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Drug addiction is tedious to live with. Knowing when to get help for your drug addiction is crucial, but often difficult. Many addicts are in denial and struggle to acknowledge their addiction. Sometimes, it takes a close loved one to encourage you to get help. Attending rehabilitation and undergoing detox is the best first step you can take when it comes to overcoming addiction.

Here at Verve Healthcare, we specialise in referring individuals with addiction issues to reliable and trustworthy rehab centres across the UK.  If you want to help an addict, but don’t know what signs of addiction to look out for, feel free to speak with a member of our team before enquiring about rehab.

The drug detoxification process is a vital stage during recovery and helps diminish any harmful substances in your body. We help individuals suffering from drug addiction by finding the best-suited rehab clinic for them to attend.

Our team consists of knowledgeable professionals who have a wealth of experience dealing with people from all walks of life. You can put your trust in us to assist you during the initial stages of your recovery journey. We utilise our skills and experience to find some of the best clinics in the country; you can expect nothing but care and professionalism when you choose Verve Healthcare.

If a drug addiction is brewing or you’ve been struggling for a long period of time, it’s in your best interest to seek help today. We’re extremely proud of all individuals who come to us for assistance; getting the right help is crucial if you want to live a healthier life.

Drug addiction is challenging and comes with an array of negative effects, but attending rehab can help you overcome them. We help find efficient, suitable substance abuse treatment for either yourself or a close family member or friend.

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Are You Struggling with Drug Addiction?

Drug addiction is a pervasive issue in the UK. Living with an addiction in general can be extremely difficult. Being able to quit drugs is hard, and for most individuals, won’t happen overnight. Unfortunately, many of us can’t see the warning signs of an addiction coming, and carry on using drugs without realising the long-term consequences. There are many struggles that come with drug addiction, regardless of the type of drug you’re addicted to.

Essentially, drug addiction is characterised by drug seeking. For most drug users, the first time taking drugs is often voluntary. Being addicted to drugs causes changes in your brain, and repeated drug use causes your body to crave the substance continuously.

Most drugs affect the brain’s “reward circuit,” causing euphoria as well as flooding it with the chemical messenger dopamine. Being addicted to drugs is dangerous, whether it be heroin or cannabis; all drugs are harmful to both your body and mind.

If you’re struggling with drug addiction, seeking help is the best option. Although it can be upsetting to come to terms with your addiction, the benefits of attending rehab and undergoing detoxification are endless. Your body is your temple, and it’s vital to take care of it. Drug abuse can have numerous, negative impacts on your overall well-being, and can even cause death.

The Drug Detox Process

The drug detox process is vital for several reasons, primarily to help individuals overcome the physical and psychological effects of substance abuse and addiction. Our aim is to help individuals facing issues regarding drug addiction by finding rehab for them to attend.

During rehab, drug addicts undergo the detox process. Although detox isn’t necessary for all addictions, it’s vital for most drug addictions. You may be offered a medical detox, depending on the severity of your addiction. A medically assisted detox helps ease severe withdrawal symptoms.

The detox process gets rid of any harmful substances that remain in your body and is the initial step in treating drug addiction or substance abuse. Detox allows your body to return to its natural, drug-free state. The length of time you’ll need to undergo detox differs. Detox from drug addiction will vary from person to person, with all sorts of factors to be considered.

The person’s height, weight, and metabolism will affect the length of time drug detoxing can take. For a heroin addict, expect to feel the symptoms of acute withdrawal from heroin for anything up to two weeks. For alcohol, cannabis, or a behavioural addiction, detox could be as little as three days.

During detox, most rehabilitation centres offer a wide array of therapies for you to participate in. Psychotherapy and one-on-one counselling are the most efficient, proving to have helped many recovering drug addicts. Group sessions allow you to learn and benefit from each other’s experience. This shared situation allows you to feel much less isolated throughout your detox from drugs.

Although undergoing detox can be tough, rehab provides you with a team of healthcare professionals that you can rely on in times of need. We make sure to refer you to the best clinics that have the facilities to treat your addiction in the most effective way possible.

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Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

Many drugs, especially those that are habit-forming, lead to physical and psychological dependence. When a person stops using these drugs, withdrawal symptoms are expected. Addiction is difficult to overcome, especially if you’ve been abusing drugs for some time, and withdrawal symptoms vary depending on what drug it is you’re addicted to. If you have access to the right addiction treatment, you’ll be able to recover much more easily. 

Generally, harsher drugs have the potential to display more tedious withdrawal symptoms. Here at Verve Healthcare, we can help people suffering from addictions to a plethora of drugs, including heroin, cocaine, alcohol, prescription drugs and cannabis to name a few.  If you’re struggling with an addiction to any other drugs, reach out to see if we can assist you.

For those suffering from heroin addiction, withdrawal symptoms that often occur include elevated body temperature, increased breathing rate, high blood pressure, sweating and heightened reflexes. Heroin addiction should be treated accordingly, despite the challenges you might face during the withdrawal process. Some of the most severe withdrawal symptoms include extreme pain and death.

Substances like cannabis can still pose significant risks; withdrawal symptoms can often be quite distinct compared to addictions to more potent drugs like heroin. Physical symptoms of cannabis can be easy to notice; people become euphoric and their eyes become bloodshot. Withdrawal symptoms of cannabis are depression, anxiety, affected sleep, loss of appetite and irritability. Like all addictions, cannabis addiction should be treated quickly.

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How Verve Healthcare Helps People in Need of Drug Detox

If you’re in need of expert help and assistance, look no further than Verve Healthcare. We are here to guide and support all individuals who choose our specialist referral services. Rehab isn’t as daunting as you might think; we link you to trustworthy clinics nationwide that have the necessary facilities to accommodate you and your addiction.

We ensure that each rehab centre we refer to you can work alongside you effectively and provide you with everything you need. To find out more, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.

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