Heroin Addiction

If you have a heroin addiction, Verve Healthcare can help.

Heroin addictions are hard to recover from. It is one of the most addictive substances on the planet, destroying lives all over the globe. While it is hard to discern exactly how many people suffer from a heroin addiction in the UK, we do know that too many are falling foul to this highly addictive, degenerative drug.

Here at Verve Healthcare, we specialise in providing first class rehab for heroin addiction – or for any other addictions, for that matter. We have assembled every resource you need to give you the edge over drug addictions, combined these with field-leading expert knowledge, and powered it all with an eclectic blend of high quality, tested therapy options.

To facilitate our excellent array of healthcare provisions, we have housed them all in a spacious, opulent facility, inclusive of all the little luxuries you would expect from a deluxe rehab clinic.

Verve Healthcare Heroine Addiction

We specifically aim to keep prices as low as possible, thereby allowing you access to celebrity style rehab clinics – for affordable prices.

When you are addicted to heroin, you are hooked on the addictive cycle. Most of the time, you are thinking about where to get the next hit from – with no consideration as to quitting heroin and ending your substance abuse problem. In those few moments of clarity when you wish you weren’t an addict; we urge you to call us. We can devise a tailored treatment plan that will help you quit heroin use, using the optimum therapies for you.

When you choose Verve Healthcare rehab clinics in the UK, you have our full attention. All that is left is to start treatment. Call 0203 955 7703 to talk about treatment today, or visit our Rehab Centres page to find out more about each of our lavish locations.

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The Statistics of Heroin Addiction in the UK

It is hard to know exactly how many people in the UK are addicted to heroin. This is because of a few different factors. Experts often disagree over what constitutes an addiction precisely. Some say you need to use it every day, while others cite regular use even on a monthly basis as an addiction. On top of this, heroin is an illegal substance in the UK, therefore making people reluctant to come forward and admit they take it. This is compounded by an inability for us to record how much heroin is bought and sold in the UK.

What we do have are some rough estimates and the ability to extrapolate data. According to the CDC, 67,300 Americans died from drug related overdose in 2018. They cite cocaine and methamphetamine as responsible for the majority of these deaths, with heroin and synthetic opioid overdoses at an annual 15,000 deaths. Make no mistake, if you or your loved one is addicted to heroin, it will likely kill you if you don’t get help.

Drug Free World have a few international sources about heroin addiction. They estimate that more than 9.2 million people in the world use heroin on a daily basis. They also report that heroin or opioid use is responsible for four of every five drug deaths in Europe.

With such high figures, becoming addicted to heroin and finding yourself drawn into the world of drug abuse is not as uncommon as you would think. No matter where you are in the UK, rehab centres can help you to treat the addiction to heroin and get off drugs for good. When you choose a rehab centre, the chances of you quitting heroin first time are better if the rehab centre suits your wants and needs.

We will cover the importance of choosing a good rehab centre for your heroin addiction in a moment. First, let’s remind you how to contact us. You can call us on 0203 955 7703 to get the help to recover from heroin addiction that you have been looking for. We provide tailored treatment plans and high end services, all for affordable prices. We could be helping you to recover from heroin dependency in only a few short weeks.

What Difference Does a Comfortable Rehab Make?

Verve Healthcare Heroine Addiction

When recovering from heroin, your rehab clinic arms you with the tools you need to resist cravings and stay away from drugs for good. When choosing a rehab clinic, it is important to opt for the right one for you, the first time around. This gives you the best chance to quit heroin addiction form the outset of trying to do so. The more chances you fail at, the harder it will be to quit.

Not everyone quits heroin after their first attempt. There is no shame in taking your time and trying more than once. The important part is that you don’t give up. You should also do lots of research before making that initial rehab choice, to ensure that you get the best treatment possible. Giving yourself the best chances means you are more likely to get off heroin for good.

When you go into a bad rehab clinic, you won’t get the correct level of support. Perhaps you are an artist, so attending a rehab centre focused on outdoor activity wouldn’t work for you – or vice versa. Instead, try to match your rehab clinic to your therapy needs. This is why luxury rehab makes a difference.

In our high-quality facilities, you will find:

  • Attentive, welcoming, friendly, and non-judgmental staff
  • Beautifully decorated rooms with lots of little extras
  • A choice in tried and tested therapies given by industry-leading counsellors
  • All the amenities of a hotel
  • Plenty of space, time, and effort, all focused towards getting you off drugs.

