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We cordially extend our psychotherapy rehab sessions to all of our valued clients, here at Verve Healthcare. There are many reasons why people come to us to recover. It might be that they are tackling substance abuse, suffering from an emotional disorder, behavioural problem, or a mental health issue. It could be that they have an addiction, or that they need time away from the world to unwind, de-stress, and enjoy the calm serenity of our stylish guest rooms for a few days.

Whatever the reason our clients have come to us, we here at Verve Healthcare are always certain to treat them with the utmost respect. They are welcomed with open arms, shown to beautiful styled rooms, and given access to all of our amenities and facilities. While with us, they will have a nutritionally balanced menu provided for them, have their meals catered, and will have time both to exercise and to relax. This is just the basis we provide to each and every one of our valued clients. Without even including the  mix of therapies we offer; our service is already – at its foundation – exemplary.

Our affordable stylish rehab clinics then assign a dedicated recovery and clinical team specific to your case. Once done, they will create a person-centred treatment plan based on your own input. This will combine our tried and tested therapies with a range of workshops, sessions, and classes, all of which are designed to improve your recovery experience. We are a therapeutic community at our heart, providing the best possible high quality care for each person who asks us for help. We will go out of our way to make your recuperation peaceful, serene, and smooth. We even provide excellent aftercare programs to make your transition back into normal life as simplistic as possible.

But we can’t do any of this for you, if you don’t call us and ask for help. Our number is 0203 955 7703, but you can also visit our contact us to get started. We can’t wait to meet you! We have made up a guest room with soft, warm sheets, just for you.

A huge part of any recovery lies in the therapies given. One of the most vital tools used in the treatment given at any good rehab centre is psychotherapy. But what is psychotherapy and why does it work to combat such a wide range of conditions? Let’s find out.

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What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy, in its most basic form, is the process of treating a mental or inner problem with psychological treatment, as opposed to with medicine. Because of this basic definition, it covers a wide range of treatment techniques. CBD and DBT, for example, are branches of psychotherapy. There are multiple other facets to the psychotherapeutic area of mental and emotional health, but these are good examples. It is always a talking therapy, no matter which technique is being applied, so be prepared to open up to your psychotherapist if you choose to opt for sessions.

Verve Healthcare Psychotheraphy

Psychotherapy will usually focus on the client, in a room where they can relax, accompanied by a qualified psychotherapist. They will then sit down and get to know each other, with the psychotherapist eventually rooting out the problems behind your issues. Once they have identified key areas where you can change for the better, they highlight these to you and even go so far as to help you to work through them. When tackled in this productive manner, you can get help for an addiction, treat an emotional problem, or tackle a mental health disorder.

This psychological therapy is a key tool used in the recovery of mental health problems. It is often given by the NHS, although waiting lists run into the years. If you want tailored, supportive, encouraging psychotherapy in a rehab clinic near you, we have just the facility.

How is Psychotherapy used in Rehab Clinics?

Verve Healthcare Psychotheraphy

When you go to a rehab clinic in England and Wales, you expect a certain level of treatment. One of the key things you expect, is to work through the issues that forced you into addiction or that created your mental/behavioural issues to begin with. Although your chosen rehab clinic may provide you with one-to-one consultations with a psychiatrist to begin with, the majority of the psychological work you will do in rehab, is done via psychotherapy.

Another reason that we so often rely on psychotherapy sessions in rehab clinics, is due to the versatility of such work. Exploring past problems, phobias, concerns and issues, all helps you to un-learn harmful behaviours. This is true no matter whether you go to rehab for a drug addiction, alcohol addiction, eating disorder – anything.


Some of the conditions we treat with psychotherapy include:

  • Alcoholism – psychotherapy will help you explore the root cause of your alcohol addiction.
  • Drug Addiction – when you engage in substance abuse for prolonged periods of time, there is usually a reason behind your actions.
  • Behavioural Addiction – substance abuse isn’t the only thing that can put you into rehab, fortunately, psychotherapy is flexible.
  • Bulimia, Anorexia, Pica, or any other eating disorder – eating disorders often have their roots in bad experiences with either our bodies or the food that we eat.
  • Behavioural Issues – is you have some kind of personality disorder; psychotherapy can help you see where your behaviour is differing from others.
  • Mental Health Problems – when you suffer from a mental illness, rehab clinics can get you back on track using exactly these types of key therapies.

This isn’t a full and exclusive list, but it should give you some insight into the way psychotherapy is used to help those that come to rehab.

