Cognitive behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Verve Healthcare Rehab Clinics provide CBT sessions in luxury UK-Based centres

When you go into rehab in the UK, for whatever reason you attend, you will be given a full explanation of the  therapies we offer. When you come to a Verve Healthcare rehab clinic, the choice in therapies is extensive… but will always include keywork. Keywork therapies are those talking therapies which contribute towards your advancement towards a better quality of life. CBT is often seen as one of these keywork therapies, since it helps you examine past behaviours and get to the root cause of underlying issues.

All of these therapies are delivered by industry leading professionals, who we have hand-selected for their reputation, skill, and commitment to client satisfaction.

Here at Verve Healthcare rehab centres, we provide attentive care to each client we see. Our motto is affordable style: bringing everything you might expect to find in luxury rehab, to the everyone. By setting higher standards for ourselves and our team, we are able to extend a stylish lifestyle as part of our rehab routines. If you would like to recover from an addiction in comfort, helped along by the serenity of a country hotel, then we are eager to have you here. The blend of therapy, comfortable guest rooms, and tranquil settings will all work together to make your recovery smoother, swifter, and more solid, as you move forward into your new future.

We will go into greater detail about what CBT is and why you might want to take it in a moment, first of all, let us point those in desperate need of help in the right direction. You can get CBT treatment in any of our Verve Healthcare Rehab Clinics near you. Each of our centres has been equipped with all you need to recuperate, either from a traumatic incident, or from an addictive problem. Whatever you want peace and quiet to deal with, we can provide it. Call 0203 955 7703 for more information or to book your time with Verve Healthcare.

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The History of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a technique developed by a Doctor in the 60s, who was working as a Psychiatrist in the University of Pennsylvania. Although the original outline laid out by Dr Aaron T. Beck has changed somewhat through the years, this change has been more of a gradual evolution than a re-writing of those original concepts. Nowadays, therapists study for years to gain enough knowledge and technique to treat clients with CBT in a safe, effective, healthy way… and when you choose rehab with Verve Healthcare clinics, you could be taking it as part of the keyworking therapies destined to improve your quality of life.

Verve Healthcare Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
After his death, Dr Beck was succeeded by an Institute in his name, which went on to study the theory of CBT in greater detail. Dr Beck was seeking to prove now outdated concepts that we thought we knew about depression. In fact, he proved himself, and science at that time, to be fundamentally flawed. His new approach used psychoanalysis to reach into patients’ worst thoughts and improve their mental health in the here and now. He called this approach cognitive therapy, and we still use it to this day.

The Beck Institute is still a haven of research and development of those initial ideas. They cite more than one thousand studies which prove the efficacy of CBT as a talking therapy. With such fantastic outcomes for all who used it, it was only a matter of time before rehab clinics in the UK adopted this talking therapy as a means of providing additional recovery support to all manner of clients.

What is CBT?

So what is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, anyway? This is one of the talking therapies, which focuses on talking about past situations in your life, examining your actions, and talking through why your body reacted that way, and how you can right the situation.

There are numerous techniques that a CBT therapist might use to get to the bottom of a mental health problem or addiction issue through use of CBT. Some of these techniques include:

  • Journaling: creating a record of how you feel from day to day helps the therapist gauge your progress and the severity of your issue.
  • Thought Records: when you are using your journal to record discomfort by level, this is a slightly different technique.
  • Relaxation exercises: tense and release exercises help distract you in moments of high anxiety by giving you something else to focus on.
Verve Healthcare Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Breathing Exercises: the idea of breathing exercises taught in CBT is that being aware of your breathing is much less likely to lead to hyperventilation.
  • Stress reduction techniques: the therapist will arm you with every tool they have to keep you relaxed.
  • Scheduling: they may want to schedule in activities with you, particularly if you are doing CBT in a rehab clinic in England
  • Cognitive Restructuring: by far the most commonly used tool of a CBT therapist is restructuring. This process talks through issues and examines your behaviour in a more objective sense than when you are living it.
  • Exposure Therapy: a favourite of CBT specialists is to expose the client to the things they fear in a controlled setting. Continued, repetitive exposure therapy has proven to work on everything except blood phobias
Verve Healthcare Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

These are only a few of the techniques your therapist will use to help you process events, either in the past or, in the case of rehab, in your current situation. It is not uncommon for them to use roleplaying scenarios, and guided discovery tactics, to enlighten you as to how your behaviour looks from the outside looking in.

