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Here at Verve Health, we aim to create a person-centred approach to rehabilitation from drug addiction. From the moment you reach out to us until the moment you are considered rehabilitated, you are our treasured guest. We welcome each of our recovering addicts with the respect and genuine warmth you would expect of an old family friend… we want you to feel as cherished as possible during your stay.

Our luxurious, spacious suites are designed to make you feel you are in a second home. We want you to relax, to feel like you are at home, to feel like you can recover from drug abuse, safe in the knowledge that you are under no pressure, whatsoever. We believe that in this nurturing, comforting, encouraging environment, you can recover from your addiction to drugs in a positive way.

A caring environment will infuse itself into your recovery, providing a backdrop of your emotions as you move forward. Quitting an addiction is one of the most difficult things you will ever do – but when you do it with Verve, you will find our expert medical team will make it as smooth a transition as possible.

If you have decided that you want to recover with our tailored, highly successful treatment plans for drug addiction in England, then contact us straight away. You can reach us by phone, on 0203 955 7703, or you can contact our admissions team. You can even follow this link to learn more about referrals to one of our programs.

In the meantime, let’s examine the high quality drug detox options available to you, when you recover from drug dependency through Verve Health. Detoxing from drugs is a serious business, but we are here to help with only your best in mind.

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What’s Detox?

Detox from any substance is when you allow it to fully leave your system. After a period of abstinence, you will be completely emptied of all of the toxins the poisonous substance was placing within your body.

There are several conditions that require you to detox, all of which focus around either addiction, emotional disorders, or mental health problems. You may want to go through detox if you:

What is Drug Detox
  • Suffer from an ongoing mental health problem and need to switch medications. Some prescription medications are highly addictive drugs and switching them needs to be managed.
  • Suffer from emotional problems, such as a behaviour-affecting disorder, and need to re-learn effective and healthy communication strategies.
  • If you are addicted to drugs, suffer from alcoholism, need to combat an eating disorder, or are battling a behavioural addiction like gambling, sex, or gaming.
  • If you have suffered a major trauma in your life and don’t want further future implications as a result, you may wish to detox from any unhealthy coping tactics you are starting to rely on. This is particularly true of bereavements.
  • Are vulnerable to an addiction and feel it is creeping up on you, as well as if you feel you are relapsing as a recovering addict, detox will help wean you off.

Now that we have established what detox is, let’s examine the process itself.

What Happens During Detox?

When you go through detox from drugs with Verve Health, you will be welcomed into one of our luxurious, amenity-filled sites in eitherNorfolk, Suffolk, or Cambridgeshire. You will be shown into an opulent room, filled with all the little luxuries you would expect from a top-notch drug and alcohol rehab centre near you.

The process of detox from drugs has no official starting point. From the moment you check into our facility you are already abstaining from your drug addiction. This means you will enter into the symptoms ofwithdrawal, fairly early on in your treatment. Withdrawal symptoms can occur anything from a few hours to a full day after you last use, dependant entirely on how much you have used in the past, what your substance abuse issue is with, and how long you have been a drug addict for.

When you are settled into your room, one of our specialists will take you in for an assessment. This initial assessment will determine all sorts of details that we need, to ensure we give you the best possible level of care. Your assigned chief medical officer (be it psychiatrist or Doctor) will supervise the detox process from that point forward. They will decide what prescriptions you can be given to help mediate the symptoms of drug withdrawal. They will also discuss your ongoing treatment once the drugs have left your system.

When your detox process is passed the initial stages you will notice that you are starting to shake and sweat. You may feel nauseous, and this nausea will continue to plague you for the first 72 hours (At least). After those crucial first 48 hours to 72 hours, the symptoms will stop feeling life-ending and start to taper off. Over time, you will stop feeling the need to use as a craving. One day, you will wake up and feel like you can hold thoughts in your head and that you are snapping out of a long dream. At this point, you can be moved from detox into full on drug rehab…which we also provide.

During this initial stage of drug detox, you will have access to the luxurious facilities found in our UK-based drug rehab clinics. These range from stylish rooms to free Wi-Fi and focus on the patient as our primary point of interest. We want each person who comes to us to feel they can recover in a pressure-free, no-stress environment. To do this, we also provide a range of therapies aimed at taking your mind off your addiction to drugs – or towards getting to the bottom of your drug addiction.

Remember, if you are ready to begin your journey to recovery and have decided to take that first step in the affordable luxury found here at Verve Health, you can contact us. Call 0203 955 7703 to find out more, or check out our FAQs page for further information.

