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If you have been suffering because of a drug addiction – or even if you are worried you might be developing one – we here at Verve Health can help you. We are delighted to be  providers of high-quality rehab clinics in both Watton and Peterborough. Our stylish rehab centres near you, can help you in your drug addiction treatment with comfort and style – regardless of what you are addicted to.

We treat all sorts of addictions in our tailored clinics, each of which is fitted with amazing amenities so that our patients can recover in as relaxing a setting as possible. It is our belief that everyone should have access to the sort of beautiful guest rooms we provide, and that each and every person to get of drugs with Verve Health, will be able to do it with the same level of attentive care that celebrity rehab receives.

The type of drug addictions we most commonly treat range from a mild cannabis addiction, right through to a severe heroin addiction. We have a varied mix of workshops, group sessions and one-on-one therapies, all of which are capable of getting you back on track. When you come to Verve Health rehab clinics, you can receive treatment your way, in your own time, and in a stylish setting that you will be loath to leave.

Verve Health Drig Addiction & treatment

If you think you would like our help to recover from a drug addiction in rehab clinics near you, call us today or visit our referrals page. You should contact 0203 955 7703 today if you want our help to get off drugs or if you simply want to start making enquiries for a future quitting drugs date. Whatever your needs for sobriety, we can help…

…But what sort of addictions do Verve Health Rehab Clinics actually help? Let’s move on to discuss what types of addictions our expert clinical teams can work with.

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What Types of Drug Addictions We Help?

Here at Verve Health rehab centres, we want to provide all-round care for each of our clients. In order to facilitate this, we put together a headhunted team of the best medical staff in their field. From fully qualified trauma therapists through to Bereavement Counsellors who are there for you – we are proud of the breadth, depth, and width, of the services that we provide. We can help all sorts of addictions – whether your substance is alcohol or ketamine – and all sorts of people. If you are unsure, give us a call or drop by our FAQs page for more information.

The types of drug addictions we help here at Verve Health rehab clinics include some of the following…


Verve Health Drug Addiction & treatment

Alcohol Addiction

If you are addicted to alcohol, then you are technically suffering from a drug addiction. You can go through our alcohol rehab facilities, take advantage of our detox for alcoholism program, and even get aftercare through Verve Health. When you are suffering from an alcohol addiction, we are here to help.

Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine is a highly addictive drug that has an estimated 2.6% of all 16-59 year olds frequently use cocaine, according to some reports. Cocaine isn’t just dangerous because it inhibits the sense; it’s also extremely expensive. Those who seek rehab help for a cocaine addiction are typically financially poor. Cocaine is one of the addictions you are likely to turn to crime to fund, simply because of the high prices involved.

If you want to overcome cocaine addiction through UK based rehab clinics, call Verve Health right now. Don’t spend another penny or risk your mental health any further. Call 0203 955 7703 to start your journey to a richer life.

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Heroin Addiction

Verve Health Drug Addiction & treatment

Heroin is so addictive that you are likely to turn to it for life, after a single first hit. It is another of the Class A substances that people are at risk of funding through crime. Worse, heroin is so addictive that it takes other, less addictive substances issued in control amounts, to get over it. This is why we use methadone and other drugs to come off heroin, one stage at a time.

If you are sick of being stuck in that cycle of addiction, and if you want to get off drugs in a medically sound environment, we are ready and waiting. See our Admissions Pages for all the information you need on using our services.

Addicted to Prescription Drugs?

It is totally possible that you might develop an addiction to prescription drugs. The relief brought about by painkillers after a bad accident and a long recuperation, might become the only way that relief can be achieved. As well as painkillers, it is quite common to develop addictions to anti-depressants, or anti-psychotic medication.

There is a myriad of addictive prescription drugs out there, available through your doctor for a variety of conditions. If you develop an addiction to your medication, now you know where to turn to. Get rehab for prescription drug addictions from the expert team here at Verve Health. We will tackle the root cause of your addiction, while we work on the symptoms of withdrawal you are experiencing. Call 0203 955 7703, today.

Ketamine Addiction

Ketamine is a snorted drug that started life as a prescribed anaesthetic. Nowadays, it is most used for its numbing effects, which party goers love as a relaxant. While this might feel good at the time, it puts you into a suggestable state of mind, where you aren’t really in control of your own actions. Being in this state is dangerous in itself, but it is made more dangerous by the chance of an allergic reaction to the drug – or to whatever it has been cut with.

If you want to quit ketamine for good, Verve Health rehab clinics are the centres near you that you need on your side. Call us today, or read more about generic drug addictions, here.