Arguably best of all, a CBT therapist knows why you behave the way you do. They can look at your life, struggles, and recurring issues, point to the piece of your past that caused it, then help you overcome the negative effects so you can stop them in their tracks. A CBT specialist helps you break cycles – and when you are stuck in an addictive cycle, they can cut right through this and get to the heart of the matter. It is for this reason that CBT is so commonly found as an option in rehab clinics… and it is for this reason it is found in ours.

Remember, if you want to bypass this information and go straight to contacting our skilled medical advisory team, you can contact us any time of day or night. We can be reached on 0203 955 7703, or we can be found via our contact us pages. We are ready and waiting to take your call and welcome you into a new block of CBT.

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Who can get CBT at a Rehab Clinic?

As to where you can get CBT help, this is quite another matter.

The NHS in England and Wales do provide some CBT therapists for psychological departments up and down the country. Where you live has a direct impact on how seriously your local NHS department takes mental health issues.

Although now handled better than they used to be, mental health problems still come with a degree of stigma attached. Worse, the NHS has been pushed to breaking point in recent years. What few mental health resources they do have contain waiting lists that can extend past a year. When you are in urgent need of recovery from mental health conditions, rehab is the better option. If left unchecked, mental health problems can kill you. We should all be taking them as seriously as we take physical injuries… and you will find no less than complete attention when you place yourself in our care.

We offer CBT help to a number of different conditions, here at Verve Healthcare affordable luxury rehab clinics. We went into a little detail about how each condition is helped by CBT, below.

CBT for Alcohol or Drug Addiction

When you go to cognitive behavioural therapy as a drug or alcohol addict, you are opening yourself up to exploring your past. This can be painful – but it is always rewarding. Those in the 12 steps program find it especially useful, since it allows them to document and list those they have wronged properly.

CBT for a Behavioural Disorder or Addiction

Whether you are suffering from behavioural disorder, or whether you have a behavioural addiction with no substances involved, CBT in rehab can help you. The therapist can teach you techniques to rely on whenever you are unsure if your perception and other people’s perceptions are the same. They can give you tools to live by that will help you avoid your addictive behaviours, too.

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CBT for Mental Health Issues

Here at Verve Healthcare rehab clinics in the UK, we see many cases of mental ill health. All sorts of mental health disorders can be treated with CBT. If you have depression, it gets to the root cause or the behaviours that trigger it. If you have anxiety, it can teach you methods to distract yourself from a panic attack. If you have PTSD, CBT can talk you through your trauma from a safe, neutral space. If you are body dysmorphic, CBT can teach you tricks that remind you who you are, how you are, and what you are – and all in a positive way.

CBT in a Rehab Clinic Near You

No matter what problem you seek out a CBT therapist for, you will find the help you need with Verve Healthcare rehab clinics. We will provide a safe haven for you to recuperate and give you the choice of several other therapies to help accelerate your recovery.

When you choose to recover from an addiction or mental health crisis with Verve Healthcare, you have access to a tailored range of therapies. Some of these include meditation and mindfulness courses, yoga classes, bereavement counselling or motivational interviewing courses. All of this is available to you whether you opt for a one week, two week, four week – or longer.

Why choose CBT at a rehab clinic instead of with the NHS?

Why choose to have CBT sessions with a rehab clinic like Verve Healthcare instead of going through the NHS? There are many reasons, but those long waiting lists play a significant part in things. Our advisors and therapists aren’t strained to breaking point, overworked, or allocated small time periods to talk to you. Rehab clinics provide the best in services, without the waiting times or time limits… all around, you gain a better therapeutic experience with a wider range of choices in accompanying therapies.

Where to Find Rehab Clinics with CBT Therapists Near You?

You can find everything you need to recuperate from a mental health problem, get over an eating disorder, recover from an addiction – or even just relax – with Verve Healthcare Rehab Clinics. We offer all manner of therapies to accompany your keywork sessions, all of which are focused on getting you back to full health. We have rehab clinics throughout England and Wales and are bound to have a rehab clinic in your area. Our fully residential centres allow you the home away from luxurious home that you need to get off drink or drugs, stop gambling, sort out your mental health problems, or conquer a behavioural issue. No matter the reason, Verve Healthcare are here for you… warm beds and comfortable rooms at the ready.

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