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Prescription drug addictions are some of the worst addictions in the UK. Why? You go to the doctor in confidence, unwell, and end up hooked to something you probably wouldn’t otherwise have taken in the first place. Occasionally, these addictions will arise from using another person’s medication – but more likely you have developed your prescription drug addiction accidentally and at the hands of a medical professional.

We urge you not to lose your faith in medical staff and to turn to our specialist rehab centres, instead. Here at Verve Health rehab clinics, we provide quality care for our patients, so that each and every single person can get the rehab help for prescription drug addictions in England that they need. Every one of us requires a different level of care, a different volume of support, and a different system by which we can recuperate. That’s why Verve Health use an eclectic-yet-thorough mix of tested therapies to treat our patients.

We believe that anyone who comes to us for help is deserving of all the care, respect, and attention, as even the most famous celebrity. That’s why Verve Health have spent years perfecting the combination of affordability and high-quality facilities. When you come to us to recover from a prescription drugs addiction, you are treated to the utmost in comfort and style. We provide a safe, sheltered, nurturing space – and all you have to do is enjoy our amenities while you go through prescription drug rehab.

Here in the UK, there are a greater number of prescription drug addicts than you might think. We’ll take an in-depth look at the statistics momentarily, first, we would like to take the time to invite you to attend one of our deluxe rehab clinics. If you are suffering from an addiction and would like a serene and safe space to recover, we will happily provide it for you. Call us today, on 0203 960 7703, or visit our pages on how to stop taking drugs, for more information.

Verve Health Perscription Drug Addiction

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How Common is Prescription Drug Addiction in the UK?

Prescription drug addiction is just as serious as any other drug addiction is. Prescription drugs travel through the whole range of Classes, from A to C. In America in the 90s, prescription drug addiction was everywhere. Pharmaceutical companies pushed opioid painkiller medication recklessly without knowing the real costs. Addiction spiked and, to this day, the prescription drug addiction problem in America is at epidemic proportions.

Here in the UK things aren’t quite so grim – but the numbers would still astound you. Since we are able to keep better tabs of prescription medication, we have fairly reliable estimates on how much of what substance is out there.

As recently as September of 2019, the NHS of England and Wales conducted their own review of internal services following a media storm. A Guardian report found that one in four of all people in England and Wales were taking addictive medications. This equated to some 12 million people that were potentially addicted to prescription drugs in the UK.

The Faculty of Pain Medication, in trying to defend the ONS statistics into prescription drug addictions, cited an average of 240 deaths per annum in the UK at the hands of Tramadol. This is backed up by a quick check in with Statista, who also mark 2019 as having had 201 Tramadol specific deaths.

It isn’t just Tramadol that can cause a person to overdose on prescription medication. If you are addicted to medication that a doctor has prescribed to you, and you happen to live in the UK, there are several different types of drugs that could apply to. Some of the most common of the prescription drugs you might need rehab for, include:

  • Opioid Painkillers are highly addictive, these come in such forms as Oxycontin, Percocet, Oxymorphone, Morphine based medications, Codeine based medications, and Fentanyl.
  • Synthetic opioid painkillers, such as Demerol.
  • Barbiturates and Benzodiazepines are next in line. Diazepam, Valium, Clonazepam, and Xanax are all common types of these.
  • Amphetamine in all its various forms, including the world renowned Adderall medication.
  • Other stimulants, such as Ritalin or dextroamphetamine.
  • Other medications you will have heard of by name, including Gabapentin and Hydrocodone.

On top of all of these, it is possible to become addicted to sleeping medications to the point where you cannot sleep without them. It is not uncommon to develop addictions to prescription anti-psychotics, or to anti-depressant medications. Most of the things that a doctor prescribes to you is just that – a carefully managed prescription. If you find yourself seeking a drug from a source other than your doctor, you are suffering from an addiction and ought to seek help.

If you find yourself in this position or if you think you are developing an addiction which hasn’t fully taken hold yet, we want to help. You can browse our pages on drug detox to find out more about the process of coming off prescription drug abuse for good. If you are more comfortable calling us, ring 0203 960 7703 today to talk to one of our trusted, trained, and tolerant staff.

Do Prescription Drugs have Classes?

Do you ever wonder what the classes of drugs are and what is in them? We thought someone should explain it, once and for all. Drug addictions in the UK (prescription or otherwise) tend to fall into one of three classifications. You can be addicted to Class A, Class B, or Class C drugs. While we all know that Class A drugs are the worst, we don’t necessarily know which categories contain which drugs. Further to this, most of us don’t know that prescription drugs even fall into that same classification system.

With all this in mind, the classifications of both prescription and narcotic drugs are as follows. Keep in mind that our lists are non-exhaustive.

