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Cannabis Addiction is a difficult one to overcome. It is behavioural, more than it is actually an addictive substance. It will become habit forming to use cannabis, also known as marijuana, or “weed”, at certain times or on certain days if you keep it up for any length of time. Eventually, you will realise that you crave it… and that’s when recreational use has turned the corner into addiction.

Fortunately, help is out there and comes with an affordable price tag. You can get help for cannabis addiction treatment through rehab clinics near you.  Our quality service allows you to sample the same luxurious rehab services that you might find if you were to attend rehab clinics for marijuana misuse as a celebrity. This is because there is something a little bit different about Verve Health, and it has to do with our beautiful guest rooms in which to recuperate, fantastic amenities, as you would expect from a hotel, and quality, industry-leading therapies for you to participate in.

Veve Health Cannabis Addiction

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You see, here at Verve Health Rehab Centres, we provide detox with a difference. We want you to feel valued as well as welcomed, supported, and cared for, during your recovery from marijuana addiction. We see each of our clients as a personal guest.  We specialise in quality rehab services but without the luxury rehab price tag. At Verve Health, you can experience being treated as a valued client… and all for as affordable a rate as we can manage.

Verve Health are the first of our kind in the UK. Affordable quality rehab clinics are popular in the US but are unheard of on this side of the ocean. We believe that this gives us a little something extra special, that makes us a stand-out choice in rehab services.

So if you want to recover from your addiction to weed in comfort and style, then we are the rehab clinic that you need. We can provide you with all the tools required to combat the effects of addiction. All we need is for you to give us that first key phone call so we can get started on your tailored recovery plan.

Call 0203 955 7703 today to start changing your life. Recovery from an addiction to marijuana is possible – as long as you have the right people in your corner. Contact us today to find out more or stick around while we discuss some of the ins and outs of cannabis addiction in the UK.

Can you Become Addicted to Cannabis?

Veve Health Cannabis Addiction

When it comes to cannabis addictions, we frequently here that it isn’t an addictive substance and that you can’t become addicted to it. This simply isn’t true. As we know from the likes of sex, gambling, and video game addictions, the thing you are addicted to doesn’t need to be an addictive substance for you to form a dependency. Rather, the addiction becomes behavioural.

All a behavioural addiction is, is the release of pleasant hormones in the brain whenever you perform your particular action. Once you receive that tiny hormone boost, you are at risk of becoming hooked on that pleasure. Before long and through repetition, you will eventually become an addict just as surely as if you were taking something highly addictive, such as heroin. At the end of the day, marijuana is a drug just like any other. And just like any other drug, it can be equally as dangerous.

So the short answer is that yes, you can become addicted to marijuana. It might not be a highly addictive substance within itself, but the action and the release of pleasure hormones is exactly the same as it is in behavioural addictions. Similarly, you could build up a friend circle based on your addiction, so that you have trouble breaking free of it. This is the same as it might be with a more addictive substance. Eventually, your whole world becomes incorporated with that of the addict, and you are surrounded by dealers and users. This makes the addiction even harder to break free from.

If you are in this position and want to get help for a brewing cannabis addiction before it becomes a full-scale problem in your life, then we want to hear from you. Verve Health rehab clinics are packed full of everything you need to kick cannabis addiction, for good.

If you would like to know more, visit our FAQs page or call us, on 0203 955 7703, today.

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Cannabis Addiction in the UK: How Big a Problem is it?

Cannabis addiction is everywhere. We don’t realise how big of a problem it is, simply because of the illegality of the substance. Across the ocean in America they are only just finding out how big the addiction problem is in places such as Colorado and California. Here, we have known for years that there are underground weed smokers who are developing unhealthy addictions.

But how big of a problem is weed smoking and marijuana addiction in the UK? We turned to news and media outlets to fine out.

A Guardian study all the way back in 2014 pointed out that drug use in the UK was rising. They estimated that one in five of the people they interviewed had tried drugs in the last month. Some even admitted to cannabis use on a daily basis. If we flip this on its head and exchange the word “cannabis” with “alcohol”, you can see why daily use might be an issue.

Marijuana is frequently referred to as the most widely misused substance in both Europe and the USA. Even though parts of America have now legalised it, there are still issues relating to the dependency or abuse of marijuana. Studies have shown that we have known about dependence on Marijuana since the early 00s, but that we are still in the process of learning how to treat cannabis addiction, since it was illegal for so long, all around the world. Those same studies point out an average of ten years of use accompanied by an average of 6 attempts to quit substance abuse, per adult sufferer of marijuana addiction.

