Living with an addiction can be tedious. It’s hard to live with an addiction, and it can cause an array of negative effects for yourself, family and friends. Whether it’s drug or alcohol addiction that you’re facing, drug addiction in general should be dealt with accordingly in an appropriate manner. Substance abuse treatment is one of the best options to consider when you’re battling addiction.

Here at Verve Healthcare, we consist of a team of professionals ready and waiting to find the best-suited addiction treatment for you. We help all individuals suffering from substance use disorders by finding them an efficient drug addiction treatment to follow.

We’ve found that psychotherapy for addiction works great. Essentially, psychotherapy is a form of treatment used to help people suffering from drug abuse, alcohol addiction, and tedious behavioural addiction to name a few. Regardless of whether you’re facing challenges regarding drugs or mental health; treating substance abuse is just as important as treating your mental health condition.

Our team of specialists are here to refer you to the best-suited rehab clinic for you to attend. We work closely with all individuals that choose our referral services. We’re dedicated to finding the best clinic for you to attend and undergo psychotherapy for addiction. We’ll address your needs and requirements before finding out exactly what you’ve been struggling with. 

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Undergoing Psychotherapy at Rehab

It’s important to be treated right at rehab. It’s also important to be offered a certain level of treatment. Most rehab clinics offer therapy as part of their programmes; this helps patients open up about their issues and find ways to deal with them more efficiently. Psychotherapy is known to help with both drug addictions and mental health conditions.

It’s offered to individuals suffering from drug or alcohol use, as well as a wide array of other tedious mental illnesses, including conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The addiction recovery process can be tough, but with the help of psychotherapy, treating addiction can be made a lot easier. 

Exploring past problems, phobias, concerns, and issues helps you unlearn harmful behaviours. This is true no matter whether you go to rehab for a drug addiction, an alcohol addiction, or an eating disorder.

The Types of Conditions Psychotherapy Can Help With

Psychotherapy can help with an array of issues, ranging from alcoholism to mental health problems. Substance use disorders are difficult to navigate; when you attend rehab, detox isn’t always enough to get you on the right path.

Detoxification, combined with therapy, is the perfect way to kickstart your recovery journey. During detox, it’s normal to experience a range of withdrawal symptoms. These withdrawal symptoms are often difficult to manage, but with therapy, you’ll be able to talk openly about how you feel.

Essentially, psychotherapy consists of verbal communication and interaction. Undergoing psychotherapy allows you to express any negative emotions. For some people, group therapy is not an option, so you’ll be glad to know that psychotherapy can be offered one-on-one, too.

Your chosen rehab clinic will be able to assess your needs and see if you require group therapy or sessions alone. Similar to cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), psychotherapy gives you a chance to change your behaviours and manage your problems more effectively in the future.

People experiencing issues regarding bulimia, anorexia, pica, or any other eating disorders can also benefit greatly from psychotherapy. When you’re addicted to doing something repeatedly, there’s a reason behind your actions.

When you attend rehab, you’ll be offered a tailored treatment plan, including supportive psychotherapy sessions. These talking therapies are ideal for anyone battling addiction, and each session will be hosted by healthcare professionals.

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What Happens During a Psychotherapy Session?

During a psychotherapy session, you will be invited to talk about your problems with a psychological expert. They will let you talk for as long as you need to, even encouraging you to open up about deep-rooted historical problems that may or may not be the source of your current issues. These sessions are ideal if you’re experiencing mental health issues or drug problems.

Things that have happened to us in the past, particularly in childhood, shape our current perceptions of the world. If you’ve had a traumatic past, you could be dealing with some past trauma. It’s basic human behaviour that we learn from our past efforts, whether they were good or bad. They shape who we are in one way or another.

During a psychotherapy session, your therapist will attempt to identify the areas in your life where your learned behaviour went wrong. They do this by allowing you to talk to them, often for most of an hour-long session. When in rehab, you can expect to have a psychotherapy session one day a week, in one form or another. You might have a CBT session one day, talking therapy another day, or even group therapy, which is a type of psychotherapy.

After your initial sessions, your therapist should start to form an accurate picture as to who you are, what your problems are, and where they came from. They can then start to give you advice on how you can actively change those ways of thinking in the future. 

When you have a mental illness or substance use disorder, overcoming addiction can be tough. Psychotherapy can help with a wide array of mental health conditions. It can change your thought processes and allow you to process difficult feelings more effectively.

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Finding Psychotherapy in the UK

If you’re looking for expert advice and guidance, you’re in the right place. Here at Verve Healthcare, we refer people to the most suitable rehabilitation clinics in their area.

We work closely with each individual to find out their issues and what they need help with. Our team are dedicated and friendly, here to offer advice whenever you need it. We find out what issues you’re facing before referring you to a rehab clinic that can offer everything you need to get better.

Whether you’re battling drug addiction or struggling with a mental illness, we can link you to trustworthy rehab centres across the country. While at rehab, you’ll be able to undergo detox if needed, along with attending psychotherapy sessions.

You will be offered general therapies, or more specifically, addiction psychotherapy, to help overcome your frequent drug use of addictive substances. When you have substance use disorders, it’s vital that you attend therapy.

Psychotherapy can help you stop drug use; it also gives you a chance to learn relapse-prevention techniques. Physical dependence on drugs can impact a person’s life massively. Not only can being an addict ruin your life, but it can ruin the lives of friends and family members, too. To find out more about psychotherapy for addiction, please feel free to get in touch with us today. We look forward to hearing from you soon. 

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