Our high quality rehab clinics near you are ready and waiting to home you for as long as it takes for you to recover. If you want to get involved in one of our industry-expert led psychotherapy sessions, contact us today.

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What happens during a Psychotherapy session?

During a psychotherapy session, you will be invited to talk about your problems with a psychological expert. They will let you talk for as long as you need to, even encouraging you to open up about deep-rooted historical problems, that may or may not be the source of your current issues.

Things that have happened to us in the past – particularly in childhood – shape our current perceptions of the world. It is basic human behaviour that we learn from our past efforts, be they good or be they bad. They shape who we are, in one way or another. For example, if you once stabbed yourself with a kitchen knife while opening packaging, you would be reluctant to use a knife in future and might take those extra few steps to find the scissors, instead. Human behaviour – all of it – is learned.

During a psychotherapy session, your therapist will attempt to identify the areas in your life where your learned behaviour went wrong. They do this through allowing you to talk to them, often for most of an hour long session. When in rehab, you can expect to have a psychotherapy session one day a week, in one form or another. You might have a CBT session one day, a Talking Therapy another day, and even Group Therapy is a type of psychotherapy.

After your initial sessions, your therapist should start to form an accurate picture as to who you are, what your problems are, and where they came from. They can then start to give you advice on how you can actively change those ways of thinking in future.

To use our old example, if you stab yourself with the kitchen knife opening packaging, you might well develop an obsession about it. It could feasibly be that you can’t look at that knife any longer… so you put it away in the drawer when you see it. You stop using it. You throw it away in the end – but by then your new phobia extends to all knives. You can’t cut a sandwich anymore; you can’t feed yourself any foods that need to be cut up. You butter bread with a spoon and give up cheese… you have developed an exacerbated phobia of knives, and the only way to successfully overcome it is to attend a psychotherapist.

Verve Healthcare Psychotheraphy

The therapist spends a few sessions listening to you, realises where things went wrong for you, and starts to work with you to overcome these problems. They might encourage you to buy a new knife, lay it out on the counter and leave it there. They could use exposure therapy, a technique that sees you slowly become used to the object again through exposing yourself to your phobia for incremental periods of time. One day, you can only have the knife out for a minute or two, when repeated over time, the knife stays out for longer. One day, you go to work and don’t think about it. At your desk, you realise the knife was in the kitchen the whole time you were making breakfast… and you didn’t bat an eyelid.

This is a specific-yet-effective example of how psychotherapy works. It is just one of many tools your therapist will use throughout your sessions, to get you back on track.

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Where Can I Get Psychotherapy in the UK?

You can get psychotherapy help if you live in the UK from rehab clinics in your area. Not all of them will offer that same high quality of care that we can, here at Verve Healthcare, however. You can also get psychological help on the NHS in the UK, but the waiting lists often last at least a year before you are seen. When they do see you, it will be as an assessment appointment. After they have assessed how urgently you need the help, they will send you back into the system into a new queue, to wait for space with the relevant consultant.

Verve Healthcare Psychotheraphy

When you come to a rehab clinic for psychotherapy help, you skip all the waiting around and go straight to the front of the queue. When you do so with Verve Healthcare rehab clinics, you gain access to a luxurious service that is tailored to suit you. We will gladly introduce you to the right type of psychotherapy for you, to help you recover from your mental illness, drink/drug addiction, behavioural or emotional problems. Whatever you need us for, we are there to help.

You can read more about our specific types of psychotherapy at the following locations:

  • Trauma Therapy – talk through traumatic past experiences with a qualified therapist.
  • Anxiety Workshops – share your experience with anxiety in workshop form.
  • Stress Management Classes – psychotherapy can help you manage stress effectively and live a more productive life.
  • Bereavement Counselling – looking at the past can also help you recover from the trauma of loss.
  • Self-Esteem Workshops – build yourself back up after a tough time, with self-esteem psychotherapy sessions.
  • CBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a talking therapy that uses psychotherapy as its basis.
  • DBT – Dialectical Behavioural Therapy is a similar talking therapy that has more input from the professional.

If you need psychotherapy, we can give it to you. Get in touch today to find out more.

Finding a rehab centre with Psychotherapeutic treatments near you

If you need a rehab clinic with psychotherapy as standard, you should come to us for help. Verve Healthcare have rehab clinics near you throughout England and are ready to provide you with exemplary care. Contact us today, on 0203 955 7703, or visit our referrals page for further advice. We can take care of your mental health while you recover with us, all we need is a call to get started.

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