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Here at Verve Healthcare Rehab clinics, it is our priority to support those suffering from drug and alcohol addictions in a safe and healthy way. We aim to help you get off drink or drugs in as much comfort as possible. We believe that quality rehab services should be for everyone, not just those who can afford to splash out.

Armed with a varied mix of industry-leading therapists, clinical staff, and recovery practitioners, we are determined to help anyone who comes through our doors. Rich or poor, long-time drug addict or mild user, it makes no difference to us. We will provide you with an affordable yet stylish setting in which to break free from substance abuse and get back on your feet. Your recovery is our focus. Together, we can turn your life around.

Our drug rehab courses all draw from a wide variety of therapies and workshops. All of which are aimed at your recovery. Whether you are with us for a 28-day period or whether you only have a week to spare, we can do some good with your time. Addictions are difficult and tricky to overcome by their very nature, but we have what you need to get you back on the right track again. All we need is your trust and a phone call.

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UK Based Drug Rehab Clinics

Drug Rehab Services from Verve Healthcare

Each of our specialist drug rehab and detox clinics is based in the UK. They represent some of the most advanced facilities for drug rehabilitation in England. Our drug rehab centres are fitted with a range of spaces, each of which can be adapted to a workshop space, therapy room, or even recreational room.

Our England-based rehab clinics offer the complete package in terms of recovery tools. We have a wide and eclectic mix of drug rehab services, which you will have full access to should you wish to recover with us.

We provide top-to-tail servicing for drug addicts, meaning we can detox you from substance abuse, engage you with therapies and recreational activities while you are here, distract you from the habits that made you addicted in the first place, use therapies to get to the root cause of your addiction, and even provide aftercare and relapse prevention support groups when you are finished.

No other rehab clinic in England goes as far as we do to make sure you are thriving in your new life.

Don’t forget that you can call us at any time of the day, should you feel the urge to stop taking drugs. We will escort you through the rehab process as smoothly as we can, optimising your chances of a successful recovery.

What Happens During Drug Rehab?

The detox process will differ from person to person. Some people have only a mild drug addiction, perhaps only using them a couple of times a week. It is not unusual for people to want to get control over substance abuse problems before they turn nasty or develop into something worse. If this is the case for you, the detox process won’t be as lengthy or tricky, nor will it need as many drugs to help you manage the symptoms of drug withdrawal.

On the other hand, if you have been a heavy drug user and have been addicted to drugs for some time, you will take longer to recover. The length of time and intensity of rehab from drug addiction also change in response to the type of substance you use. For example, a heroin addiction can take longer to detox from than a marijuana addiction. You might feel the effects of withdrawal for longer, with a more overwhelming urgency, and/or need extra therapies to combat your addiction.

Depending on your substance of choice, detox can take anything from 72 hours up to three full weeks. The symptoms of drug withdrawal will go on even longer than that, with heroin addicts suffering the worst of the symptoms. Once you are through the detox process, however, the hardest part is over. From then on, you need to wait out the addiction until the urge to use subsides completely. This is why we stay in rehab for a few weeks to find our feet.

The Drug Rehab Process

When you first come to us here at Verve Healthcare, you will be given an appointment with a consultant psychiatrist, who will properly assess your needs. Together, you will work out a treatment plan that will tackle your drug use at the root, allowing you to effectively stop the problem that you started using in the first place. It may be that you need to talk through a traumatic event or a troubled childhood, or simply discuss the reasons you started taking drugs to begin with.

Once a treatment plan has been discerned, your medical team will supervise you through the drug detox process until you are in a safe position to be checked into the full rehab program. At this point, the medical team will still be on hand should you need extra help, but you will be turned over to the care of the therapies section of our English rehab clinics.

Drug Rehab Services from Verve Healthcare

When you are in therapy, the psychologists will use a variety of methods and techniques to get to the bottom of your addiction problems. Sometimes, a dual diagnosis is made at this point. This means that you may be suffering from an underlying condition that consistently makes you turn to drugs to cope. It might be that you have undiagnosed depression or anxiety, which our skilled team will help you treat. Likewise, if you have no underlying problems but still struggle with a drug addiction, you could use these therapies to undo the habitual use of drugs that made you addicted to them, to begin with.

