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Verve Healthcare rehab clinics have been recently refurbished and are ready to welcome clients suffering from any and all forms of drug addiction. Substance abuse is a very real problem in the modern world, with drug addiction at an all-time high – and always on the rise. Everyone has heard of the main culprits – heroin, cocaine, and cannabis – but there are other drugs out there that can be just as addictive as those in the mainstream.

Verve Healthcare Other Drug Addictions

If you have fallen victim to drug abuse, dependency, or addiction, then we want the opportunity to help you. Each and every one of our guests is treated to a warm welcome and opulent apartments.

You will be given everything you need to recover from drug addictions in rehab clinics near you. All that we need from you to get started, is a phone call.

You can reach Verve Healthcare rehab centres on 0203 955 7703. If you aren’t sure which addictions we help, see our detailed addictions pages. If not, then stick around as we go into more detail about the other types of drug addictions we can treat.

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Navigating Drug Addictions

If you have one of the more mainstream addictions, let us direct you to the relevant pages. We commonly treat clients with the following drug addictions:

  • Alcohol Addiction – we have a specific section for alcohol detox and for rehab from drinking. If you want to quit alcohol, our service is fully equipped and ready to do battle on your behalf.
  • Cocaine Addiction – no matter whether you are hooked on crack cocaine, or whether you think your weekend dabble is developing into something more sinister, Verve Healthcare are here to help.
  • Heroin Addiction – heroin is one of the most addictive substances known to man – but we can still help you stop using it. Call 0203 955 7703 today for more information on how to stop taking drugs.
  • Prescription Drug Addiction – all sorts of prescription medications are actually addictive. Nobody in any of our luxurious rehab clinics in the UK will blame you for developing an addiction.
Verve Healthcare Other Drug Addictions
  • Ketamine Addiction – another of the more common addictions we deal with is ketamine addiction. We use ketamine to wean people off heroin, and then wean them off that, too.
  • Cannabis Addiction – although most people don’t believe it, marijuana is a habit-forming drug. If you think you have developed a cannabis addiction, let us help you kick your habit.
  • Opioid Addiction – opioids and opiates are taken in huge volumes in the UK. Rehab for an opiate addiction is not uncommon and is nothing to be ashamed of.
  • Methadone Addiction – often sold as the recognisable ‘crystal meth’, some clients come to us for help to stop taking meth. We do everything we can to get them off this life-changing drug and back on the right path.
  • GHB Addiction – the date rape drug has a calming psychoactive effect that acts like a sedative. It is dangerous in how suggestible it makes you. Get help for GHB addiction from Verve Healthcare rehab clinics before it is too late.

If you are suffering form any of the conditions above and want to chat about getting off them, call us now.

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Other Drug Addictions We Treat

Of course, not everyone suffers from a mainstream drug addiction. There are a thousand other substances out there with a million different users suffering from addiction. Let’s examine these potential drugs to see how addictive they are and explore the full range of drug addictions that we help in better detail.

Addicted to Anabolic Steroids?

It is often those who are focused on physical health who become addicted to anabolic steroids, or similar types of drugs. These are muscle building drugs, capable of doing things like increasing testosterone levels or improving stamina. Although banned altogether, there are still trace amounts out there, often found on the bodybuilding circuits.


Rehab for Benzodiazepine Addiction

Typically used as a prescription medication for relaxation of muscles, or as a sedative to the anxious mind, the benzodiazepine family of drugs lull you into a false sense of security. They make you think you are in a safe, relaxed space, even when you might not be. As a result, you put yourself in dangers you wouldn’t normally be exposed to.

If you are addicted to benzodiazepines such as Valium, Diazepam, Xanax, Rohypnol, and Ativan are all common brands or types of this drug. If you have a diazepam addiction or want rehab help for a benzodiazepine addiction, Verve Healthcare can help. Contact us or read more about our deluxe drug detox programs.

Bath Salts Addiction Rehab Clinics

Synthetic Cathinone, also called bath salts, have nothing to do with the minerals placed in a healing bath. They are a highly addictive type of drug which incorporates meow meow, or mephedrone, as one of its top contenders in popularity.

Bath salts is terrifying in terms of addictions. If you are taking meow meow, seek rehab clinics near you immediately. It makes the user inherently violent and aggressive, causing them to lash out uncontrollably. In the early 10’s there were several sensational stories about people taking bath salts and cannibalising others. The NHS had a full statement in response.

Contact us if you need rehab help for a bath salt addiction in the UK.

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Nicotine Addiction

Everyone is familiar with nicotine addiction and the harm it can cause. Without quitting smoking, it is likely to kill you. Checking into rehab for that first week or two removes you from the stresses of life to let you recover in peace. Why not recover with an affordably luxurious Verve Healthcare suite?

