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We offer rehab for those with behavioural problems in the UK.

Verve Health rehab centres have been set up with a variety of conditions in mind – and not just to help people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. Among our itinerary of high end services, we provide a safe space for those who need rehab for a mental health condition, those who suffer from an emotional problem, and for those that struggle with a behavioural addiction, minus the substance abuse.

Verve Health Behavioural Addiction

stylish If you find yourself with a behavioural addiction, you will be caught in the addictive cycle just as if you were hooked on a drug. The thrill of winning, of conquering something or someone, and of the release of endorphins when you repeat your addictive action – all of it adds up to an addiction you can struggle to beat.

Here at Verve Health, we specialise in providing high quality rehab services for anyone suffering from a behavioural addiction. We prioritise your recovery, whether you come to us to stop gambling, quit sexual addiction, or stop spending all day every day on a video game, the internet, or some other hobby you have become hooked on. Behavioural addictions are similar to obsessions, and here at Verve Health we have a full spectrum of therapists and clinical staff, all of whom are able to help you quit your addiction and get back on your feet.

Arguably better than all of this are our prices. We provide quality rehab facilities at an affordable rate, making rehab an attractive prospect to one and all. We believe that everyone should have the chance to go to a quality rehab facility for their behavioural addiction… so we set out to provide exactly that service. Now, you can recover in style in one of our stylish rehab clinics, in England.

We cover all types of addictions, from alcohol rehab to drug detox and even relapse prevention. We provide such a varied mis of therapies that we can treat almost everyone who comes to us – and we would love to help you. If you want to get off gambling, stop thinking about sex all the time, or alter another type of behavioural addiction – we are the team you need in your corner.

With Verve Health rehab clinics on your side, you could be free from addictions in no time. Call us now, on 0203 955 7703 or visit our admissions pages to find out how you could join us in an affordable luxury rehab clinic near you.

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Understanding Behavioural Addiction

Behavioural addiction is the term we use to address an addiction which is caused by your behaviour, instead of involving another factor – such as substance abuse. In a behavioural addiction, you become hooked on the happy hormones that your brain releases when you complete your desired action. This encourages you towards increasingly risky behaviour, until your actions have negative consequences. Detox and rehab for a behavioural addiction are possible, and sometimes necessary.

Although there are many types of addictive behaviours, gambling addiction is widely thought to be the worst, most prominent, of all of these. It is the perfect example of how a negative behaviour can cause you to become trapped in the addictive cycle. You make a bet, you win, so you make another, similar bet. This time you don’t win, so you don’t get the euphoria. Instead, there is only minor disappointment since you can just make another bet. What if you don’t win that one, either? You are chasing the high of the elation that you felt during that first win… the chances are, you won’t go home until you get it… even if that means losing your rent money before you manage to acquire that feeling again.

There are many different types of behavioural addiction, simply due to the nature of the act itself. Anything that makes you happy, that allows the release of happy hormones when you win, perform well, score, or complete a milestone, can become an addiction. Many career focused people might simply be addicted to the thrill of performing well in the board room. While this can be a destructive behaviour that could destroy all aspects of your life except work, it isn’t necessarily seen in the negative light that it ought to be. An addiction to work could overshadow all else and lead to an exceptionally lonely life… but at least you would be financially well off.

What Types of Behavioural Addiction Are There?

Now that we know what a behavioural addiction actually is, let’s talk about the different types of them. As we already mentioned, there are a thousand things that you could develop a behavioural addiction to – some of them you don’t even realise you are doing. A great example of this is your morning cup of coffee. Millions of people in the western world cannot function without at least one cup of coffee – and yet, it is an addiction.

Some of the common types of behavioural addiction include:

Verve Health Behavioural Addiction
  • Gambling Addiction – as already discussed, gambling addiction can lead you down a dark path of debt and despair.
  • Sexual addiction – those addicted to sex are suffering from a behavioural addiction.
  • Internet Addiction – this is becoming increasingly common in a modern world. If you regularly spend whole evenings browsing the internet, you may have a brewing addiction.
  • Shopping Addiction – when you have poor impulse control, purchases become problematic. The thrill of spending can become too much for some, and rehab for behavioural addiction becomes the best option.
  • Video Games – those with a video game addiction can spend whole days on the computer console, playing till their heart is content.
  • Food Addiction – binge eating is technically a behavioural disorder. The pleasing hormones released when you eat a good meal are the same ones that a gambler enjoys.
  • Reckless Endangerment – thrill seekers who engage in increasingly risky behaviour run the risk of becoming addicted to the endorphins.
  • Plastic Surgery Addiction – this is a real thing, most commonly occurring in the body dysmorphic.
  • Exercise Addiction – believe it or not, there are those that become addicted to the post-workout euphoria found only after a hard workout.
  • Self-harm Addiction – those who self-harm is suffering from behavioural addiction. The soul hurts, the body is punished, the feeling of pain releases the emotions and resets the clock until the next time.
  • Social Media Addiction – another newer addiction, social media sites thrive on the idea that we keep checking in to see what is happening. Ask yourself this – could you go without it entirely?

