Dual Diagnosis and Alcoholism

Dual Diagnosis and Alcoholism

Essential information for alcoholics with Dual Diagnoses

When you suffer from a drug and/or alcohol addiction in England or Wales, you are already in a position where your health is at risk. When you then compound that alcoholism with an emotional disorder or mental health problem, either condition is capable of spiralling out of control at any second.

When you have received that dual diagnosis of compounded addictions, you need to act accordingly and take them both into account. It is exceptionally difficult to quit drinking cold turkey if you have depression, anxiety, or any other mental health disorder. Why? Medications used to help you on your journey towards sobriety might make your mental health worse… or vice versa.

How do you respond in this scenario? When you have a dual diagnosis addiction, you need to treat both issues individually of one another. This can be tricky since the two conditions are likely to feed off one another – but it is possible. In fact, the trickiness of the treatments is one of the many reasons why it is important to pick the right rehab for alcohol addiction in the UK, for you.

When you choose the right rehab clinic that matches your wants, needs, and expectations, you are much more likely to quit drinking full time, the first time. When you couple the right rehab clinic with a residential, full-time rehab clinic program – you are twice as likely to recover without a relapse. Even then, the very best alcohol rehab clinics contain relapse prevention workshops to help you keep yourself on the straight and narrow, after your initial recovery.

Verve Health Dual Diagnosis

We are delighted to inform you that we operate just such rehab clinics in England, should you need to recuperate from a dual diagnosis. Alcohol is readily available all over the UK, and with so many of us suffering from mental health problems it is no surprise that some of us suffer from both addiction and mental ill health. You can contact us whenever you feel that addiction to alcohol is taking over your life.

Our specialist team of skilled, field-leading therapists and counsellors are all on hand and ready to help. We extend a welcome to each and every client, allowing them to recover in the best of surroundings, regardless of whether they have one diagnosis – or two! You can call the dedicated, expert team here at the Verve Health Rehab clinics, and we will be eager to help. Call 0203 955 7703 right now to start treating your dual diagnosis, once and for all.

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What is a Dual Diagnosis?

When it comes to addictions, many people suffer from more than just an alcohol substance abuse problem. When we encounter a single patient who is suffering from more than one condition, we call this a dual diagnosis. We use it particularly when referring to a substance abuse or addiction problem, since this is so often co-occurring with other issues.

For example, alcohol and depression go hand in hand, but so do anxiety and depression. It is likely that all these conditions are feeding each other inside the dual diagnosis patient. Sometimes, a dual diagnosis might refer to multiple conditions all existing in the same person. It goes without saying that the more conditions you suffer from at once, the longer it is going to take for you to go through rehab.

The term ‘Dual Diagnosis’ itself was first coined back in the 80s. It originally referred to any condition that co-existed with substance abuse inside a patient. As of 2007, physicians were still trying to appeal for a standardised definition of dual diagnosis, so that it can be officially defined. As a result, you can also hear dual diagnoses referred to as COD, or co-occurring disorders. The same report details that an estimated 24 million Americans suffered from severe emotional or mental problems, and of those, 1.7 million were known to have a dual diagnosis.

Dual Diagnosis

Don’t forget to call us for luxury rehab clinics near you, for an affordable price. We offer full-time, residential rehab services for all types of addiction – and for all numbers of diagnoses. If you want to get help for your dual diagnosis, call us now on 0203 955 7703. We are waiting to hear from you so we can start your recovery journey, together. You can also keep an eye on our blog for essential updates and alcohol rehab in England news.

Is Dual Diagnosis Common?

So we know that a dual diagnosis (or COD) is rare in the USA, but what about in the UK – where everyone has health insurance as standard? Back in 2015, a group of doctors got together to do some thorough research into the matter… and found some fairly alarming figures. the study set out to prove that some 6-15% of people in rehabilitation for drug misuse or alcohol addiction in the UK were suffering from a dual diagnosis. As of these 2009 estimates, some 20-37% of mental health patients were thought to be suffering from a substance abuse problem (such as alcohol dependency or alcohol abuse) that they chose not to disclose.

What the study found from these figures is that there is an extraordinary link between drug and alcohol misuse among those with a mental health disorder. It seemed to prove, once and for all, that those with mental health issues were more likely to turn to substance abuse to deal with their problems, than they were to get psychological help.

Although we cannot officially answer the question of whether or not a dual diagnosis is common, we can surmise that roughly 1 in 4 people suffer from mental health issues in the UK. This puts the number at around 4 million people in the UK that suffer from an addiction to alcohol or drugs, and a mental health problem… and some of them don’t even know it.