MDMA or Ecstasy Addiction

MDMA Addictions

Although not addictive as a stand alone drug, MDMA and Ecstasy are both mind-altering drugs that put you into a state of elation. It is this psychological state that becomes addictive, rather than the drug itself. In the same way that a gambler develops an addiction to the release of dopamine in the brain; so too does an ecstasy addict.

Help for MDMA addiction is on hand, with Verve Healthcare Rehab Centres. Read about our various therapies and treatments to orientate yourself on our programs or get in touch today.

Do you Have a Krokodil Addiction?

Krokodil is reasonably new to the UK market but has already taken Russia in its fatal grip. Its real name is desomorphine and it is one of the many synthetic types of morphine drugs that are available today. It comes from opium and codeine, making it as highly addictive as heroin.

Seek rehab for krokodil addiction in the UK today, with Verve Healthcare. We provide luxurious rehab clinics where you can get comfortable and recuperate from drug addictions.

Suffering from Khat Addiction?

Khat is a plant that is native to Ethiopia. It has managed to become one of the most highly addictive, and sought after, drugs in Africa. It is a green, leafy plant, which contains two different stimulants. These stimulants make the khat addict euphoric. As with heroin, you will spend your addiction to Khat (or Qat) constantly chasing the original high. You won’t find it. You will just find yourself spending more and more time, money, and life, on this drug.

Seek rehab help for Khat in the UK with Verve Healthcare.

Quit your LSD Addiction

LSD, also known as Acid, is a hallucinogenic drug which takes the user on an inner trip. It makes colours brighter, having an association with psychedelics, and causing many visual and auditory hallucinations. Acid is addictive in the same way as Ecstasy and MDMA.

If you want advice on the symptoms of drug withdrawal, see our pages. Alternatively, contact us when you are ready to quit taking LSD.

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Phencyclidine (PCP) Addiction

PCP addictions are becoming commonplace in the streets of the US, so we are sure to follow suit. This drug is a powerful hallucinogen which contains a neurotoxic compound. Although originally created for anaesthetic purposes, PCP was discarded because of the horrible impact it had on the brain. Seek help for PCP addictions in the UK with our lavishly furnished rehab centres.

Do you have a Pregabalin Addiction?

Technically, this is a prescription drug to which you can become addicted. It is often given out as an epilepsy and anxiety medication since it blocks nerve pain. Just as it makes the user pain free, it allows a sort of mental dullness that can lessen emotional pain. It is this factor that makes it so commonly abused. If you are misusing pregabalin and need rehab, Verve Healthcare have 7 day14 day, and 28 day treatment programs ready and waiting for you to attend.

Rehab for Psilocybin Addiction

Psilocybin is the compound found in some mushrooms. It is this substance that makes them ‘magic’. It might not be addictive, but you can easily form a habit around the rewarding chemicals your brain gives out while you are tripping. This substance is a hallucinogenic which will alter your perception in a negative way. While you are mid-trip, you are not in possession of your senses.

Spice (Synthetic Cannabinoids)

Spice has been hitting the headlines throughout England recently. This drug sends users into a zombie-like state, where they are not in control of their motor functions. Spice addicts are known to be in a semi-vegetative state – but worse is that Spice addiction is on the rise across Europe. Synthetic Cannabinoids are only a Class B but seem to have a far worse effect than the real thing.

Get rehab for a Spice addiction through a blended mix of keyworking therapies (such as cognitive behavioural therapy) and holistic therapies (such as art therapy), here at Verve Healthcare rehab clinics.

Can you get Rehab for Solvent Abuse in the UK?

If you have a solvent abuse addiction, Verve Healthcare rehab clinics are here to provide relief. Detox and rehab are the same processes for solvent abuse as they are for substance abuse… the only difference is in the drugs that are used. Solvent abuse is the inhalation of chemicals that have mind-altering affects. These are usually capable of causing severe respiratory and brain issues.

If you regularly sniff or snort any solvents, you can get rehab for your solvent abuse problem in either of our fully equipped centres. We even provide group therapy classes, where you can meet others in a similar circumstance.

Verve Healthcare Other Drug Addictions

Where Can I get help for Drug Addictions near me?

You can get help to recover from any type of drug addiction, here in the UK. You can also go into rehab if your addiction is to a solvent, instead of a substance. If you are an alcoholic, or if you are addicted to cannabis, you can get professional medical support to help you to recover.

If you live in England, our high quality rehab for addiction service is situated to help. If you live outside of those regions, our luxurious resources and four star facilities might be enough to convince you to travel.

At our stylish rehab centres for drug addictions, you will be treated to your own stylish guest room, recovery team, and dedicated treatment plan. All of this comes together to provide you with all the tools you need to get off drugs for good.

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