How To Help An Alcoholic

How to Help an Alcoholic?

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Alcoholism is a huge problem in the UK. Every year, the NHS in England and Wales sees around 9000 deaths due to alcohol related issues. If you think someone you love is an alcoholic, you are right to be worried about them. It is a hard path to recovery – but help is available for those that need it. The first step towards treatment for alcohol disorders, is to reach out to a service like ours.

Here at Verve Healthcare, we specialise in providing affordable high-quality alcohol rehab care for our clients. We believe that every sufferer of addiction should have the same access to stylish facilities in order to make a long term recovery. Regardless of whether you suffer from substance abuse, alcoholism, or emotional disorders, you will find help within these walls.

When you come to us you will be treated with utmost of respect, and you will be given a high quality room to call your own. We aim to make your stay in alcohol rehab in the UK as comfortable, safe, and spacious, as we can. We deliberately provide high end, affordable high-quality rehab services in England, to provide an equal opportunity alcoholism recovery package for rich and less well-off alike.

If you have already decided that you want to recover from alcoholism with us instead of suffering with physical, psychological, and mental health problems, we want to hear from you. If this is the path you choose, alcohol addiction will eventually kill you. We urge you to get in touch as soon as possible to prevent another senseless death.

How to Help An Alcoholic?

If you think someone you love is drinking too much, this can be hard to accept. The problem being that they have to recognise the problem within themselves before they will accept that they need help to recover from alcohol misuse. This is difficult for you because you’re watching them waste away before your eyes.

Fortunately, there are things that can be done to help the alcoholic in your life. Let’s cover how you recognise an alcoholic to begin with.

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The Signs of Alcoholism

If your loved one is an alcoholic, they are likely to deny how much they drink. This can make it difficult to determine whether or not they have a drinking problem. Try looking out for the following things to discern whether not your loved one is an alcoholic…

Secret Drinking

Does your loved one sneak off to begin drinking alcohol? If so, they may well have a troublesome relationship with alcohol. Secret drinking means that they are hiding what they do from you. This hiding is caused by shame because they know what they are doing isn’t right – or that it is likely to hurt you. With this knowledge, they disguise their actions and drink in secret.

If someone you love has been engaging in secret drinking, feel free to give them our phone number. They can reach us on 0203 955 7703 whenever they are ready to quit drinking for good. Alternatively, they can contact us for more information on one of our alcohol treatment plans.

Staying out All Night

If your loved one is frequently forgetting to return home at night, then your mind shouldn’t automatically jump to an affair. It might be that your partner is struggling with alcohol instead. If you get this wrong, and accuse them before you have all the facts, you risk sending them into a deeper alcohol based depression. For these reasons, it is important to stage any intervention in the correct manner.

You can read more about checking a loved one into alcohol detox within our pages.

Can’t Say No

Those whose suffer from alcohol addiction cannot say no to a drink. It might be that they are drinking at an appropriate times of the day (for example, at work). It might be that they are drinking all day – and it might even be that they have friends are tempting them to drink more.

If your partner can’t physically say no to drink, they are probably suffering from an alcohol addiction. You can contact us online if you have specific questions about your loved one and their alcohol problem.

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Must Drink Everyday

Your loved one might be an alcoholic if they must have a drink every single day. This is not normal behaviour for an average human being. Most of us will go days on end without a drink, only really indulging at the weekend. If you’re waking up in the morning with a hangover – every morning – you have a drinking problem.

Loved ones and significant others who suffer from alcohol use disorder and must have a drink every day, cause pain to those around them. If a friend or family member is struggling because of a drug and alcohol problem, or if you feel your children need extra support, you can read more about our family program, which may be right for you. This program incorporates intensive therapies with different family members, allowing better relationships moving forward.

Drinks First Thing

Does your loved one wake-up in the morning and crave a drink? If you catch them drinking before breakfast, it is very likely that the suffer from an alcohol addiction. It is not normal behaviour to indulge in toxic substances before you have brushed your teeth. If your partner, significant other, or family and friends are drinking as soon as they wake up – they are an alcoholic. There is no such thing as drinking “the hair of the dog”. It won’t help and, in fact, is actually a sign of alcohol dependency.

You can find out all about our tailored range of psychotherapy programs. Each treatment option will be ergonomically designed to get your loved one the help they need to quit drinking for good.


Alcoholism: the Warning Signs

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It is a scary journey when you realise that your loved one is suffering from alcohol abuse or alcohol dependency. Having a partner, parent, or friend, that is addicted to alcohol is terrifying for those who have not got any experience in helping alcoholics. It can be difficult to know where to turn to when your partner is suffering from alcoholism.

