About Verve Healthcare

Welcome to Verve Healthcare, founded by Nicholas Conn. Established with a passion for helping individuals overcome addiction, Verve Healthcare is a trusted advisory and referral service dedicated to providing support for alcohol, drug, and behavioural addiction.

At Verve Healthcare, we work closely with reputable rehabilitation centres and outpatient clinics across the United Kingdom. Our experienced admissions team is committed to matching each patient with the most appropriate rehabilitation centre that addresses their unique addiction.


Who We Collaborate With

We offer patient referrals to a vast network of rehabilitation centres, always prioritizing the specific needs of each individual. Our extensive network includes private rehabilitation centres, the NHS, and even exclusive “luxury rehabilitation” facilities both within the UK and abroad.


Serving Patients Nationwide

Verve Healthcare is proud to offer immediate access to top-quality rehabilitation centres in every corner of the United Kingdom. We understand that finding the right rehabilitation centre can be overwhelming and confusing, given the abundance of options available online.

Considering your budget when choosing a rehabilitation centre can further complicate the decision-making process. It’s common to feel discouraged and uncertain before narrowing down the options to a manageable number.

Rest assured, our dedicated admissions team will work within your budgetary constraints to ensure you select the most suitable rehabilitation centre tailored to your specific addiction.