Treatments Available at Verve Healthcare Rehab Clinics

Here at Verve Healthcare, we provide a complete range of person-centred treatment plans, each of which contains a varied mix of therapies. Every client that comes to us, be it for rehab for a drug addiction, or help with mild to moderate mental health issue, is subject to our deluxe rehab services. We provide beautifully-decorated rooms, a relaxing retreat from life, and the right therapy to help you move on with a normal life.

Using our dedicated, specialist team of recovery practitioners, we are able to cater to a wide range of problems. We can offer:

There is a wealth of problems we can treat using our specialist rehab centres, scattered throughout England. If you happen to be searching for the best rehab clinic in England, you can find our affordable stylish rehab clinics near you. Contact 0203 955 7703 today to find out more.

Rehab Treatments for Mental Health Problems

Patients often come to us for mild to moderate mental health rehab when they are suffering something like depression, anxiety, and even OCD. Our serene and comfortable, and tasteful guest rooms are perfect for mental health recovery. Recuperation is encouraged by the attentions of our recovery team, coupled with the range of therapies we offer, all aimed at improving your mental health and arming you with the tools you need to better manage it in future.  Where we cannot offer the appropriate treatment in-house, we will arrange access to the best specialists who can help.

Some of the favoured methods of treatment for mental health issues include the following.

Anxiety Workshops will help you to manage your anxiety and treat the symptoms in a novel way. This targeted course lets you focus on the reasons behind your anxiety in order to alter them accordingly. Read more about our Anxiety Workshops…

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Group Therapy Sessions

Group Therapy Sessions can be used for all types of problems. If you come to us for an addiction, for a mental health problem, or for an eating disorder, we can connect you to a group that can provide lived experience and peer support. Click here to read more about Verve Healthcare Group Therapy Sessions…

Where can I get Help for Mental Health Problems in the UK?

If you are struggling to fight anxiety or battling low to moderate depression and want support, a rehab clinic is the ideal option. You have all the resources you need on hand to re-learn how to love yourself. Contact our rehab clinic that specialises in affordable luxury treatments, on 0203 955 7703 to discuss a place.

Therapies for Rehab from Drug and Alcohol Addiction

If you suffer from a substance abuse addiction problem, we are perfectly equipped to deal with it alongside you. All we need from you is the decision to quit and the determination to see it through. For everything else, we can provide end-to-end support and relief from a life spent addicted to drugs or alcohol.

When you come to us for rehab for addictions to drugs, or to quit drinking, we will provide you with every resource we can to get you to turn your life around. While doing so, our fully residential facility will remove you from your old life, including the triggers that forced you to use in the first place. Once done, we will provide you with a safe sanctuary where you can attend alcohol or drug detox treatment programs and then rehab from alcohol or drugs, all in one building.

Some of the treatments we will use to combat your drink addiction or drug crisis and get you back on track are as follows…

Psychotherapy with a highly skilled specialist, designed to talk through your problems and help you make better decisions in future. A psychotherapist won’t just listen, like a counsellor does, they will offer input that helps you see things in a new light.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which will examine your past actions and look for the ways in which you have repeated negative behaviours. Once done, the therapist will talk you through new coping tactics for when the situation arises again. Once put into action, repeating these healthy new techniques will make you feel far better about your ability to control your addiction. Read about CBT in greater detail…

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

The 12 Step Program is a favoured method for getting off alcohol and stopping drinking for good. Those best suited to this program have a religious nature and are determined to stop drinking. Our 12 step program is complemented by a follow up array of Fellowship Meetings. Don’t forget that you can take relapse prevention classes with us, too.

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Verve Healthcare Mildfulness

Meditation and Mindfulness Sessions can also help you to learn to relax without drugs or alcohol. Substance abuse takes up a lot of your time when you are addicted, so an important part of rehab for alcoholism or drug addiction is to learn how to spend that time fruitfully. Meditation and Mindfulness sessions will help you reclaim your time.

Where Can I Get Rehab for Drug Use and Alcohol Problems in the UK?

When you need help for addiction to drugs, or when you decided you want to quit drinking, you can contact us for help. We provide high-quality rehab centres in England at an affordable rate. You will be given the utmost in attention while you stay with us. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and recuperate from your addiction while we cater for your everyday needs.

If a rehab clinic that provides the sanctity and serenity of a holiday for one sounds attractive to you, call 0203 955 7703.

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Rehab for Behavioural Addictions, UK

Those suffering from behavioural addictions are equally as at risk as those who are addicted to substance misuse: albeit for different reasons. If you are a gambler, for example, you might bet away rent and food money for the month, leaving yourself short-handed. If you repeat this process often enough, you will end up doing serious harm to your quality of life.

While substance abuse problems threaten your health directly, behavioural addictions do the same thing but in a convoluted way. They can ruin your relationships, take up all of your free time, eat into your working life – or ruin your career. You can be trapped in the cycle of addiction in the same way as you can be with a substance abuse disorder… and you can get rehab for behavioural addictions, too.

We have a high quality variety of rehab treatments for behavioural addictions. Think about including some of the following therapies in your treatment plant…


Motivational Interviewing is a therapy technique that focuses on the good parts of your personality. By doing this, your desire to return to the healthy person you were pre-addiction increases. You receive new goals, new interests, and an increased motivation to return to a sober life. You can learn all about MI therapy, here.


Join our Goals Groups, which can help you to learn about how to look forward, instead of how to look into the past. Once you have come to terms with your gambling, sex, internet, or social media addiction, you need to be able to forgive yourself for it. This sounds easy but it can be the stumbling block that trips us. Goals Groups help you avoid tripping on the last hurdle.

Verve Healthcare Rehab Treatments: Here For You

Whether you are ready to quit your behavioural addiction or whether you feel you need more time to think about it, we want to chat with you today. We can discuss potential future treatment options, introduce you to our wide range of affordable quality rehab services, or talk you through all our amenities and quality facilities for rehab near you.

All we need from you is a phone call. Call us on 0203 955 7703 and we can get started on your path to recovery, right now. We have a room ready and waiting… all we need is the chance to show you how good life could be, if you quit addiction.

Where Can I Get Rehab for Behavioural Addictions in the UK?

Verve Healthcare are here for all your rehab from addiction needs. Whether you are in need of a residential facility to remove you from your partners when suffering form sex addiction, or whether you need to be removed from your ability to play video games for whole days – we could be the intervention service that you rely upon to get you free from your behavioural addiction.

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