How to Stop Taking Drugs

Recovery from Drug Addictions is Possible, With Verve Healthcare.

Being addicted to drugs – any drugs – is a hard path to walk. You have to endure the constant repetition of the addictive cycle. You go from high, to low, to tracking down the next hit, to high again. This cycle is notoriously difficult to break free from… but help is out there.

When you reach out to Verve Healthcare for the help you need to recover from drug addictions in the UK, we will take everything you say to heart. We will listen to you, support you, and even be a network capable of helping you for anything up to 6 months after treatment.

Through our tailored blend of tried and tested keywork therapies, you can gain the benefit of the experience of industry leading recovery teams. We offer psychodynamic counselling and an eclectic mix of keyworking therapies, all aimed at getting you back to your best.

In a moment we will move on to cover some of the steps involved when you choose to quite drug abuse. In the meantime, however, we want you to call us if you are determined to quit taking drugs.

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How Do I Stop Taking Drugs?

There are no hard and fast rules for stopping taking drugs. If you rely on you drug addiction day in, day out, for a sustained period of time, it is extremely difficult to break free from drug addiction. Worse, if you have been using a particularly toxic substance, your body will struggle to shift it without serious risks to your health.

For all of these reasons, a measured, controlled, and fully safe way to go through drug detox, is to do so at a rehab centre. You can get detox for any drug addiction, but the time spent under the supervision of a medical team depends entirely on what you used, and for how long.

Drug Detox is unlikely to work unless you decide, once and for all, that you won’t take drugs anymore. You have to make that decision as the best thing to do for yourself. How do you do this? We advise you to pick a reason.

Verve Healthcare - How to stop taking drugs

Find something you care about more than drugs… and there will always be something. Be it the love of your partner, a family member, or a good friend, find a reason to keep on living for. Let’s not beat about the bush; dug addiction will eventually kill you. If you can’t find something worth living for then make it a promise to someone. Decide in that moment that you have had enough of living the way you do. Only when you have set this intention within yourself can you finally quit taking drugs for good.

When you have made that decision, check into a rehab clinic for drug addiction near you. When you choose Verve Healthcare for this, you will be subjected to the finest quality of therapies and treatments, all designed to get you off drugs.

What Does Drug Detox Involve?

When you choose to go through drug detox with Verve Healthcare

Quit Taking Drugs, No Matter the Substance

When it comes to substance abuse recovery and breaking free from drug addiction, there are no hard and fast rules. That being said, we can advise what treatment will involve dependant on what your substance of choice is.

Recovering from a Cocaine Addiction

Like many addictions, cocaine abuse will make changes to your brain that are counterintuitive to optimal healthy function. The prefrontal cortex is damaged, usually around the areas that control your behaviour. Addictions cause reduced portions of grey matter in the brain.

When you suffer from a cocaine addiction, you might only take that drug on a weekend… but all weekend. You might spend every spare penny on the drug, lose friends over it, and even put yourself in dangerous situations in order to get your hands on some. When you start phoning your friends at 3 am on a Sunday night looking for a hook up, it is time to seek out our help.

Our high-end rehab clinics can bring you the support you need to get off cocaine addiction. We will support you with our on-site medical team and specialists in cocaine recovery. You will have access to groups, workshops and therapies that will help you to recover.

If you are suffering from a cocaine addiction and you want to go to rehab, contact us right now. We will support you through both the detox and the rehab processes, allowing you to get better in your own time.

How to Recover from a Heroin Addiction

When you are suffering from a heroin addiction, the substance abuse urges within you are as strong as they can possibly be. It will usually take another addictive substance to wean you off of heroin – and that’s where methadone comes into play.

When you decide you want to stop taking heroin, you first look around for resources to help you. The resources for quitting heroin addiction in the UK are fairly limited, unless you come through a private rehab clinic like we have here at Verve Healthcare.

We will take care of you, from detox to releasing your daily doses, until you are free from drugs, for good. If you want to get off heroin, our medical teams are on-hand to tend to your every need. Heroin addiction can be particularly hard to kick because of the strength of the substance involved – but with our help, you can recover one day at a time.

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How to Stop Smoking Cannabis

There are many people who don’t believe it is possible to become addicted to cannabis – but we say this is not so. Cannabis is a mood-altering drug like any other and it can lead to vast changes in your mood when you have to go without it. You can also become addicted to the methods by which you take your daily dose of cannabis. If you smoke it, you will soon find yourself hooked on tobacco.

