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Cocaine and crack cocaine are both common substances used in the UK for partying and are highly addictive. Their intense but short highs can easily lead to drug addiction. When you have a cocaine addiction, it’s vital that you find reliable rehabilitation services that’ll help get you on the road to recovery.

Living with a drug addiction is tedious. At Verve Healthcare, we understand the challenges that people face daily while struggling with addiction. Although some drugs are harsher than others, that’s not to say that all addictions take over your life and leave you in a vulnerable position.

Having access to trustworthy rehab and detox treatments gives you a chance to get a hold of your life and aim for a positive future. Unfortunately, cocaine is a widely used drug that’s extremely dangerous to use. It can often be hard to notice if you or a loved one has a cocaine addiction, but if you know what signs to look out for, it might be easier to spot.

The quicker an addiction is treated, the better and leaving your addiction to develop even further can come with an array of negative effects, both physical and mental. Seeking treatment with cocaine rehab is essential; our dedicated team at Verve Healthcare can help refer you to the most suitable rehabilitation in your area. 

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Are you Struggling with Cocaine Addiction?

If you or a close family member or friend is struggling with a cocaine addiction, it’s crucial that you act quickly and seek treatment. Acknowledging your cocaine addiction is the best first step you can take on your recovery journey. In most cases, drug users remain in denial and avoid seeking help or allowing others to help them.

People who use cocaine often take it in binges, taking the drug repeatedly within a short time at increasingly higher doses. This helps to maintain their high. Reducing cocaine intake is difficult if you’ve been abusing the drug for some time. Addiction in general is hard to deal with singlehandedly and addicts should have ongoing support and guidance at all times.

Dealing with a cocaine addiction can be lonely and scary, even more so if no one knows about it but yourself. It can be difficult to spot addiction traits in yourself, but when you begin to prioritise taking cocaine and start spending money on the substance frequently, it’s more than obvious that you have an addiction problem.

There are plenty of signs that can indicate you are addicted to cocaine. With cocaine use, your brain gets a dopamine hit that gives you a euphoric feeling. It’s that intense high that cocaine users get addicted to, and it’s difficult to replicate. Over time, you’ll need to use more cocaine in order to get the same feeling. Here are several signs of cocaine addiction to look out for.

  • Lying to people to hide your drug use
  • Stealing money to buy cocaine
  • Feeling agitated or restless if you don’t get cocaine
  • Getting regular cravings for the drug
  • Being unable to get through the day without taking cocaine
  • Experiencing depression or other mental health problems if you don’t get a fix
  • Having ongoing nose and sinus problems from snorting the drug
  • Insomnia
  • Reduced appetite
  • Irritable behaviour and mood swings


Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Often, people who undergo tailored cocaine addiction treatment options may also need support getting off alcohol, too; however, this isn’t always the case. Cocaine rehabilitation often consists of patients undergoing a detox and attending therapy sessions.

Depending on the rehab clinic you’re referred to, you can expect tailored treatment programmes that consider all your needs and requirements. These effective programmes are designed to give you proven coping mechanisms and ultimately help you get better.

With a physical detox, you must first release all the toxins in your body with the help of professionals. Next, after you’ve gained clarity, you typically transition to the psychological aspect of recuperation. From trying cognitive behavioural therapy, group therapy sessions, or even 1-to-1 therapy, our clinics will find a method that you enjoy when expressing your thoughts and feelings on the journey to sobriety.

Addiction treatment programmes are vital for all individuals suffering from cocaine abuse disorders. Quitting cocaine independently can be dangerous; by attending rehab, you’ll have access to healthcare professionals who are on hand at all times to answer any ongoing questions or concerns you may have about your struggles with drug abuse.

Mental health issues can occur and overall well-being can seriously be affected when you stop taking cocaine suddenly. This process of detoxification should be done with professionals by your side. The most secure method to conquer cocaine addiction is by seeking help at a cocaine rehab centre.


Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms: What to Expect

When you visit rehab, you’ll be free of cocaine and although this seems daunting if you’re using the drug every day, it’s the only way for you to overcome your addiction. During cocaine rehab, withdrawal symptoms are expected to display themselves at some point; usually during your cocaine detox.

When your body becomes so used to something, it doesn’t know how to react when you stop taking it. Not only is it dangerous to take cocaine, but you can face many consequences for buying the drug. Cocaine is a Class A drug, which means it’s illegal to have for yourself, give away or sell. Possession can get you up to 7 years in prison, an unlimited fine or both.

Stopping the use of cocaine comes with feelings of depression, anxiety, fatigue, irritability, persistent cravings, increased appetite, unpleasant dreams and memory issues to name a few. When you experience these symptoms, having a great support system around you is key.

The Verve Healthcare team work hard to refer you to trusted rehab centres across the country, which consist of a team of healthcare experts who devote their time to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible during your time with them.


Finding Cocaine Addiction Rehab with Verve Healthcare

At Verve Healthcare, we look for the best treatment for cocaine addiction and refer you to reliable clinics in the country. Rehab isn’t as scary as it seems; when you seek help and want to overcome your addiction, you’re putting yourself on the right path. The most efficient way to become drug-free is by attending rehab.

Our expert team have been working within the industry for some time, helping individuals from all walks of life. We have dealt with people from a plethora of locations, referring them to suitable rehab clinics in their area. We care deeply for anyone who chooses us for our specialist services.

Each individual has a tailored treatment plan, carried out with care and compassion by a member of our friendly team. We get to know you and your situation in detail; this later helps us assess which rehab clinics are best for you, whether that be support groups such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), or you suit attending rehab with one professional. Our ultimate goal is to assist you in your recovery to long-term sobriety.

We describe rehab as a type of sanctuary because that’s what it is, but rehab is a place for you to attend for a little while to get yourself better. There’s no shame or embarrassment in attending rehab, and we’re extremely proud of all individuals who decide to get clean.

If you’d like to find out more information about our go-to referral services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today here. We look forward to assisting you in the near future.

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