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Here at Verve Healthcare alcohol rehab clinics, we specialise in providing high-quality support for those who wish to stop drinking alcohol. We aim to bring first-rate addiction help services to our clients. We have access to some of the finest doctors, therapists, and counsellors, all with the aim of helping you beat addiction. All that remains for us to get started, is for you to come forward and decide to stop drinking.

High Quality Alcohol Cessation in England

Here at Verve Healthcare alcohol rehab clinics, we specialise in providing high-quality support for those who wish to stop drinking alcohol. We aim to bring first-rate addiction support services to our clients. We have access to some of the finest doctors, therapists, and counsellors, all with the aim of helping you beat addiction. All that remains for us to get started, is for you to come forward and decide to stop drinking.

How To Stop Drinking

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Those of you who wish to know more about how you can stop drinking alcohol for good through our services, continue reading. This page is packed full of essential information that will help you kick that drinking habit. Let’s start with the detox process.

Alcohol Detox – First Step to Sober Success

It does not matter if you are a heavy drinker or a social drinker, the first step of the process towards recovery from alcohol addiction is always the same. The detox process is first thing you do when you come to us. But what is detox and what does it mean for you?

When you are a full-time drinker, and you drink alcohol every day, your body becomes accustomed to this. Over time, alcohol becomes a necessary component in your body and brain. Your brain will feel foggy without it, while your body will experience physical symptoms if it lacks alcohol. Detox (short for detoxification) allows you to purge the alcohol from your body and brain. Only once you have gone through the detoxification for alcohol process, can you start to recover from drinking too much.

First Steps To Sober Success

Normally, a light daily drinker might be able to go through detox alone and at home. They might experience the unpleasant symptoms of alcohol withdrawal, but otherwise should be fine to go cold turkey. However, heavy daily drinkers, and those who have been alcoholics for a long time, will experience severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms are so intense that it is better to detox with the help of a medical facility and their staff.

Some of the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal experienced during detox are as follows:

  • Intense Shaking – the tremor can start anything from a few hours after your last drink and can last for a few weeks. Most people who through alcohol withdrawal experience tremors up to 72 hours after their last drink.
  • Sweating – expect to go through sweats too. These symptoms are your body trying to convince you that it cannot operate properly without the alcohol.
  • Nausea and diarrhoea – your stomach, which is used to large amounts of alcohol, will misbehave without it.
  • Chills, aches and pains, other mild physical symptoms – the detox process will enlighten you as to how much control alcohol has had for every fibre of your being. It might seem not worth it but giving up alcohol forever is the healthiest thing someone with an alcohol addiction can do.
  • Hallucinations – on the other end of the scale, drank alcohol for many years may suffer from hallucinations when it finally leaves their system.

There is one giant reason we wanted to get help as an alcoholic. When you quit drinking on your own, heart failure is a very real possibility. Heart failure is the main reason we encourage heavy, long-term drinkers towards assisted detox in a specialised facility. There are horror stories all over the world about heavy drinkers who died trying to get clean. We cannot emphasise this enough. Stopping drinking can kill you if it is not done in the correct manner.

Let’s talk about how Verve Healthcare provides first class alcohol detox services for a price that most of us can afford.

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Top Rated Supervised Alcohol Detox, with Verve Healthcare

When you come to us to quit drinking, you will be welcomed with open arms. Once you are settled in to your very own ensuite room, you will be shown the delightful and stylish amenities located within our alcohol rehab centre. While you are staying with us, you will have full use of these facilities – and we hope you use them to keep your mind off alcohol.

When you are scheduled to begin the detox process, your allocated recovery team will assess you and discern your needs. If they are able to, and you don’t have any other health conditions, then you will be prescribed medications that will make the process less intense for you. These medications will manage your alcohol withdrawal symptoms while you recover.

Stop Drinking with Verve Healthcare

For the next few days, the recovery team will be on hand, should you need any help or attention. You will have regular visits with your consultant, engage in group therapies when you are ready, and will have appointments with an alcohol cessation counsellor. Together, these components will give you the mental endurance needed to outlast the worst of those withdrawal symptoms.

When you are finished with detox, you will have officially quit drinking. You are still addicted to alcohol – but it is no longer in your body. This is arguably the worst part of recovery but if you wait it out, time will minimise those symptoms until they no longer bother you at all.