Let’s not beat around the bush here. Marijuana abuse is rife. A lack of proper education about what it is and how it affects the brain, has led to generations of marijuana abuse. Cannabis cannot be tracked either, due to legality issues, thereby making it nearly impossible to guess how many users develop an addiction to weed on an annual basis. What we do know, is that cannabis remains illegal here in the UK, with millions of pounds of it being confiscated by police, every year. If something doesn’t change soon, addictions will continue to rise and cannabis in the UK will just become part of our culture.

If you fear you have an addiction to cannabis, contact us today. We want to help you get a handle on this and eventually overcome it. Call 0203 955 7703 today to start your recovery form weed addiction, or visit our website to see what other addictions we treat.

What is Marijuana and What Does it Do To You?

Marijuana is the flower from the cannabis plant. It is important to note that there are different types of cannabis, as well as different types of plant that fall into that same species (or genus) of plant. For example, Hemp is a cannabis genus of plant… but it is not cannabis itself. It does not grow flowers and the fibrous stalks are the goal of farming this particular stalky plant.

There are more than a hundred compounds that come together to make up the cannabis plant. Modern holistic medicine has seen a surge in the global use of CBD oil, which is one of these compounds. CBD has none of the psychoactive chemicals you might find in cannabis plants, but has some of the natural nutrients, essential for healthy functioning of the human body. The other chemical – the one that gives you the ‘stoned’ feeling, is known as THC.

THC, short for Tetrahydrocannabinol, is the specific chemical compound in Cannabis that makes your high. This compound goes straight to the Cannabinoid receptors (CB1 receptors in the brain, CB2 receptors in the body) and feeds them the nutrients they need – together with a big dollop of psychoactive substances that make your head swim. When you take the CBD out of the plant, you get none of this, when you are suffering from cannabis addiction, CBD seems pointless when you could just take the whole thing.

Verve Health Cannabis Addiction

Weed plants are grown for the flowering buds, which are then picked, dried, and smoked. Although this practise proceeds recorded history, we now know that marijuana plants can be abused to the point of addiction. When you are receiving this little burst of happiness combined with elation every time you use cannabis, then you are likely to keep coming back for more.

Before you know it, you are using cannabis on a daily basis and don’t feel right without it. This means that you have formed an addiction and that it is probably time you sought some help. Contact Verve Health rehab clinics today to get started, on 0203 955 7703

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How Verve Health Rehab Clinics Treat Addictions to Weed?

Here at Verve, we provide quality care for all those who need it… and the cannabis addict is no exception. If you are seeking help for a weed addiction, you are in the right place. We can give you person-centred care in stylish guest rooms, where our  staff will take care of all your needs so you can focus on your recovery.

To make sure we provide everything you need to stop smoking pot, we create everything from lovely rooms to an eclectic blend of life-enhancing therapies. You will come to us to detox, which will start from the moment you check in, and you will do this under the close supervision of our dedicated clinical staff. When you feel ready to transition from detox for your marijuana addiction into rehab for your condition, we will switch your therapy sessions around accordingly.

Here at Verve Health, we will bring your meals to you, preparing them with the best ingredients in our in-house kitchen, complete with friendly chef. We will prepare your room and ensure it remains cleaned while you detox and rehab from drugs. We will even provide person-centred therapies for you, each geared towards helping you quit smoking cannabis, for good.

Verve Health Cannabis Addiction

Some of our favoured rehab therapies for marijuana addicts include:

  • Our Family Program – which has been tailor made to mend rifts with loved ones, that have been caused by drug misuse.
  • Our Stress Management Course – which will equip you with new, healthier, coping tactics, so you don’t return to your old habits in future if (and when) times get tough.
  • Anxiety Workshops – will help you learn what your triggers are, as well as how to tackle them in a healthy way.
  • Group Therapy – where you can work through problems with the companionship and support of your peers.
  • Yoga Classes – replace the sense of calm marijuana used to give you with a measured calm found in the practise of yoga.

Where to Get Rehab for Marijuana Abuse in the UK?

If you happen to live in England and you are in the Norfolk, Suffolk, or Cambridgeshire areas, we have a rehab option for you. Whether you want to stay for a few days, or whether you think you need the full three months – you are welcome at one of our opulent rehab clinics.

We will provide you with the tools you need to create an individually tailored treatment plan of attack. Together, we will then combat your cannabis addiction, however it takes to overcome it. Call 0203 955 7703 to get started on your own recovery journey, now. The future is waiting for you to make that call.

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