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When choosing a rehab clinic, you don’t tend to think about aftercare. For one reason or another, the aftercare section of rehab seems so far away from the outset of your treatment, that it tends to get lost in the clouds. Here at Verve Healthcare Rehab Clinics, we don’t think this is the way it ought to be. We believe that a luxurious rehab program isn’t complete until it has been given the full complement of a structured aftercare system.

The way we see it, rehab comes in stages. That first stage is signing you in to a detox program to get you off drink or drugs, or to help you detox from a behavioural addiction or emotional problem. 

Verve Healthcare Rehab Aftercare

This serene period is followed by a spell in full rehab.  We offer 7 day14 day, and 28 day programs for this and you can decide to stay longer if you wish. Once complete, you will be free to return to your normal life… and this is when some people take that fateful misstep that leads them back to substance misuse, addiction, or sends them back to rehab again.

The transitional period out of rehab is difficult in different ways from what you are used to. You are making the transition back into normal life, which might mean you will be surrounded by the people and triggers that caused substance misuse, mental health disorders, or eating disorders, to begin with. Being back into this environment means you are forced to put everything you learned in rehab to the test… and it is hard. A little extra support at this point is essential to get you through this tough time and back to normal.

We will talk about that tricky transition off drink or drugs and back into normal life in a moment. First, let’s remind you of our number. Call 0203 955 7703 if you want to get off drink or drugs. Here at Verve Healthcare rehab centres we provide affordable high-quality rehab, right here in the UK. Our aftercare program lasts for months and we make it our mission to set each of our clients up for life, before they leave us. If you want to take that chance, we are ready and waiting.

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Transitioning Out of Rehab in the UK

It is widely accepted that the transitional period out of rehab clinics and back into your old life, is why we need aftercare programs. Those first few weeks feature a hard learning curve for many reasons. Let’s talk through some of the reasons why making the switch back home from rehab can be so tough.

1. You are on your own

You have spent a few weeks in rehab, learning all about these healthier coping tactics that can replace your addictive tendencies. This is difficult on its own, but when you apply the lack of therapies and support staff that you have had for the last few weeks to your situation, you start to see how much harder it can get.

Leaving rehab clinics in the UK means you need to branch out on your own. Choosing a rehab clinic with a successful aftercare program will let you do just that – but there are varying levels of help out there. when you choose Verve Healthcare rehab centres you will be armed with enough tools to get you through the rest of your life… never mind the next few weeks. But just to be sure, we developed a detailed rehab aftercare program, just to help you on your way.

2. Your family needs to forgive you

While it can be incredibly difficult to earn the trust of people who your hurt through addiction, you can expect that your family will be there for you. Of course, this isn’t always the case – and that transitional period should see a lot of working things out. Your family might well hold onto some past trauma from your time as an addict. Let them work through it.

When you choose our brand of affordable luxury rehab, we provide specially dedicated family programs, which are designed to help you get off drink or drugs with your family’s help. We know that home harmony is hard to achieve in a post-rehab life… but we give you all the tools you need to do it, without resorting to bad habits from the past.

3. Your social circle will never be the same

As you progress from being an addict to being ‘normal’ again, you will notice that certain friends are no longer interested in spending time with you. A big reason many of us return to our negative behaviour patterns is to do with peer pressure and societal expectations. If all of your friends take cocaine on a Saturday night, you will be in an environment where your cocaine addiction is tested to its limits. Prepare to change some of the people you spend time with to make sure that doesn’t happen.

4. You go from full support to minimal support

After rehab is finished, you have spent an immeasurable amount of time being given everything you need to fight back against your addiction. Coming out of this nurturing environment is akin to being dropped back into reality. Although you now have the tools you need to succeed, you don’t have that support anymore.

Aftercare from Verve Healthcare Rehab Centres is able to provide you with that support on an ongoing basis. We provide telephone support for a full six months after you leave us. This means that if you come up against a life problem you don’t think you can handle alone, you can call and have a chat and one of our trained psychotherapists will talk you through it… or even just listen, while you talk it through yourself.