So to answer the question, then. How common is a dual diagnosis in the UK? More common than you might think.

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How Do You Treat A Dual Diagnosis?

Dual Diagnosis

Now that we have established exactly what a dual diagnosis is, let’s examine what can be done about it.

A Dual diagnosis is harder to tackle than a single diagnosis. When people come to us with an alcohol addiction, we are able to simply treat the addiction through our high end range of tailored treatment plans and deluxe therapies. When they come to us with a mental health disorder such as schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, OCD or PTSD – or any other mental health or emotional disorder – we need to treat this issue before we can treat the alcoholism.

Why can’t both conditions be treated together? Historically speaking, psychologists came to understand that tackling both conditions in one fell swoop was ineffective and often destructive for the patient. Some medicines are not conducive to both disorders. Some therapies will aggravate mental health conditions – particularly if they are undiagnosed conditions. In either instance we would treat the diagnoses separately, in order to give our client the best chance of success.

If you have an undiagnosed dual condition…

If you come to us for alcohol recovery programs, and through the course of your therapy it emerges that you have an underlying mental health condition, the chances are that we will stop treatment to focus on the mental health problem. If not, we will continue with the rehab for alcoholism, but will attempt to treat the mental health problem at a later date. Since the two conditions may well be interconnected, you could expect ongoing treatment and support from Verve Health, until both conditions were under control.

If you have a diagnosed dual condition…

If you come to Verve Rehab Clinics with the knowledge of a dual diagnosis, we can formulate a treatment plan that will take this into consideration. When both problems are taken into consideration from the outset, you have a better chance at recovering from addiction (and successfully treating your mental health issue) the first time around.

For both of the above…

Our medical teams will be on hand to guide you through every stage of the rehab from alcohol process. Each of our optimally equipped rehab centres near you has been fitted with a detox clinic, where skilled experts can help you to get off drink for good. Once the alcohol is out of your system, you will have to endure the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal until you are completely rehabilitated. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms range from mild headaches to severe hallucinations.

The alcohol rehab period you choose will be spent targeting the reasons why you drink and treating the withdrawal symptoms medically to give you a better chance at avoiding alcoholism relapses in future. We provide 7 day, 14 day, 28 day and even the 12 steps treatment programs. Each of these will give you the support and medical supervision you need to break free from drugs or alcohol.

So if you are suffering from a dual diagnosis and you live in England, get in touch. We want to help you overcome your addiction problems, and even get to the bottom of your mental health or emotional disorder. Call us now, on 0203 955 7703, or get in touch through our contact us page. We are eager to hear from you and are ready to help you get well again.

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What Therapies are Used to Treat a Dual Diagnosis?

Here at Verve Health, we provide high quality care for an affordable price tag, allowing each of our clients to recover from their dual diagnosis in the comfort and style they deserve. We believe everyone should have access to the same high-end services that celebrity rehab offers, regardless of stature. It is our belief that more people recover, given better care… so we have a goal to provide that care.

To do so, we treat any dual diagnosis cases that come to us with the utmost of care and attention. We treat both conditions separately, using our extensive array of therapists and psychological staff. We can treat the root of your alcohol addiction using psychotherapy, treat your familywith sessions aimed at healing rifts addiction has caused, and can take care of your mental health problems or emotional disorders using combined specialist therapies such as motivational interviewing, DBT and CBT.

On top of providing you with the tools you need to combat addiction, we will use similar therapies to treat any mental health or emotional disorders you may have. We might tackle these individually, so you might be in treatment for a little longer than a regular patient would. We would suggest you opt for the full month of rehab if possible.

When you are with us, you have access to a range of incredible resources, all aimed at getting you off drink for good. You can choose a holistic therapy, to pursue yoga, to undertake trauma therapy counselling… you might want to set goals for yourself, engage in a course on stress management, or attend a life story seminar… all of these can be found within our halls. At regular intervals, we run different workshops aimed at getting you back on your feet. All of this culminates in boosted chances of a successful recovery on your part.

If all of this sounds like a good fit for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We have a highly dedicated team who are attentive to your every need. We have all the support necessary for a full recovery – both from alcoholism and from any other conditions you may have. We firmly believe that a dual diagnosis doesn’t have to mean that you never break free of the cycle of alcohol addiction. In fact, we think it is the result of a gifted mind that has taken too much strain.

To get to the bottom of your own addiction and dual diagnosis, call us today. Reach us on0203 955 7703 for more information or to start your treatment plan. We are here, waiting, and ready to help. All it takes is a single call to be on your way to a better life.

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