Once alcohol detox is finished, you will have stopped drinking. What you do next will determine whether or not you manage to quit drinking for good. We suggest you stay in our  facility to complete your recovery in comfort and style, utilizing our full array of staff and services to stay away from alcohol.

How to Stop Drinking in the UK

The second stage of your alcohol rehab treatment involves moving in to one of our luxurious planned, elegantly featured rooms for a period of your choosing. We offer 7-day treatment programs, 14 day treatment programs, 28 day treatment programs, and even facilitate the 12 step program, all within our walls.

Each and every one of these courses have been specifically tailored towards getting you off alcohol – and keeping you away from it – from then on. Better yet, each course takes place in one of our stylish clinics, all of which have been designed to incorporate comfort at their very core. We believe style and comfort should not be only for the rich. In fact, we believe that affordability should come first, so that each guest can enjoy rehab for alcoholism in as relaxed, as beautiful, and as invigorating a setting as possible.

When it comes to recovery from alcohol addictions, each person should have the same level of high quality treatment as the next. It is for this reason the Verve Healthcare facilities were created, and it is from this principle that we continue to grow.

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What Happens During the Second Stage of Alcohol Rehab?

Verve Healthcare how to Stop Drinking

When you move from detox in to the second stage of rehab for alcoholism, you will be entrusted into the care of specialised alcohol counsellors, therapists, and medical staff. They will take charge of your person-centred treatment plan from that point forward.

Treatments they are likely to use whilst you are undergoing alcohol rehabilitation include some of the following…

Alcohol Counselling

Alcoholism is a huge problem in the UK. In England and Wales, the Office of National Statistics reports around 9000 deaths a year due to alcoholism. Alcohol specific deaths are always on the rise. This has led to specific group of councillors arising to fight the condition. These alcohol counsellors have heard it all – especially those employed by Verve Healthcare. Chosen for excellence, our alcoholism counsellors will help you get back to a newer and better normal.

Group Therapy

During group therapy sessions, you are able to connect with other people in your situation. Some may be recovering from drug addiction, but most will be recovering from an addiction to alcohol. Peer support comes from shared experiences, in that your circumstances will be similar. You should not lean on people in your group, but you should share difficulties with them. It is highly likely they have gone through something similar and can offer lived advice.

Therapy Consultations

There are numerous types of therapy out there. Since we use an eclectic mix of therapies, you can find a treatment plan for alcohol recovery that suits you. When you come to us, in as to make quitting drinking for good as easy for you as possible. Part of this means getting to the root cause of your alcohol addiction. People become addicts for a reason. Specialised therapists for addictions will find out what those reasons are.

Once discovered, the cause can be treated, and dealt with so that it doesn’t bother you in the future. You can then move forward using healthier coping mechanisms, into a brighter future.

Some of our specialised therapies for alcohol addiction include:

  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Trauma Therapy
  • Stress Management
  • and many more

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Holistic Therapies

There are various other holistic therapies that can help you recover from alcohol addiction in luxury. The aim of these holistic therapies is to destress your mind and relax your body. Holistic therapies might not medically treat your alcohol addiction, but they can be helpful in other ways. For example, if alcohol withdrawal symptoms are causing you aches and pains, a massage treatment might help relieve those aches and take your mind off your withdrawal symptoms. We offer a wide choice of holistic therapies in order to get you through the hardest moments of recovery from alcohol addiction.

Some of our holistic therapies include:

  • Art Therapy
  • Yoga Classes
  • Meditation and Mindfulness Groups
  • Anxiety Workshops
  • Self-Esteem Workshops
  • and many more

Your Alcohol Rehab Treatment Plan will be Tailored to you!

When you come to us to quit drinking, we will create a person-centred treatment plan. This will be the framework for your doctor, therapists and recovery team to follow, until you break free of your alcohol addiction completely. We support you through your alcohol issues right up until you feel capable of managing on your own.

We will even provide you with telephone aftercare services, capable of guiding you further in future months. Then, in the future, you can join us for some group therapy work, take the odd top-up therapy session, or even use telephone support sessions to prevent alcohol addiction relapses, down the road.If you (or someone you love) wants to get off alcohol for good, contact us today. We are here, waiting, and ready to provide you with high-quality and comfortable rehab clinics in order to facilitate your recovery.

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