If you are wondering how to stop smoking cannabis for good, all you need to do is reach out. We can sequester you away from the friend groups and social circles which make it so easy for you to be cannabis dependant in the first place. Once you are removed long enough to break the cycle of addiction, you can return to your old life and implement healthier coping mechanisms.

Our blend of psychotherapies and workshops allow you to get all the help you need for your addiction. You can get support from a group, pick and choose what works for you, and completely tailor your own, individual treatment plan with a psychiatrist. When you are over your cannabis addiction and ready to start your new life, you are also subject to our 6 month aftercare program.

Recovering from an Opioid Addiction

Verve Healthcare - Recovery from Opioid Addiction

Opioids come in two forms: prescription and non-prescription. Regardless of which type of opioid you are addicted to, they will both do huge damage to your system. Opioids are highly addictive substances, usually derived from opium itself… which comes form the bulb of the poppy.

When you are an opioid dependent, you are unable to go more than a day without a hit. The way your brain operates physically changes over the length of time you are an addict for. This makes quitting exceptionally difficult, the likes of which can only be compared to heroin addiction… heroin is an opioid, coincidentally.

If you are suffering from an opioid addiction, or any addiction for that matter, we want you to contact us to get clean. We will help you navigate safely through drug rehab at one of our affordably luxurious centres.

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How To Recover from a Ketamine Addiction

Ketamine can be addictive as much as any other drug can. It is a dissociative anaesthetic, which makes your hearing, sight, and general perception of reality, different. Asides from this altered state, large amounts of ketamine bring on a feeling of exhilaration and can induce out of body experiences that leave the user feeling like they escaped death.

If you want to quit taking ketamine, once and for all, give us a call.

Recovering from a Prescription Drug Addiction

You can become addicted to most prescription drugs. Common addictions include anti-depressants and anti-psychotics, opioid pain killers, and other pain relievers. You can get addicted to other medications too. 

How To Stop Taking Crystal Meth

Crystal Meth is also known as methamphetamine and is usually smoked or taken with a needle. Crystal Meth users are usually easier to identify than most drug users because it has a direct impact on the condition of your teeth, hair, and skin. Crystal meth is known to create lesions on the skin, to create a false sense of worth, and to make you feel hyperactive.

If you need help to pack crystal meth in for good, we are here for you. Don’t forget you can contact us about this, or about any other drug addiction.

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How to Get Over a GHB Addiction

GHB joined the drug scene in the mid-90s, when it was discovered that rapists were using it as a ‘party drug’. IT is colourless, odourless, and makes a victim unable to resist sexual advances. GHB is the reason we tell our teenage daughters to cover their drinks in the pubs.

As well as being responsible for some horrific acts of violence, GHB is also highly addictive. If you take it voluntarily a few times at a party, you have a chance of becoming addicted. Try to avoid it at all costs and, if you do come across some, report it to the authorities.

In the meantime, you can call the Verve Healthcare rehab clinics to detox from GHB and get back to your real life. There is nothing more dangerous than allowing yourself to be in that suggestive state on a regular basis.

Using our Therapies to Stop Taking Drugs

Here at Verve Healthcare rehab centres, we provide a umber of different modalities of therapies, each designed to get you off drugs in as comfortable a way as possible. We blend keyworking therapies (such as psychotherapy, CBT and DBT), with an ergonomic mix of specialist counselling, workshops, and group sessions.

Through use of our therapies, we can treat a vast array of addictions, emotional disorders, and mental health problems… and all in the style and comfort found in our beautifully presented rooms.

Using these therapies, you will learn:

  • How drugs impact your mental health through sessions with a psychotherapist.
  • “Stinking Thinking” or ways to identify unhelpful thinking that can lead you back into drug abuse.
  • How to overcome social anxiety and improve self-esteem, allowing you to make new friends, outside of your drug-related friend group.
  • Learn how drugs, alcohol, and other substances, affect your body.
Verve Healthcare - Using Our Therapies to Stop Taking Drugs
  • Tools to help keep you healthy and drug free, such as proper nutrition, exercise, and good sexual health.
  • Managing your anger and stress level as a person in drug withdrawal while you go through rehab can be taught using our therapies.
  • How to spot co-dependency and what to do to avoid it while you recover from drug addiction in a group therapy
  • How to manage cravings effectively while you go through both drug detox and rehab for addiction near you.
  • We even offer courses for your family, to get back some of the trust lost through drug addictions.

When you combine all the new tools you learn in order to combat your drug addiction, it becomes possible to effectively quit drugs for good.

If you are interested in receiving our style of affordable-yet-luxurious rehab services in England, contact Verve Healthcare today.

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