Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

Understanding Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

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Here at Verve, we see a wide and varied mix of clients, from all walks of life. Since we offer a blended mix of high-end eclectic therapies – at affordable rates – we have a diverse cross-section of society through our doors.

No matter who the client is, no matter how rich, how poor, or how indifferent, they all go through similar things. This is especially true of the clients that come to us to recover from a drug addiction. It is incredibly difficult to get off drugs and the reason for that lies partially in the symptoms of drug withdrawal.

Verve Health understanding drug withdrawal symptoms
Drug withdrawal symptoms start from the moment that you abstain from whichever substance you abused. If you used every day, several times a day, then the symptoms of withdrawal are likely to kick in as soon as you check yourself in to our deluxe, dedicated rehab facility. To get clean, you can use the detox and rehab clinics in either of our Peterborough or Watton centres. Drug detox varies in length from addict to addict, but together we can help you get through those withdrawal symptoms and get back to a normal life.

You can join us online via our admissions pages, or you can call 0203 955 7703 today to get started with your recovery from drug addiction in the UK, now. Otherwise, stay with us while we explore the symptoms of drug withdrawal, so you can prepare yourself for what is to come.

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Why your Body Goes Through Drug Withdrawal

The symptoms of drug withdrawal are wide and varied. This is because of the affect’s drugs have on both your body and your brain. When you start abusing drugs – any drugs – your body adapts to process the chemicals and get you back to your normal state of being. This processing will eventually lead to sobriety, and so we find ourselves looking for the next hit again.

When we get that hit, the reward centres of our brains are activated. It likes up, releases a burst of happy chemicals, then gets ready to ride the high. It might feel good at the time… but each and every time you use drugs you are falling a little deeper down the rabbit hole. There is only so far down this particular tunnel that you can travel before you need to seek help – or suffer the unthinkable.

Because of the neurological reward processes that occur whenever you take a hit of the substance you are addicted to; it is exceptionally difficult to break free from addictions. Your addiction to drugs has a literal hold over your brain. Without a hit, you don’t feel happy or satisfied. You need to score before you do anything else with your day or you feel terrible. You couldn’t even conceive going without your substance of choice for a few hours because you don’t know if you can handle it. Addiction is a terrible beast.

Your body and brain will be at odds with one another while you are going through the drug detox process. When you do this with Verve Health, you do it under the direct supervision of our expert medical teams. They will see to your every need, providing you with everything from the meds you need to keep withdrawal symptoms at bay, to the therapy you need to get through detoxification.

If you think you need help getting over your drug addiction, call us now. The Verve Health team are ready to help you get off drugs.

What are the Symptoms of Drug Withdrawal?

So what are these dreaded symptoms of drug withdrawal that make detox and rehab from drug addictions so hard? Well the symptoms of drug withdrawal differ from drug to drug, person to person, and from length of time hooked to length of time hooked. The volume of drugs used on a daily basis also has a drastic impact on what your drug withdrawal symptoms are.

We divided the symptoms of drug withdrawal down into the types of drug taken below. First of all, however, we will give you the brief rundown of both mild and severe symptoms.

Some of the mild symptoms of drug withdrawal include:

  • Insomnia – those who are trying to quit taking drugs are liable to have trouble sleeping. If this happens to you while in our care, one of our medical advisors will be able to deal with it in a safe, effective, and subtle manner.
  • Dizziness – any drug abstinence can cause a sense of dizziness. This can even feel like tunnel vision, which becomes more intense as the abstinence goes on.
  • Headaches – when you go through drug detox, a headache is the most common symptom. Your brain feels like it doesn’t have enough of your chosen drug, so it sends signals to your body that it is unhappy. It feels a lot like a dehydration headache.
Verve Health Understanding Drug Withdrawal Symptoms
  • Nausea – any addict in recovery is likely to experience nausea when they first arrive in rehab. This is your brain again, interpreting the normal functioning of your body as a threat because it is used to being high.
  • Upset Stomach – since your body is purging itself of toxins, this has to happen somehow. An upset stomach is not uncommon.
  • Sweating and shaking – are both very common in the early stages of drug cessation.

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As you stay away from drugs, your symptoms will increase. They will become more intense, with some of the nausea potentially leading to vomiting. Whether you go through drug withdrawal with our expert rehab clinicians or not – make sure you do not go through detox from drugs on your own.

When the symptoms of drug withdrawal are classed as “serious” they may include some of the following:

  • Hallucinations – When you are in serious drug withdrawal, auditory and visual hallucinations are not unheard of. They are rare for non-opioid addictions.
  • Heart Failure – If you have been hooked on hard drugs for a long time, you will need to stagger your detox. This is why we treat heroin addiction with methadone.
  • Seizures – again, these only occur in the most serious of addiction cases. If you have been hooked on class A drugs for an extended period, you need to recover in a detox suite at one of our deluxe rehab clinics.
  • Delirium – Those who are experiencing deliriousness may or may not appear to have a fever.
  • Strokes – If you try to quit cold turkey, on your own, from a serious, long-term addiction, strokes are possible. Particularly if you had other health conditions.