How Long does Detox Take?

Drug Detox

Detox from drug addiction will vary from person to person, with all sorts of factors to be considered. The person’s height, weight, and metabolism will affect the length of time drug detoxing can take. As to the drugs themselves, the detox time differs from one to the next. For a heroin addiction, expect to feel the symptoms of acute withdrawal from heroin for anything up to two weeks. For alcohol, cannabis, or a behavioural addiction, detox could be as little as three days.

You will know when you are ready to move on from drug detox because you will begin to think clearly again. You will realise you are better off sober and firm your resolve in abstaining further. At this point, your medical team will progress you onto the drug rehab stage.

Some people decide to stay with us after drug detox for a period of their choosing. We offer set programs of 7 day14 day, and 28 day periods, but you can stay in rehab for as long as you feel the need. Here at the Verve Health rehab centres, we will be happy to have you.

The Therapies Used During Detox

Any rehab clinic for drug addiction in the UK will operate using a similar mix of therapies… but very few offer the full range that we provide. The therapies we engage with here at Verve Health Rehab Clinics involve so much more than the normal set, but we do include them as standard. We use some of the following therapies to ensure an eclectic mix of treatments that cover most lifestyles.

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Psychotherapy/CBT/DBT/MI Therapies

This range of psychotherapeutic services are offered at each of our facilities. You will have access to industry leading experts, each dedicated to providing the best care for you. If you want to recover from a drug addiction and successfully graduate through the detox from drugs period, these are the therapies that will get to the root cause of your addictions. Once you target the problem at the source, the symptoms take care of themselves.

One-on-One and Group Sessions for Drug Addiction

When you engage with a group during drug detox in Watton or addictions in Peterborough, you are attending a high-class rehab clinic that will help you tackle your addiction to drugs in a group of other clients. These group chats allow you to learn and benefit from each other’s experience. This shared situation allows you to feel much less isolated throughout your detox from heroincocainemarijuanaopioidsKetamineCrystal Meth, or other drugs.

Group Therapy

One-on-one sessions are exactly what they sound like. Whether you suffer from drug addiction in Watton or want rehab for alcohol addiction in Peterborough, we are able to provide one-on-one psychiatric, therapy, or counselling sessions, each tailored to your needs.

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Holistic Therapies

Our interesting mix of holistic therapies include Yoga classes – which have proven to de-stress both body and mind, Holistic Therapy & body Maps classes – which teach you to be aware of the signs your body is giving you. You can also enjoy other stress management courses while you are staying with us for drug detox.

Mental Health and Motivational Drug Detox Programs

While you stay at Verve Health’s facilities for drug rehab and detox, you will be welcome to try some of our mental health and motivational programs. These include Life Goals and Self-Esteem workshops, Bereavement Counselling sessions, Client-Led Groups and even Fellowship Programs. Your mental health throughout the drug detox process is as important to us as it is to you.

Whether you are looking for drug detox right now, or whether you are just dipping your toe in the pool of recover from drug dependency, we want to hear form you. Call us now, on 0203 955 7703, to start working towards your own drug detox with Verve Health rehab centres.

What Drug Addictions do we Help?

We help you overcome your drug addiction in lavish style, regardless of what your drug of choice was. We also offer support for those going through emotional crises, such as a bereavement or life change. We extend our deluxe rehab services for affordable rates to anyone enduring mental health problems, suffering from any kind of addiction, or who just wants to sequester themselves away in luxury for a few months to take a break from a brewing dependency to drugs… we welcome everyone with open arms.

The Benefits of Drug Detox in a Rehab Clinic

The Benefits of Drug Detox

When you choose to detox from drugs with Verve Health, you gain many advantages. The biggest benefit of drug detox in a rehab centre is the medical supervision. Our highly skilled team will be on hand, should something go wrong with your treatment.

When you choose to go through drug detox with Verve, you will be doing it in the utmost of affordable luxury. Enjoy high-end comfort, access to our five star amenities, and use of our therapy sessions, holistic treatments, workshops, courses, and more. When you join a rehab clinic you are buying your space in a support group. They will act as a network of similarly minded friends and helpers, all of whom want the best for you.

Some of the other benefits of going through drug detox in a rehab clinic include removing yourself from your behavioural triggers, separating yourself from your dealer entirely, taking you out of your social circles and friend groups that encourage your drug use… and many more.

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