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5. You feel lost

Verve Healthcare Rehab Aftercare

After rehab ends, it can be a confusing time. You aren’t sure what sort of life you want to lead nowadays, since you have changed so much. Therapy can be scarring, getting to the bottom of your addictions can leave you feeling vulnerable and insecure. When you emerge from rehab, all of this comes together, and you start to ponder the life choices you have made to get this far in the first place.

Instead of letting the little voice in your head convince you that you have done something wrong, it is time to act. Here at Verve Healthcare rehab clinics, we have several goals and life story focused sessions, which should put some spark back in your step.

If you are worried about what will happen after you have finished rehab and are heading home to your old life, call us today. Our luxurious aftercare program features everything you need to give you the best possible start. Call 0203 955 7703 for more information, today.

What Rehab Aftercare does Verve Healthcare Offer?

When you decide to take any of our rehab courses – that’s our timed programs, or any stay you determine the length of yourself, including our 12 steps program, you will receive aftercare as standard. Our affordably deluxe rehab clinics all come with a full 6 months of telephone support, so you can get in touch when you need us most. We don’t release you into the world and abandon you there… we make sure you have all the tools you need to keep fighting – more so, even, since now you are taking those first few steps alone.

As well as that telephone support, we run intermittent (yet high quality) relapse prevention courses, each one suited to arming you with the knowledge you need to stop a relapse in future. 

Verve Healthcare Rehab Aftercare

Our Family program is included as an aftercare package, should you want to do additional support work with your familial unit. We then extend our support to your support network, i.e. your family and friends, so that they know they don’t need to go it alone when it comes to your ongoing recovery.

If you feel you would like to join our lavish rehab clinics near you to take advantage of our 6 months’ worth of aftercare, you can contact us on 0203 955 7703.

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Other Ways to Make Life After Rehab Better

There are a number of other ways that you can make sure you give yourself the best start after you finish a rehab course. If you have just come out of rehab, you need to give yourself time, energy, and care. All of these will go towards helping keep you sober. If you are newly emerged from rehab and you are starting to feel tempted to go back to your old ways, check the following things:

Verve Healthcare Rehab Aftercare
  • Have you drunk any water or eaten anything today? You might not feel an appetite, but you should always try to eat and drink. Being at a low energy point invites stinking thinking.
  • Have you been exercising lately? If you aren’t leaving the house, you risk cabin fever… and that can send you straight back to using again.
  • Have you slept well? If not, a good bedtime routine can help your body get ready to sleep each night. Repeat the same process before bed for more than three nights in a row to get your sleeping pattern back on track.
  • How are your relationships? If the people in your life are making things difficult, it can act as a trigger. Call the ongoing telephone support aftercare program with Verve Healthcare or consider a family program at one of our luxurious rehab centres near you.
  • Are you under excessive stress? If something stressful or traumatic occurs when you are in recovery it is possible that you will turn to using drink or drugs as a way to cope. Make sure you avoid this by observing your stress level, acknowledging it is having an effect on you, and engaging some of the stress-busting techniques you learned in rehab.

If you have asked yourself all of these questions and can’t find the reason for your temptation, call your rehab clinic. It may be that they run a special program to help you transition, or it may be that they offer aftercare as good as what you will find at Verve Healthcare rehab centres. If neither of these options appeal to you and you find yourself repeatedly struggling with cravings, another week in rehab is better than having to go through the detox process any more than once.

Where can I Find Great Aftercare in a Rehab Clinic Near Me?

Here at Verve Healthcare rehab clinic, we are proud to offer a high-quality rehab aftercare program that all of our clients have access to. It is our aim to provide the same style of stylish rehab clinics that you might see your favourite celebrities attending – but our aim is to bring that same standard of service to everyone. Whether you are used to luxury or not – you will find nothing but excellent service, complete dedication, and comfort, at each of our high quality rehab clinics.

To reserve your own place in our beautiful guest rooms, contact our team as soon as possible. We want to help you, we are willing to help you – but if you don’t make that initial contact, we won’t even know you are out there. Call us on 0203 955 7703. We can’t wait to meet you. Now let’s see if we can’t get you better.

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