobias in the UK.

Bipolar Disorder

If you are suffering from bi-polar disorder, it is likely that you swing from a high to a low mood within very short time periods. You will go through elevated periods known as mania, only to be quickly followed by low mood periods which feel like depressive episodes. Treatment involves prescription medications issued by our on-site medical teams, combined with a range of the best therapies available. Treat your mental health issue with rehab for bi-polar disorder in England.

UK Rehab for Other Mental Health Problems

These are only a handful of the mental health problems we treat, here at Verve Healthcare. To ensure that you get the best in mental health rehab care, we have incorporated a number of industry leading psychotherapists into our rehab clinics.

Using our combined therapists, we can treat Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), Dissociative Disorders, Eating Disorders (such as bulimia, anorexia, and others), Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), and even treat individual symptoms such as Self Harming. Contact our admissions team or call us on 0203 955 7703. We are fully equipped to handle any mental health problem you can throw at us.

How To Treat Mental Health Problems in the UK?

Verve Healthcare Rehab for Mental Health

If you have one of the aforementioned mental health problems, and you happen to reside in the UK, you could be recovering in the opulence and style of one of our lavish rehab clinics. Rehab for mental illness is growing in popularity, since rehab centres give the serenity and tranquillity of surroundings needed for optimal inner healing. Here at Verve Healthcare, we provide exemplary client care set in stunning rooms, with first rate service and a world class therapy program. When you combine all of these ingredients together, you have a formula for mental health recovery success.

With this in mind, we have given a brief overview of some of our more intriguing therapies, below.

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Holistic Therapy & Body Maps

A holistic therapist will have a look over your body, mind, and charts, and will create a body map specific to you. This map will pinpoint areas where you hold onto stress, such as tense shoulders or a clenched gut, thereby allowing you to work on these areas to unlock that stress. Once done, you will be more aware of how you hold onto stress in a physical sense in the future.

Johari Window

This therapy technique allows you to glimpse your own life through the eyes of someone else, so to speak. It is a mechanism used to help you see your own potential, instead of supressing that potential. Johari window is sometimes used by therapists who want to clear up the client’s perception of themselves.

Auricular Acupuncture

This is the type of acupuncture where thin needles are placed into various points around the body. This technique has been used since ancient times as a way of controlling pain within the body. It is a great relaxation device, and many clients benefit from acupuncture.

Drama Triangles

Teaching you about manipulation, the adult, parent, and child states, and a little about the ego, goes a long way towards helping your recovery. When you learn what causes drama triangles and identify ways that you can stay in a composed adult state, you are able to recognise those who mean well for you, and those who have you in their lives because it means well for them. This is a difficult process, but it will help you immensely.

And Many More

We cover everything from family and relationship work, right through to emotional regulation and managing communication better. When you come to us, we will help you to recognise unhelpful behaviours and thinking in both ourselves and in others. This gives us a new set of life skills, ultimately leading to a better quality of living, down the line.

Where Can I Get Rehab for Mental Health Problems in the UK?

Verve Healthcare rehab clinics accept all manner of patients. Whether you are suffering from an emotional disorder or have an addiction issue, we are here and happy to help.

We provide you with the safe haven you need to get your life together again, while we work with medical professionals to ensure your sanctuary and recovery while you are with us. Together, we can make the changes in your life that make recovery possible.

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