Luckily, services like ours exist which allows you to stay calm, as we provide alcoholics with everything they need to get off drink. These services can only be used by those who recognise their own alcohol addictions – and decide to do something about it, rather than having negative reactions towards the process. If you fall into this category, remember that you can contact Verve Healthcare at any time of the day or night to get the help that you need.

Another way that you can determine if someone you care about is an alcoholic, is by examining their physical behaviour. How is their health? Are their cheeks sunken? Do their eyes lack sparkle? Do they suffer from alcohol withdrawal symptoms if they can’t get a drink?

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Here is the review of the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal, to help you determine whether not your loved one is an addict:

  • Shaking and sweating – those who are going through alcohol withdrawal often shake and sweat. This physical reaction begins a few hours after their last drink and can last for several weeks if they quit drinking for good. This will be particularly visible in the shaking of their hands.
  • Nausea is a common side effect of quitting drinking. If you are going through alcohol rehab in England and Wales you are likely to spend most of the time feeling sick. Stick with it. It’s the best thing you will ever do.
  • Insomnia is another commonly reported problem for those who have just drinking. Your brain will convince you something is wrong because alcohol is missing from your diet when you first quit. Persist and you will eventually triumph.
  • Irritability and restlessness – these are both expected when you first drinking. They are also a tell-tale sign that a loved one is suffering from an addiction.
  • Anxiety and depression – as we escalate in severity of addiction, so to do the side-effects of quitting drinking escalate. Anxiety, depression, and even obsessive tendencies, can all be attributed to alcohol withdrawal symptoms.
  • Seizures – those who have been drinking for many years, or who drink very heavily, should never quit cold turkey. If you do, you put yourself at risk of seizures and even heart attacks. The more serious alcohol problem, the more serious symptoms of withdrawal. This is why those with heavy addiction should only quit drinking under medical supervision in a facility just like ours.
  • Hallucinations – again, particularly heavy drinkers may experience visual and auditory hallucinations as a result of sudden alcohol cessation. Medical supervision can pacify these, and those who drink heavily should not attempt to quit alone.

As the strength of the addiction increases, so does the strength of the symptoms of withdrawal. As important to check yourself and to a rehab clinic for alcoholism before you attempt to detox by yourself. We can provide both clinically supervised alcohol detox, and an ongoing residential rehab facility once you have received initial treatment.

To access a high-end, luxurious rehab facilities – or detox centres – contact us today, on 0203 955 7703. Our specially trained staff are ready and waiting to take your call.

What to Do When Your Loved One Is an Alcoholic?

So if you think your loved one has an alcohol substance abuse problem, urged them to get in touch with the medical team here at Verve Healthcare. We support the full range of alcohol sedation therapies, support groups, workshops, programs, and courses. Through our opulent facilities you gain access to the 7 day treatment program for alcohol recovery, the 14 day programme, the 28 day programme, and even the 12 step program. Each of these is guaranteed to get you off alcohol for good. We even offer relapse prevention courses for those who think they need the extra support.

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When you choose to recover from alcohol abuse with Verve Healthcare, you will be given access to our highest quality after-care program, which will ensure that you don’t slide back to your old ways. As a further tool, our services operate as full-time and residential facilities. This means you are completely removed from your triggers and influences while you stay with us. Full-time residential rehab has better success rates than part-time, non-residential rehab does. Take advantage of this to get back on your feet today.


Verve Healthcare have our variety of locations across England and Wales. Visit us and Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, to get the help you need to fight back against alcohol addiction. With the help of our dedicated, fully trained, experienced staff, you could be back on your feet in no time.

Tailored Support for Alcohol Addiction Near You

So what are you waiting for? You can get rehab for alcohol addiction near you, if you live in England or Wales. Courses are fully tailored to your needs and treatment plan and can be added to at any time. When you recover us you do so in comfort and style, the likes of which you could expect from an all-inclusive holiday. There is no need to worry about things like food, friendships, or boredom, when you go through rehab with Verve. We will ensure that your needs are met while you stay with us.

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Get in touch with us today to start your recovery from alcohol addiction, or simply to talk about alcoholism manifesting itself in someone you love. If you are still not sure whether not your loved one is suffering from addiction, then call us for an informal chat to discuss your options. Remember, we provide affordable quality for those that need most, supporting you in your darkest times… And we do it in an unobtrusive, helpful, way.

So if you think your loved one is suffering from an alcohol addiction past never phone number or have them contact us online. We are here to help but help must start with a phone call.

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