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When you suffer from anxiety or Generalised Anxiety Disorder, you will do anything in your power to make yourself feel better. You go out of your way to avoid situations, places, or people, that bring that anxiety to a head. it can be so completely overwhelming that you begin to feel it is taking over your life.

Before long, anxiety will ebb into every aspect of your being. If left unchecked, it will stop you from socialising. It will cause problems at work. It will stop you having fun, relaxing, and even impact your vacation time. A person with anxiety problems will avoid anything that is likely to trigger their anxiety. The problem is, the more we allow it to do that, the worse it will become and the greater the number of areas in your life it will impeach upon.

If you want to manage a life lived with anxiety so that you can live to your full potential, you need to get help to recover. There is no shame in reaching out for help. End the stigma and call our mental health rehab services in Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk. You will be welcomed with open arms, made to feel at home in our deluxe suites, and will be as comfortable as possible during your stay.

Here at Verve Health rehab clinics, we offer a blended mix of holistic and psychotherapies, so you can recover using all the techniques available to you. We also provide ongoing support via our exemplary aftercare program, define each and every treatment plan to match the client, and provide you with a high-end suite to recover in. All of this together leads to a healthier treatment time, a clearer plan of attack, and a support system you can rely on to overcome your issues.

If this sounds too good to be true – and we know it does – then have no fear. Verve Health are here to help, via our Watton and Peterborough branches. Call us now, on 0203 955 7703, to get started on your recovery journey. We are waiting, willing, and welcoming… you just have to show up. See our admissions page for more.

Verve Health Rehab for Anxiety

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What is Anxiety Disorder?

Anxiety Disorder, or GAD (Generalised Anxiety Disorder), is a disorder affecting the brain. A sufferer of this debilitating illness experiences a constant feeling of “fight or flight”, an instinct usually reserved only for dangerous situations. Sufferers can experience mysterious symptoms that are seemingly unrelated, but that can ultimately be traced back to their anxiety issues.

The symptoms of anxiety disorder are wide and varied and can come across as anything from sickness and diarrhoea to periods of putting yourself in excessively risky situations. Anxiety is a constant whirlwind of ups and downs, of being balanced on the edge of your own nerves which, of course, you can only keep up for so long.

Verve Health Rehab for Anxiety
Once you have been in this state of cyclically spinning problems over and over in your mind for an extended period of time, you crash. Exhaustion kicks in and brings you to your knees. You spend a week or so sleeping in for your job, not able to focus, if you have a dual diagnosis mental health issue, this is when your depression will kick in. You might spend a few weeks visiting the lowest points of your own psyche. When you finally come out of this period, your problems from before are still there waiting on you. The cycle refreshes and begins again.

With this particular mental health problem, rehab is possible in order to recover. You can visit our pages at any time of the day or night, to learn more about getting a place in our coveted mental health rehab programs. Stay for 7 days, >two weeks, or 28 days, to enjoy an enriching program of varied therapies, all focused on your recovery. With our help, you can break that cycle of negativity and get back on your feet. Call 0203 955 7703 today to start your journey. You can also read our referrals page should you need more information.

Do I Have Anxiety Problems?

Not everyone recognises if they have an anxiety issue. This is because of the nature of the disease. Anxiety is a normal human emotion that happens in all of us. It is entirely normal to feel anxious once in a while. It is only when the repetition of the symptoms of anxiety become unmanageable where we are having a problem. This malfunctioning of the part of the brain that controls your panic functions, is what we call anxiety disorder.

Anxiety has an impact on your brain that bypasses normal logic and reasoning. You could have an uncomfortable appointment approaching one day, wake up that morning and continuously vomit until the appointment is finished, missed, or postponed. You wouldn’t be consciously aware of why you were vomiting. You might think you are sick from food poisoning, or some other illness. The point is that anxiety isn’t always obvious.

Ways to Tell if you Have Anxiety

With this in mind, we listed a few ways you can check your anxiety levels at home. If you think you have an anxiety disorder , try some of the following things to find out for sure. Obviously, talking to your doctor comes before all else.

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If you don’t know whether or not you have an anxiety problem, you need to start logging your behaviour. The best way to do this is by keeping a journal. If you have unexplained symptoms, note what they are and when they occur. Over time, patterns in when they occur will appear… but only if your inexplicable illnesses are amounting to patterns.

The journaling method can tell you if your illness isn’t anxiety related, too. Take your journal to your doctor, armed with the information it contains. Any correlation in your symptoms can be reported and the doctor may be able to give you a diagnosis.


