Rehab Aftercare

Rehab aftercare often isn’t at the forefront of your mind when you’re about to embark on your recovery journey. Rehab aftercare is just as important as attending rehab to begin with; how you deal with life after leaving rehabilitation is most important.

Suffering from substance abuse isn’t easy, and we understand that. The best course of action to take when you’re struggling with a drug addiction is to attend rehab.

Whether you have a drug addiction or mental health problems, rehab can be most rewarding, offering you a new chance at life. To have a successful recovery, you must choose a reliable rehab centre. Here at Verve Healthcare, we connect you with some of the best rehab clinics nationwide.

Our team will refer you to the right clinic once we find out your needs and requirements. We help you find the best addiction treatment to attend, aiming to make the recovery process as streamlined as possible for you. We refer you to only the best, most trusted rehab clinics in your area, giving you a chance to overcome your addiction and live your best life.


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Transitioning Out of Rehab After Substance Abuse Treatment

Rehab is a safe space for you to attend and get the help that you need. Here at Verve Healthcare, we refer you to the most suitable rehab centre that will be able to fully support you during your journey. Rehab helps you in many ways, offering superb addiction recovery from all types of drugs, drug detoxification, relapse prevention techniques, and addressing your mental health with individual and group therapy sessions.

You’ll also receive addiction aftercare to ensure you can go on and live your life in the outside world without returning to drugs. Leaving rehab is an exciting time, and marks your achievements. However, transitioning out of rehab can be quite difficult for some. Those first few weeks feature a hard learning curve for many reasons; this is why aftercare programmes are most beneficial.

Learning to live on your own after spending time in rehab can be difficult. When you’ve spent a few weeks in rehab learning new coping tactics and working on your addictive tendencies, it can be hard to continue your improved mindset in the real world.

When you choose Verve Healthcare to refer you to trusted rehab centres that offer expert aftercare programmes, you’ll be given the best chance to stay drug-free. As you progress from being an addict to living a normal, healthier life, you’ll notice that certain friends are no longer interested in spending time with you, but this allows for more healthy relationships.

A big reason many of us return to our negative behaviour patterns is to do with peer pressure and societal expectations. Although you might have to prepare for some changes, they will be for the better. Whether it’s mental health issues or drug or alcohol use that you’ve been struggling with, you might have to make some changes to ensure you don’t go back to bad habits.

Aftercare services and ongoing treatment options are there for you if you feel like you need some additional help before going on to live a normal life. When you attend an aftercare programme, you’re giving yourself a better chance at becoming the best version of yourself.


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Making Your Life Better After Rehab

To maintain a sober life, it’s best to attend rehab aftercare programmes. These programmes are designed to help you once your time at rehab has come to an end. It’s not uncommon for people to need aftercare treatment once they finish rehab.

Aftercare treatment equips you with coping strategies that let you live a fulfilling life. If you feel as though you need extra support after your previous treatment, you can attend support groups and participate in ongoing therapy sessions. Although an aftercare treatment programme is there to help you transition into the real world, it’s totally normal to still need some help.

If attending support groups and extra therapy sessions isn’t enough and you’re still struggling with your mental health, mental health services will also be available for you to contact during challenging times. By getting ongoing support, you can achieve a successful, long-term recovery.

We understand how difficult it can be to deal with drug abuse, and taking these extra steps after completing treatment at rehab is normal for most patients. You need the best support network around you when you leave rehab who will help prevent you from drug use and be there if relapse occurs.

Maintaining sobriety is achievable when you have an organised aftercare plan that will help prevent relapse. There’s nothing wrong with needing aftercare treatment to maintain sobriety and achieve sober living. At Verve Healthcare, we will refer you to a suitable rehab facility that offers these treatments for you.


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Let Verve Healthcare Find You the Best Aftercare

The Verve Healthcare team will refer you to some of the best rehab facilities across the country in areas local to you. Our team works hard to find the most suitable rehabilitation centre for you to attend. We ensure that each rehab centre we refer you to has the ability to support and guide you through your journey in the most efficient way.

We’ve helped individuals from all walks of life. We aim to help you kick-start your recovery journey. We find rehab centres that offer an array of treatment options for you to consider, including successful aftercare treatment.

Aftercare treatment allows for an improved recovery, helping you live safely and normally after battling with ongoing substance use. You’ll need a great support system after rehab, and aftercare treatments often include group therapy sessions that allow you to meet other people going through similar issues.

If you’d like to find out more about our services, please feel free to contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

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