As you can see, there are plenty of behavioural addictions out there – and our list isn’t even exhaustive. Luckily the treatment processes for the behavioural model of addiction are the same as those for substance abuse disorders. We can facilitate both types of addiction within our deluxe rehab clinics in England.

If you have already decided that you want to spend your rehab from behavioural addiction period with Verve Health, you can contact us on 0203 955 7703, today. If you need more convincing, perhaps a description of our individually tailored, bespoke treatment solutions, will help.

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How do you Treat a Behavioural Addiction?

Given that the behavioural model of addiction  operates on the same execute-reward wavelength that substance abuse disorders operate within, we are able to target both types of addiction with similar treatment methods. Although similar, our varied blend of unique therapies, coupled with your individual condition, means that we can provide a targeted, specific, all-inclusive treatment plan for your condition. We believe recovery from addiction should not be one-size-fits-all, but rather that all should have as many options as it takes to help them to recover from addiction.

To this end, we will discuss every aspect of your treatment plan with you, so that your input is the key focus, throughout. You are at the centre of your recovery, when you choose Verve Health. The reason for this is that you know yourself best. When recovering from a behavioural addiction, getting the treatments and therapies correct greatly increases your chances of breaking free of addiction the first time around. If you break free the first time you go to rehab, you save time, money, energy, and perhaps even years of your life.

When you and your medical officer have discussed your behavioural addiction rehab needs in great detail, you will be assigned an action plan. This will act as the map to your recovery from behavioural addiction. What it contains will vary depending on what your hobbies and interests are, what you were addicted to, and how you live your life.

For example, a sex addict would benefit from a therapy that burns of energy and keeps them worn out. They might incorporate use of an on-sight gym into their recovery. They might add in some of our yoga classes to help relieve stress. A stress management course also wouldn’t go amiss.

In another example, someone with shopping addiction might be covering up a sense of inadequacy. If you are buying lots of material goods, you might want to explore spirituality while you stay with Verve Health. You could take a meditation class, learn how to build your self-esteem, or even tackle the issue that caused your addiction with trauma therapy or bereavement counselling classes.

Verve Health have so many treatments and classes that you are guaranteed an individually planned out recovery program that is ideally suited to your needs. No two are quite the same, but all are equally as beneficial to the participants. 

Verve Health Behavioural Addiction
You can learn more about the types of treatments we offer by following this link, or you can skip ahead and contact us to book your room. Call 0203 955 7703 or visit our referrals page for the information you need.

Key Therapies used in Rehab for Behavioural Addiction

Although each and every client that comes through our illustrious doors is given access to the therapies of their choice, there are a few that we advise everyone invest themselves in. We refer to these as ‘keyworking therapies’ and they include a small subsection of your recovery from behavioural addiction.


If you want to quit gambling, stop eating all the time, or solve a sex addiction, you will be encouraged to have psychotherapy sessions. These allow you to work closely with a trained therapist who can help you get to the root of your addiction issues.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Verve Health Behavioural Addiction

Similarly, if you want to stop spending all day on social media, quit playing video games constantly, or stop spending so much time online, CBT could be just what you need. This therapy examines your past actions looking for patterns, then brings these to the logical forefront of your brain. There, you will examine them together and get to the bottom of it all.

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Dialectical Behavioural Therapy

DBT can help you to recover from any behavioural addiction, from shopping addiction to rehab for plastic surgery abuse. During DBT sessions, you and your therapist will discuss your thoughts and emotions in response to certain areas of your life. Eventually, the aim is to get you to examine your own actions and see where the faults are that trigger addictive behaviours.

Group and One-on-One Sessions

You may be advised to speak to a counsellor, therapist, psychiatrist, or other type of mental health professional while you are in recovery from a behavioural addiction. You may well also be asked to join the group, which will feature a cross-section of your peers. Peer support is a vital element in recovering from a behavioural addiction.

UK-Based Luxury Rehab for Behavioural Addiction with Verve Health

If you are suffering from any of the behavioural addictions listed within this page – be it an addiction to sex or an inability to stay offline – we are here to help you recover. Rehab is possible and detoxing from your behavioural addiction is the first step.

Come and stay in our luxurious, spacious, modern rooms, while you receive the very best in treatment for your behavioural addiction. Our affordable luxury rehab clinics are open, ready, and have a room waiting for you. We will make your stay as comfortable as possible so all you have to do is focus on getting better.

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