So if you think you are suffering from a heroin addiction – or any other drug addiction – and want to go into rehab, we are the clinic you need. Call Verve Healthcare on 0203 955 7703 now, or visit our FAQ page to see if we have already answered your questions elsewhere.

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How to Tell if you are Developing a Heroin Addiction?

Do you have a heroin addiction? Since heroin is one of the most highly addictive substances on earth, it is said that you can be hooked on heroin after your first ever use. Worse: heroin users will never receive the same level of high that they attain on that first attempt. This leads them to ‘chase’ that high in an attempt to feel that powerful again. Of course, feeling that same rush as your first attempt is not possible a second time around. Thus, heroin hooks you without you even realising you are chasing a feeling, instead of a drug.

So if you have used heroin more than once, you are probably already an addict.

Verve Healthcare Heroine Addiction

If you use it on a regular basis you need to consider rehab for your heroin addiction. If you have any of the following symptoms, you might be developing a heroin addiction:

  • You use regularly, whether that be daily or at the weekends.
  • You can’t say no to heroin.
  • You regularly cancel plans to be at home so you can use.
  • All of your friend group use heroin.
  • You have begged, borrowed, or stolen, to get the drugs you need.
  • You have started selling your possessions to pay for drugs.
  • You experience withdrawal symptoms without it. These include headaches, fever symptoms, sweats and chills, nausea, vomiting, and even palpitations.

A further note on heroin withdrawal: if you do decide to get off heroin – don’t do it cold turkey. If you have been using it for many years, it is likely that you will suffer the worst of heroin withdrawal symptoms. This can include heart failure, hallucinations, delusions, and even death. Always recover in a rehab centre for heroin addiction under medical supervision, just to be on the safe side. Heroin recovery can kill you just as soon as the drugs will. Wean yourself off before it is too late.

What Happens When you Seek Rehab For Heroin Addiction?

When you first come to Verve Healthcare rehab clinics, you will be asked plenty of questions. We do this to find out all about you, your condition, and your specific needs. It is only by asking these questions that we can provide you with the correct level of care – so you should be as open and honest as possible in your answers.

We are a specialist team when it comes to rehab clinics and care for heroin addictions. We have seen and heard it all. Nothing can shock us anymore and you most certainly will not be judged. We will find a place for you in one of our stylish facilities, showing you to a beautifully decorated room only after you have dealt with the initial questioning.

We will ask whether this is your first time at quitting heroin or not, what your life is like, what your mental health and your physical health might be like, or whether or not you are using heroin in conjunction with other drugs or even with alcohol. We have opportunities for rehab for those with a dual diagnosis with heroin and alcohol or other substances which might help you.

When you have answered all of your appointed clinical and recovery team’s questions, you will be shown to one of our lovely guest  rooms where we will invite you to settle in. Next, your heroin detox period will begin. Normally, this would entail taking you off drugs completely with the aid of medical supervision. The heroin rehab process is much harder than this. Since it is so highly addictive, we will take you through the detox process by introducing you to medically controlled quantities of less addictive drugs. It may be ketamine, it may be methadone, but one way or another the addictive qualities of the lesser drugs you are given will eventually wean you off heroin.

Verve Healthcare Heroine Addiction

Eventually, your addiction will be to something that you are more readily able to stop using, that won’t hurt you to quit cold turkey. At this stage, our medical team will take you through the full detox process, which can take up to two weeks for heroin addicts. Once you are fully detoxed of all chemical substances, you will make the switch from drug detox to drug rehab in the UK. Heroin addictions will gradually fade away and, one day in the future, you will wake up and won’t feel the cravings anymore. You will likely never be able to be around heroin again without using it though, which is another reason why our service is so useful.


When you come to us, you receive a full aftercare program as well as your own choice in treatments. We will decide upon a treatment plan for you, which staff at our facilities will then implement. It is important that you attend a rehab clinic for heroin addiction because it will remove you from the circumstances in your life which used to encourage you to use drugs. If you are friends with multiple other people with heroin addictions, you might need to put distance between yourself and your friend group… or even make new friends altogether. Quitting heroin use might leave you without access to your normal friend group. All care should be taken to stay away from drugs when you finish rehab. Of course, you can check out our relapse prevention programs if you are struggling.

What Happens When you Seek Rehab For Heroin Addiction?

We provide high quality rooms with a stylish finish and with lots of little extras for our clients. We want people to relax while they recover, so we go out of our way to make the entire rehab for drug addiction experience a pleasant one. We want to ensure that all of our clients have access to tried and tested therapies, rehab services, and other amenities while they get off drugs.

So if you are interested in full time rehab for a heroin addiction, call us now.

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