Cannabis Addiction

Cannabis addiction sneaks up on you. It starts as a single smoke on a Friday or Saturday with friends, in much the same way as alcohol does. One or two drinks turn into four or five drinks. One or two smokes soon becomes a smoke every night, then in the morning, and then all day, every day. Before you know it, you are a marijuana addict, and you are ‘ticking’ up debt with your dealer that you might never be able to repay.

If this story sounds too familiar for comfort, you may have a cannabis addiction. Verve Health have spacious suites equipped with everything you need to relax and take your mind of marijuana. Contact us today, on 0203 955 7703, to treat your cannabis problem, now.

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Crystal Meth Addiction

Crystal meth is almost as highly addictive as heroin is. When it is in crystal form like this, it can do severe damage to your central nervous system. It will have a negative impact on your appearance, gradually leading to deterioration of motor skills such as speech and movement.

Crystal meth increases dopamine in your brain just like cocaine does, but it’s cheaper. It’s also much nastier. If you have a developing problem with crystal meth – or even if you have a full blown addict – we will help you. Call 0203 955 7703.

Opioid Addiction

When you are in the grip of an opioid addiction, the chances are that you started by using them as painkillers. Over time, the reliance on both the pain relief, and the feeling of your problems fading away, will make an opioid more attractive to you. This can result in a terrifying addiction wherein you need greater amounts of the medicine to get the same effect as before.

Opioids were widely prescribed in the 90’s back before we knew how addictive they were. Now that doctors are less likely to prescribe them, the opioid world has gone underground. Product is cut with unhealthy substances before it gets to you. Taking unregulated medications like this is dangerous and could cause kidney failure. Call us today to find out how you stop taking drugs.

GHB Addiction

Commonly known as a date rape drug, GHB comes with a relaxing wave of serenity, wherein the user doesn’t care about anything. There are horror stories out there about club goers being drugged with GHB, then being led to the bank, and emptying their accounts into their attacker’s pockets. If you use GHB recreationally, you will lose long periods of time, which will seem to be blank in your memory. Your awareness of your surroundings will become next to nothing. You will become highly susceptible to anything anyone else suggests to you… but we can get you into a UK based rehab for GHB addiction, before it gets any worse.

Other Drug Addictions

Contrary to popular belief, we even treat addictions that are uncommon. Behavioural addictions, for example, other medications, or even nicotine, can all lead you to our doors. On top of dealing with drug addictions, we also treat emotional disorders, mental health problems, and even dual diagnosis patients, all under our welcoming roof.

If you would like to recover from your addiction to drugs in the UK, in your area, contact us today. You can choose between our Norfolk, Suffolk, or Cambridgeshire services to find the best rehab clinics near you.

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Am I Addicted to Drugs?

There are several signs that you are developing a drug problem, but it isn’t always as obvious as you might think. Some people can use a drug for years without realising they have an addiction. It might be that they develop a cannabis addiction through smoking a single joint before bed every night for a few weeks. It might then develop into being unable to sleep without said joint. It could then progress in any way, becoming a full-time addiction in less time than you might think.

If you think you have a drug addiction, but you aren’t sure, look out for the following signs:

  • You take drugs in secret… If you are hiding how much you are taking, even from those you usually use with, then you might be addicted. If not, you are on the way to a drug addiction. Seek Verve Health rehab clinics for help.
  • You take drugs every day, or more than once a day… if you are using drugs multiple times a day, you definitely need to go through drug detox.
Verve Health Drug Addiction & treatment
  • If you can’t go for a day without drugs… you are more than likely suffering from an addiction already. See how long you can test yourself for and, if you give in, get help from our specialists.
  • Do you use every morning? … if you are using drugs or another substance before you feel ‘normal’ in the morning, then you probably need to go into rehab for addictions. Near you, there ought to be a handful of options. None can offer the luxurious recuperation space that we do.

If any of this sounds too familiar for comfort, we urge you to seek help for your drug addiction. Most drugs shouldn’t even be anywhere near human beings, and it is this threat that makes a drug addiction so risky. Regardless of how well you think you can manage your drug use you cannot manage exactly what is being put into those drugs you are taking. They could be mixed with rat poison and you just wouldn’t know.

Get Help for Drug Addictions in Your Area

We provide rehab help for drug addictions through our high end rehab clinics near you. Our UK based team are here to help with everything you need, from a nutritional diet to a safe, warm bed where you are able to break free from past habits. When you call us you interrupt those addictive cycles, leaving yourself open to re-learning the behaviours that caused you to use drugs. Once broken down, the reasons behind your drug use are much easier to understand.

If you want to experience our luxurious rehab clinics for yourself, call 0203 955 7703 today. We are ready and waiting to hear from you… all it takes is a call.

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