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Do you need a safe space to recover from a mental health issue?

Verve Healthcare are specialists in providing fully supportive, welcoming, and nurturing, mental health rehab services. We optimise the mental health recovery process to be patient-centric. In this way, we can provide the very finest in high-end care, while you recover from your problems in the peace and sanctity of our luxurious rehab centres.

Mental health rehab is a little different to rehab for drug addictions, but we use the same name because they are similar in nature. When you decide to quit taking drugs or drinking, it is much the same processes that our brain goes through to resist cravings… during both processes, we are re-learning healthy ways to cope with life. We will go into more depth on the comparison in a moment. First, let’s discuss what kind of mental health issues we treat, here at Verve Healthcare.

If you have already decided that you need mental health rehab services, then contact us today. You can reach one of our trusted, non-judgmental team members by calling 0203 955 7703, today. We would be honoured to have you as our treasured guest.


What Mental Health Problems Can Verve Healthcare Treat?

There are a number of mental health problems that you will find treatment for in our deluxe medical facilities. We provide mental health recovery resources in the UK for affordable rates – but with a luxurious twist. We appreciate that most people are only familiar with the idea of a rehab centre via what they have seen of celebrities on the media… so we seek to create that same sense of opulent serenity people associate with celeb rehab.

Arguably the best thing about our high quality rehab centre services in the UK, is that we are able to treat a broad array of mental health problems. Rehab from drug addiction and rehab from mental health problems utilise similar therapy types, which you can pick and choose from our extensive list.

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