The seriousness of these conditions – technically drug withdrawal symptoms – should be enough to shock you into the reality of how difficult it is to stop taking drugs. If you are an addict, seek help. Call us on 0203 955 7703 today for more advice.

The Symptoms of Heroin Withdrawal

Verve Health understanding drug withdrawal symptoms
Heroin, Cocaine, Opioids, and prescription drug addictions are all capable of giving you withdrawal symptoms from the “serious” category. If you are thinking of getting off drugs for good, it is absolutely vital that you do not do so alone. To detox from drugs, you will need advice from a trained medical professional. In all cases, you will need to be in a medical facility if you wish to detox – or at least be part of a drop-in clinic. Whether you choose our affordably luxurious rehab clinics or not, do not detox alone… you might die.

In the case of heroin rehab, it will not be so straightforward. Your medical assessor will introduce a treatment plan that goes through stages. Heroin is so highly addictive that you risk a heart attack if you stop taking it all at once. Instead, your doctors will want to replace your addiction with something slightly less addictive. This way, they can wean you from an addiction that detoxing from will kill, down to an addiction you can detox from with medical supervision.

If you want to discuss your options in high end heroin detox programs, contact our clinics today. We provide luxurious rehab centres in the UK for affordable rates, bringing the eloquence and luxury of celeb rehab to the masses.

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Cannabis Addiction Withdrawal Symptoms

Although all addictions are serious, some are easier to quit than others. They are easier to stop because the drugs themselves are less addictive, even though we might get addicted to the way they make us feel. Much like gambling or a video game addiction, those who are addicted to these drugs can overcome their problem with less serious withdrawal symptoms.

Cannabis addicts, and those who take fewer addictive drugs, will tend to experience the milder symptoms of drug withdrawal… but this doesn’t make them any less real. Again, detox and rehab are best done with Verve Health. You will have the support of a group, your own medical staff, and a dedicated team of psychotherapy specialists.

Crystal Meth Withdrawal Symptoms

Crystal Meth and GHB addictions, as well as some prescription drug addictions, can have a mix of serious and mild drug withdrawal symptoms. UK based clients can call the Verve Health rehab clinics to help them to deal with all the symptoms, while in a safe space filled with people in a similar situation to you. There will be no judgement… only a warm welcome, all the support you could ask for, and the promise of a better life at the end of it all.

Are Drug Withdrawal Symptoms and Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms Different?

Drug withdrawal and alcohol withdrawal are similar because alcohol is technically a drug. If you are suffering from alcohol addiction, you can read our guide to how to stop drinking by following this link. We help those suffering from both alcohol addiction and drug addiction, so there will be space for you at our rehab clinics.

Alcoholics tend to suffer from a mix of mild and serious drug withdrawal symptoms, but this depends on how much the user drank and for how long. As with all addictions to any drugs: the bigger and longer your usage, the harder it will be to stop taking drugs.

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How Long Will I Suffer from Drug Withdrawal Symptoms?

The length of time that you go through drug withdrawal symptoms depends largely on the following things: the length of your addiction, the substance you were addicted to, and how much you took/how often you used it.

Understanding Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

The length of time you were addicted

The longer you used for, the longer the withdrawal symptoms will go on for. However, after the first few days of cessation, the symptoms will start to lessen. One day you will wake up and be free from drugs.

The substance you were addicted to

Class A and B drugs are the worst in terms of addiction and recovery. Withdrawal symptoms can be up to 14 days for heroin addiction, 7-10 for cocaine addiction, 5-7 for cannabis addiction, and so on. We always recommend a 28 day treatment stint at the very minimum to ensure you get the help you need. That being said, we also offer a 7 day and a 14 day treatment option.

Class C (and some Class B) drugs might see you recovered faster than you thought. Visit our treatments page to read about our drug rehab options.

How often you used your drug of choice

If you used several times a day, or at regular times of the day, you are likely to experience the worst symptoms at those times when you would normally be using. If you used on weekends, this time period will be hardest for you… If you were a light drug user with a mild-but-growing addiction, drug withdrawal will be mild and can usually be treated in a few days.

What Can I Do To Control the Cravings of Drug Withdrawal?

When you start to feel that you are suffering from drug withdrawal, it is a sign of something much darker that is brooding below the surface. If left unchecked, addiction could ruin your life. Get help before it becomes a real threat to you, by calling Verve Health luxury rehab clinics, right now. Reach us on 0203 955 7703.

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