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28 Day Rehab Treatment Programs

Do you suffer from addiction, mental health issues, or emotional disorders? Verve Healthcare Rehab Clinics are here for you.

When you are in the throes of an addiction, suffering from a mental health problem, or facing emotional trauma, you don’t know where to turn. It is one thing to turn to friends and family, but there is only so much that they can do – particularly if they are unfamiliar with your circumstances. The best way to guarantee you can get help that you need, is to turn to a rehab clinic near you… and that’s where Verve Healthcare Rehab clinics come in.

We provide a series of high quality treatment approaches, capable of getting you off drugs, stopping you from drinking, helping you overcome a behavioural addiction or eating disorder, or help you with your mental health problems. We aim to provide the same level of care that the rich and famous receive in rehab clinics, every day. We provide the high society style and sophistication of celebrity rehab – but for affordable prices.

To do this, we lavishly furnished our high quality clinics in England and Wales, to bring you nothing but the best facilities and amenities. We want your stay with us to be as pleasant an experience as we can make it – because quitting addiction is already difficult enough. Let us take care of your meals, your entertainment, and your exercise needs while you enjoy our excellent facilities. 

If you think our blend of beautiful rooms and serenity can help you when you need it most, then we urge you to consider our 28 day rehab treatment program. Call us today if you are interested or stick around and find out more about what’s included before you decide. Needless to say, we offer the best rehab treatments in the UK, with a clinic near you. Call 0203 955 7703 if you are interested and we can begin.

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What does 28 Day Rehab Treatment Include?

Verve Healthcare 28 Day Treatment
A 28 day rehab program with Verve Healthcare includes detox from any drink or drugs you might be taking. The detox period can last up to a fortnight, perhaps longer, if you have suffered from an intense addiction to Class A substances for a prolonged period of time. Usually, an alcohol addiction takes a week to detox from and an intense drug addiction is closer to a fortnight. When you opt for our intensive 28 day rehab treatment program, you get through the detox period with plenty of time left over to attend rehab therapies.

The detox period is only applicable to those that suffer from drug addiction. Let’s run through what each of the 28 day treatment programs might look like for the full range of conditions we treat.

28 Day Rehab Treatment for Mental Health Problems

Verve Healthcare rehab clinics are fully equipped to facilitate your recovery from a mental health problem. We provide a series of high end treatments, each one capable of advancing your cause. Once you understand the reasons behind your mental health issue, you can better manage it in times to come.

The types of mental health problems we treat with our 28 day rehab treatment program include:

Verve Healthcare 28 day Treatment
  • Mild to Moderate Depression – those who live alone are better off in rehab care when going through depressive bouts. This helps to keep you safe, particularly if you suffer from suicidal thoughts.
  • Anxiety – we run allocated workshops for those who suffer from anxiety. If generalised anxiety disorder is taking control of your life and you want to get it back, we can help you work out your issues.
  • Mild to Moderate OCD – if your obsessive tendencies are interfering with your social life and stopping you holding down a job, call us now. We can give you a safe space to work through your issues.
  • PTSD – We have access to expert EMDR sessions that will help soothe your symptoms.
  • Borderline Personality Disorder – BPD can be effectively treated with the right mix of therapies, through Verve Healthcare Rehab Clinics near you.
  • Any other mental health problems – with our deluxe, therapy-focused centres, you can get rehab for any mental health problem at our rehab clinics.

28 Day Rehab Treatment for Drug Addictions

We specialise in rehab from addictions, so whether it is alcohol or prescription drugs that plague you, we are here to support you. A drug addiction can come from nowhere and leave you with nothing, tearing apart everything in your life. When you finally decide that enough is enough, we hope you will consider us for your rehab treatments.

The types of drug addictions we treat with 28 day rehab programs in the UK, include:

  • Cannabis Addiction – we recommend our 28 day rehab treatment program for those cannabis addicts who have endured years of drug abuse.
  • Alcohol addiction – technically still a drug, we will cover this in its own section, below.
  • Prescription Drug Addiction – when you suffer from an addiction to painkillers, an addiction to anti-depressants, or any other prescription drug addiction.
  • Cocaine Addiction – a highly addictive substance, cocaine is also the most expensive of all the drugs. A cocaine addiction could see you homeless if you don’t stop it while you still can.
  • Heroin Addiction – heroin is so highly addictive that it takes other substances to wean you off. Work through your addiction to heroin in the safety and sanctuary provided by a Verve Healthcare centre.
  • Ketamine Addiction – an addiction to ketamine is treatable with the correct blend of psychiatric help and medications.
  • Benzodiazepine Addiction – if you take too much diazepam you will find that whole periods of your life start to go missing. Don’t waste your days. Seek help immediately.
  • Opioid Addiction – If you have a brewing opioid problem, or if you are well on your way to becoming a full blown addict, we can help you overcome your issues.
  • Other Drug Addictions – no matter the addiction, we won’t judge you. When you come to us, we will welcome you with open arms and offer nothing but the best treatments for you.

If you want our help to beat a drug addiction in as little as 28 days, contact us now. You can call us on 0203 955 7703 to discuss your future or visit our referrals page for more.

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28 Day Rehab Treatments for Behavioural Addictions

We are delighted to extend our services for rehab in England, to those that are suffering from a behavioural addiction. Not all addictions focus on a substance that has been abused or that the user is dependent on. Some have an activity at their centre, such as a sex or gambling addiction. You might also be addicted to going online, social media sites, or anything else that involves a repeated behaviour that you get a burst of serotonin from.

Behavioural addictions include everything from exercise to gambling, sex to online gaming. If you have ever become hooked on playing poker or spinning slot machines, then you have had a behavioural addiction. Some online and app style games thrive on this behavioural capacity for addiction, exploiting it to make money from you in an indirect way. If you repeatedly fall foul to these kinds of gambling games, or if you often find yourself falling victim to financial scams, you might find our therapies helpful.

To help you overcome behavioural addictions, we blend things like Yoga classes and meditation courses, with CBT and DBT. Key therapies help you get to the root cause of your addiction, while our holistic courses help you soothe a troubled mind and find inner calm, even when the world seems too tough.

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No Matter the Problem, 28 Day Rehab Can Help

It’s true. No matter what mental, emotional, psychological, or behavioural issues you come to us to treat, we will welcome you with open arms. Arguably better than our warm welcome is the skills and knowledge you pick up while you stay with us. Our rehab clinics provide relief for thousands every year – and you could soon be attending our Life Story’s workshop as a mentor, not as a client.Believe us when we tell you that we are as eager for that day to come as you are. Not a public speaker? That’s fine. We will be grateful enough just to see you graduate form our 28 day rehab therapy program.To enlist, call 0203 955 7703 today so we can get started. We have a room ready for you. Are you ready for it?

Verve Healthcare 28 Day Treatment

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