During this second stage of treatment for drug abuse in the UK, you will be encouraged to take part in various therapy modules that are more holistic in nature than your traditional therapeutic means. Of course, our deluxe addiction recovery programs come with the usual CBT, DBT, Motivational interviewing, and group therapy classes you would expect from a rehab clinic, but we also offer some additional items.

In the hope that it helps you recover faster and/or develop healthier coping mechanisms, you can indulge in as many (or as few) of the following courses, programs, or workshops as you like while you stay with us. We offer:

    • Client-led groups where the confident can share the knowledge that helped them recover from drug abuse.
    • Stress Management Classes so that you can learn how to manage your triggers in a safe, healthy way.
    • Meditation and Mindfulness classes so that you can understand how to fight addiction with patience and care.
    • Fellowship Meetings so that you can continue to improve after you recover, as well as supporting you to quit taking drugs for good.
    • Self-Esteem Workshops aimed at helping you improve your mindset and stay off drugs forever.

Yoga Classes are to help you learn how to relax without drugs in your system.

Our eclectic mix of high-quality therapies is able to take you from recovering drug addict to ex-addict in a few short weeks. Best of all, you can completely tailor your therapies to your individual treatment programme. When you recover from drug addictions with Verve Healthcare, nobody will force you to take part in anything that you don’t want to take part in.

If you have decided you want to start drug rehab in England using our services, we are delighted! Contact 0203 955 7703 today to find out more.

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Affordable Luxury Drug Rehab

Our blended mix of drug rehab programs allows you to experience the best in high-quality drug rehab service without the exceptional price tag. We set out to bring the same features and enhancements that celebrity rehab carries to everyone. When it comes to drug rehab or recovering from an emotional disorder, everyone should have an equal platform.

Your ability to recover from substance abuse should not be dependent on the price you can afford to pay for treatments. It was for this exact reason that Verve Healthcare clinics were formed.

Our founders dreamed of a Britain wherein all addictions were treated with the same degree of style and comfort, offering the same high-end quality services as even the most famous drug addict. We want to make sure that our clients leave us feeling refreshed, restored, and rewarded.

Rehab isn’t a holiday—we know that—but there’s really no reason why it can’t be as relaxing as possible. After all, a stressed mind is one of the precursors to your drug addiction in the first place. The more stress-free the rehab clinic, the better your chances of making a full and complete recovery the first time you attempt it.

Coming off drugs is hard, perhaps even the most difficult thing you will ever do. The wise among us make it easier on themselves with the addition of a smooth rehab service capable of transitioning them back into their old life again while maintaining the integrity of the good habits they formed while in rehab. There is one final component we use as the end stage of drug rehab in the UK.

Affordable Stylish High-Quality Drug Rehab

Drug Rehab Services from Verve Healthcare

Drug rehab should also include some degree of aftercare. Aftercare is what we call any services provided once the patient has left the rehab clinic and is transitioning back into their old life with their new habits. Good examples of aftercare include ongoing group therapy and telephone support, should you be having a crisis.

When you receive drug rehab treatment with Verve Healthcare, you will be given access to your groups for as long as you need them. You will also be invited to future fellowship meetings, should this apply to you.

We have certain therapies that are available when you leave, such as self-esteem-building programs, and we even offer relapse prevention workshops that will keep you on the straight and narrow. When you recover from drug abuse with us, you will be given nothing but the very best treatments and care.

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Further Resources

Should you be considering a rehabilitation from drugs program with Verve Healthcare, you will be pleased to know that we have plenty of further resources available to you should you wish to move forward.

If you have already decided you want to recover from drug addiction at one of our dedicated rehab clinics.

Drug Rehab Services from Verve Healthcare

You can also follow this link to find out more about our tailored mental health treatments. These are aimed at exploring the depth of your condition and learning to manage it in as convenient a way as possible.

Verve Healthcare rehab facilities are about more than drug rehab programmes. We specifically set out to provide you with the best in high-end services to help you lead a normal life again.

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