Class A Drugs

Class A drugs are commonly associated with the likes of heroin and cocaine, but there is a whole world of Class A’s that we never even hear about. The ones that you do know also include LSD and magic mushrooms, as well as a few others.

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Prescription Class A Drugs

While most Class A drugs are illegal and narcotic, some are available on prescription. Methadone, for example, can be given to a recovering heroin addict in a specialised prescription drug rehab centre. On the other hand, if you were caught taking it on the streets without a prescription, you would face the same criminal convictions as you would receive for other Class A drugs. Methamphetamine is also available to treat ADHD in some parts of the world but should not be used recreationally.

Morphine, the pain medication, is a Class A drug. The fentanyl, oxycontin and oxycodone that we mentioned above are also Class As.

Verve Health Perscription Drug Addiction

As you can see, there is a medical need for such drugs – but they are easy to get hooked on. If you can’t turn to your GP, you can turn to Verve Health.

Call us now, on 0203 960 7703, if you are addicted to a prescription class A drug and we can have an informal chat about what to do next.

Class B Drugs

Some Class B drugs are those which you will have heard about. In fact, some have become household names. It might be shocking to hear that cannabis is a Class B drug in the UK. This means that the UK government think it is second in habit-forming nature only to heroin and cocaine. Synthetic cannabinoids – such as Spice – are also in this category.

Prescription Class B Drugs

Some prescription class B drugs include oral amphetamines, which move to a Class A drug if they are injected. Barbiturates, another commonly found Class B drug group, are only available on prescription and will earn you a fine or prosecution if you are found with the drug but without the paperwork. You cannot use these and drive, although people often do. Barbiturates might be prescribed to help you sleep at night, so shouldn’t be taken for anything else.

Ritalin, a variant of methylphenidate and used for certain disabilities, is also a prescription drug you can form an addiction to. In the UK, this might be prescribed as an ADHD medication. Ketamine, sometimes used to help those who are ending heroin addiction to come off drugs, is classed as a B rank drug. It is highly addictive and should be avoided.

If you have a problem with glutethimide, ethyl morphine, pentazocine, nabilone or pholcodine addiction, then we want to hear from you. Visit our pages to find a rehab clinic for prescription drugs near you.

Class C Drugs

Of all the drug classes, C is considered to be the least dangerous. many of the drugs in this category are prescription, although it does include certain anabolic steroids, often used by weightlifters, and other illegal substances.

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Prescription Class C Drugs

Many of the prescription painkillers you know and may even have been prescribed in the past fall into the Class C category. Some examples include zopiclone, somatropin, gabapentin, pregabalin, tramadol, benzodiazepines and mazindol. There are others and it is easy to form an addiction to painkillers because they take away aches, pains, and sometimes even emotions.

If you are suffering from or are developing a Class C drug addiction, we want to hear from you. Visit our treatments page to peruse our list of therapies, or our admissions page to find out more about landing a space in one of our coveted programs.

What are the Symptoms of Prescription Drug Addiction?

If you suspect you or someone you love is suffering from a prescription drug addiction, you should reach out for help. If you aren’t sure, look out for the following signs, or check our symptoms of drug withdrawal page for further clarity.

Common signs and symptoms of a prescription drug addiction are:

  • The inability to think straight. Foggy thinking, the inability to connect thoughts, and a misconception about the passage of time, are all associated with prescription drug addictions.
Verve Health Perscription Drug Addiction
  • Nausea and dizziness, which are often not mutually exclusive from one another.
  • Insomnia or restlessness, often it is one extreme or the other. A person who is addicted to prescription drugs might well be sleeping excessively or always lethargic. On the other end of the spectrum, they might be entirely the opposite to this.
  • Hyperactivity, being excessively productive or unable to sit still is often a symptom of Adderall addictions.
  • Do you visit different doctors to get more medication than they think you need? If so, an addiction has either taken hold, or is in the works.
  • If your loved one becomes reclusive, starts hiding prescriptions or feeling they need to justify their actions often, it might be a prescription drug addiction.

If you recognise any of these signs or symptoms, you can get help.

How to Treat Prescription Drug Addictions

Perscription Drug Addiction

In the UK, there is plenty of help available for those who want to go through detox from prescription drug addictions, or through rehab from prescription drug addictions. Regardless of which drug, from which class, that you are suffering from, you can get help from addiction with a rehab clinic near you. We have a rehab clinic that will be able to help you with your prescription drug rehab needs.

To get help for prescription drug addiction near you, simply call our trusted advisors. They will be happy to talk you through your options – whether you are ready to quit taking drugs, or whether you just want to talk through your choices in drug rehab for a later date.

If we can talk you through how easy we can make your detox and rehab process, we are sure you will choose to stay with us for one of our deluxe programs.

Our affordable rehab from prescription drug addictions vary from a 7 day, to a 14 day, or a 28 day program – but you are welcome to stay in one of our luxurious suites for as long as you need.

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