If you think you are suffering from an anxiety issue, you can go online and use a mood-assessment tool to check. The difference between having anxiety and having an anxiety disorder can come into play here, which is why journaling is so important. If you are feeling anxious once in a while, you are suffering from anxiety, but this is a normal human emotion you should expect to feel on occasion. If you are feeling anxious constantly, this is when it becomes a disorder.

When you perform a self-assessment through the NHS tool, it tells you your mood at the moment. If you think you have a disorder for anxiety, you will have to operate this self-assessment many times over the course of a few weeks. Although you can self-assess, we suggest you do it more than once to ascertain if you might have ongoing anxiety issues.

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Ask Yourself Questions

There are a few key questions you can ask yourself to ascertain whether or not you might have anxiety. If any of these methods does lead you to the conclusion that you have an ongoing disorder with anxiety. If you think you have anxiety issues that are taking over or growing worse, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do I feel panic every day, every other day, or more than three times per week? If so, this is far too often for you to be having anxiety attacks. If your life is heavily stressful at the moment, then this might still be normal. If not, you might have GAD.
  2. When I experience anxiety, do attacks come at reasonable times? If not, and you panic irrationally for seemingly no reason, you might have an anxiety problem. You can call Verve Health if you want to go into rehab for anxiety problems in the UK.
  3. Are my periods of anxiety prompted by certain things, or does it come on out of nowhere? Again, irrational, illogical anxiety for no reason might be a symptom of anxiety. Seek help if this continues.
  4. Do you remember the last time you felt anxious and it was justified? If you can’t, your anxiety issues might be getting out of hand.

On all occasions, you can seek help through rehab for mental health issues. You can attend a rehab clinic for almost any mental health problem – and anxiety is at the top of the list for high end treatments, through Verve Health. Call us today, on 0203 955 7703 to discuss your recovery journey.

Spotting The Symptoms of Anxiety

Another way you can determine whether or not you need to go to rehab for anxiety problems, is to examine the symptoms of anxiety and see if you can spot them within yourself. We have detailed some of these symptoms below for your benefit. Please remember that this is not an exhaustive list.

Some of the symptoms of anxiety include:

Verve Health Rehab for Anxiety
  • A restlessness and sense of impending doom that persists for abnormally long periods of time. You may feel like you are suddenly being dropped into reality, which can cause disorientation.
  • An inability to focus on things is a sign of anxiety, as is an inability to rest, relax, or sleep.
  • You will become frustrated and irritable, based on the above.
  • When this goes on for extended periods, the physical symptoms can become unmanageable. They start with sweating excessively, shaking or trembling slightly, and a rising feeling of panic in the throat.
  • This throat problem leads to heart burn, indigestion, sickness, and muscle aches.
  • You might experience a shortness of breath and racing heart; this culminates in a panic attack when it becomes uncontrollable.
  • Headaches are common among people with excessive anxiety chemicals flooding their brain. It is also possible to get tension headaches from holding your neck and shoulders so tightly.
  • Heart palpitations, dizziness, fatigue, insomnia, frustration, dry mouth, sweating palms, inability to function properly – and more – are all symptoms of anxiety disorder.

As you can see, there are several ways that anxiety can have a negative impact on your state of mind, physical being, and ability to live a normal life. It is for this reason that Verve Health rehab clinics were established. We want to bring the best of mental health resources directly to the client… so that you can get all the support you need to recover.

Where to Get Anxiety Rehab Near You?

If you have read through this article and found it a little too close to home to be comfortable, you should definitely speak to someone about your level of anxiety. Your GP will be able to assess you or can refer you to a psychologist who will do so. The problem with seeking mental health/anxiety rehab through the NHS is that they have excessively long waiting lists. When you suffer every day from a fight-or-flight response, you need to be seen as soon as possible.

Luckily, we can assess you here, at Verve Health rehab clinics for anxiety, in the UK. We want to provide the sort of high-end experience that you see celebrities going through when they attend rehab. We want you to feel fully supported through this difficult time in your life, and even on out into the other side with our dedicated aftercare service.

Verve Health Rehab for Anxiety
We offer an end-to-end luxury rehab service for your mental health or addiction problems. This means we take care of detox where necessary, ensure you have a medical team on hand to help you should you need it, and offer a full range of activities, therapies, workshops, and more. Everything we do here at Verve Health, we do it with the client as a central focus.

Best of all, the serene, relaxed, calming atmosphere we provide allows you to recuperate in a safe, warm, friendly setting – with no pressure involved. You go at your own pace, work around your individual problems, and do it all with the support of a full compliment of staff. Sound good? It ought to… we worked exceptionally hard to make our facility a beacon of hope in a dim landscape of poor mental health, and we cordially invite you to enjoy it.

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