Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

Drug withdrawal symptoms vary for each individual. Unfortunately, it’s common for drug withdrawals to occur, but when you have the right people around you, the process is much more manageable. Here at Verve Healthcare, we connect you with trustworthy and reliable rehab centres in local areas. Our aim is to provide you with the best referral service possible.

Drug withdrawal symptoms start from the moment that you abstain from whichever substance you abuse. If you use it every day, several times a day, then the symptoms of withdrawal are likely to kick in sooner. Drug withdrawal symptoms occur when a person who is physically dependent on a substance suddenly stops or reduces their intake of that substance.

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Drug Addiction

The severity and duration of withdrawal symptoms can vary depending on numerous factors, including the type of drug and the duration of usage, to name a few. Although withdrawal symptoms can be uncomfortable, it’s important that you remember the reason you’re going through this. When you experience withdrawal symptoms, it means the drugs are being flushed out of your body.

Living with drug addiction can be incredibly challenging, often leading to an array of problematic difficulties. If either you or a loved one is experiencing an addiction to drugs, now is the time to get the help you need.

Substance abuse can have severe health implications, affecting various organs and systems in the body. We should care for our bodies, which is why rehabilitation and a drug detox are the best next steps if you’ve been struggling with addiction for some time.

Not only can drug addiction damage relationships, but it can also create financial difficulties. Relying on drugs day in and day out is tedious; most drugs are illegal, which ultimately puts you at risk of facing severe consequences under the law.

Over time, the body develops a physical dependence on drugs, leading to withdrawal symptoms when the substance is not consumed. Although withdrawal symptoms seem daunting, rehab centres provide everything you need to ensure your withdrawal process is as simple and streamlined as it possibly can be.

Undergoing effective addiction treatment is vital, regardless of the drug you’re addicted to. Whether you attend rehab to simply confront your issues or undergo a medical detox, the possibilities after rehabilitation are endless. Drug abuse should be taken seriously, and we urge anyone with a progressing drug addiction to reach out to the team at Verve Healthcare today.

Why Do We Experience Withdrawal Symptoms?

Drug dependence is a serious matter that should be dealt with by trained healthcare professionals. Both physical and psychological symptoms have the possibility of arising while you experience withdrawal symptoms, but you can rely on your reliable rehab clinic to support and guide you through the process.

Rehab is a safe space for individuals facing addiction problems to visit and get better. Whether you’re about to face opioid withdrawal symptoms or severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms, it’s important that you don’t go cold turkey alone.

The symptoms of drug withdrawal are wide and varied. This is because of the effects drugs have on both your body and your brain. When you start abusing drugs, any drugs, your body adapts to process the chemicals and get you back to your normal state of being.

This processing will eventually lead to sobriety, and so we find ourselves looking for the next hit again.
Each and every time you use drugs, you’re falling a little deeper down the rabbit hole. There’s only so far down this particular tunnel that you can travel before you need to seek help or suffer the unthinkable.

Because of the neurological reward processes that occur whenever you take a hit of the substance you are addicted to, it’s exceptionally difficult to break free from addictions. Your addiction to drugs has a hold over your brain. Without a hit, you don’t feel happy or satisfied, needing to score before you do anything else with your day.

Your body and brain will be at odds with one another while you are going through the drug detox process. We want to reassure you that it’s completely normal to experience withdrawal symptoms. A sudden absence of the drug you’re addicted to is bound to make you feel depressed or stressed.

It’s vital that when you do deal with withdrawal symptoms, you have the right medical and psychological care. Medical professionals are there to offer guidance, helping with all aspects of your journey. When you have a trusted team of specialists around you, you can rest assured that if you end up suffering from any life-threatening or dangerous withdrawal symptoms, you’ll be seen right away.

It’s incredibly dangerous to go cold turkey on your own with no professional help. While you attend rehab, you’ll have access to advice and specialist help for the whole of your withdrawal period. Any severe symptoms or life-threatening withdrawal symptoms while you’re under medical supervision can be handled in the best way possible to try and prevent anything from happening.

Common Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

The symptoms of drug withdrawal differ from drug to drug, person to person, and the length of time you were hooked. The volume of drugs used on a daily basis also has a drastic impact on your drug withdrawal symptoms. Common drug withdrawal symptoms include headaches, sleep issues, nausea and vomiting, to name a few.

Although common withdrawal symptoms do usually occur, some people might face other symptoms of withdrawal, such as sweating, shaking or having an upset stomach. Experiencing withdrawal symptoms isn’t easy, and we understand that here at Verve Healthcare.

We believe that attending rehab and undergoing withdrawal management are key when you have a drug addiction.
Some people experience withdrawal symptoms that pose more danger. Severe withdrawal symptoms include hallucinations, heart failure, delirium, strokes and seizures, to name a few.

This doesn’t necessarily occur if you’ve been using more dangerous drugs; if your addiction is severe, these withdrawal symptoms have the possibility to showcase themselves.

Withdrawal timelines are different for all individuals; one person’s withdrawal timeline could be shorter than another’s, and that’s completely normal. Let’s take a look at how heroin withdrawal symptoms could differ from cannabis withdrawal symptoms.

Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms

Heroin, cocaine, opioids, and prescription drug addictions are all capable of giving you more severe withdrawal symptoms. Heroin is so highly addictive that you risk a heart attack if you stop taking it all at once.

Instead, it’s likely that your doctors will want to replace your addiction with something slightly less addictive. This way, they can wean you from an addiction that detoxing from could kill you down to an addiction you can detox from with medical supervision.

Heroin, an opioid derived from morphine, has powerful and addictive properties, making it one of the most notorious substances. The risk of overdose and death is high. Mixing heroin with other downers (including methadone, alcohol, and benzodiazepines) is extremely dangerous. It’s crucial to seek help when you’re facing a heroin addiction.

Cannabis Withdrawal Symptoms

Although all addictions are serious, some are easier to quit than others. They’re easier to stop because the drugs themselves are less addictive, even though we might get addicted to the way they make us feel. Much like gambling or a video game addiction, those who are addicted to these drugs can overcome their problem with less serious withdrawal symptoms. At Verve Healthcare, we link cannabis addicts to reliable rehabs.

Cannabis addicts and those who take fewer addictive drugs will tend to experience milder symptoms of drug withdrawal. There are many common risks of using cannabis; it can affect your mental health, especially if you abuse the substance a lot.

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