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Are you living in England and suffering from a cocaine addiction? If so, you could be able to get help from Verve Health, to get you through detox and rehab for drug addiction. Cocaine is a terrible substance to suffer an addiction to… but our experienced team are ready and waiting to help you.

Verve Health rehab clinics were set up with you in mind. Our specially arranged facilities contain all the elements you need to recuperate from your addiction, in a quality setting Our stylish rehab for cocaine service allows you to get off drugs for good, in the comfort and safety of a welcoming facility.

Verve Health Cocaine Addiction

Our rehab clinics were devised with the regular person in mind. We know that most people only ever ear of rehab when they see their favourite celebrities go through it. Unfortunately, most people will never encounter a real rehab clinic, so that they know what to actually expect. As it is, clients show up in rehab clinics expecting the glitz and show of the celeb rehab lifestyle. What they get is often disappointing in comparison… not so, when you come to Verve Health rehab clinics.

We have specially prepared our guest rooms to accommodate you. If you want to get off your cocaine addiction, you can come to us to do it in comfort and style. We have imitated the high quality you would expect from that celeb rehab lifestyle – but created that same style on a budget. As such, you can attend a quality cocaine rehab clinic for the affordable rates of a regular rehab clinic.

If you are suffering from a cocaine addiction and want to quit, why not do it with us? When regular rehab and a quality rehab like ours have such a small price difference, why wouldn’t you treat yourself? You are much more likely to quit taking drugs forever the first time you go through detox if the rehab centre is right for you. Opt for the wrong one, and you lessen your chances at a smooth recovery.

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How Many People Have a Cocaine Addiction in the UK?

Although the NHS advise that only around a fifth of all addicts receive treatment or rehab for their addictions in the UK, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly how many addicts there are. This is particularly true when trying to discern who is addicted to what. Since narcotic drugs are, for the most part, illegal in this country, people are less likely to admit to their use.

However, a report from Sky News found that 70% of all drug users have used cocaine in the past. They cited a study, claiming it to be the largest of its kind ever made in the UK. A charity in Scotland set up an anonymous helpline and recorded broad details without storing personal information. They found that cannabis was the most popular drug, with around 80% of all the callers admitting to using it regularly. Second on the list was Cocaine – a highly addictive drug to which the 70% admitted use. That’s almost 3 quarters of all drug users.

Although not able to pinpoint exact numbers of cocaine addicts in the UK, the Guardian featured a similar study. They named 5.3% of all people between 15 and 34 in the UK as cocaine users. They point out that this equates to the UK having the highest number of young cocaine users in the entirety of Europe. Their report also covers a conversation with a representative from the EU Drugs Agency, who believe that the availability of cocaine is at an all-time high. It is estimated that 181 tonnes of cocaine were used in Europe in 2018. It is safe to say that cocaine use is rife in Britain, and throughout the rest of the world.

Nevertheless, where there is cocaine there are cocaine addicts. In the UK, there is also Verve Health Rehab Clinics – where you can break free from your cocaine addiction in both comfort and style. Our delightfully spacious rooms and eclectic blend of essential therapies (as well as fantastic amenities) work hard to help you recover from an addiction to drugs. For all your quitting substance abuse needs, call 0203 955 7703 today.

How to Spot a Cocaine Addiction in Yourself?

Verve Health Cocaine Addiction

If you, or someone you love, is using cocaine, they are already at risk of developing an addiction. You don’t have to be an everyday user for you to be a cocaine addict. Cocaine, and crack cocaine (the market leader in terms of cocaine ‘type’) are highly addictive substances that you can get addicted to through regular use. If you use every Friday or Saturday night, for example, you may develop an addiction without realising. Consider this: can you go a Friday/Saturday without it?

If the answer is no, then you may have an addiction problem. If you think you can, but then take a few drinks and find yourself calling your dealer, then you are still in the grips of addiction. 

There is one big tell that lets you know if you are addicted to crack or cocaine. Simply stop taking it for a few weeks. Go for a whole month. If you can do this without rushing back to it as soon as your allotted time is up, then you don’t have an addiction…yet.

Cocaine and Crack Cocaine addiction are tricky to spot. Once they take hold, however, they are just as likely to destroy your life as a heroin addiction. Class A drugs are so named because of their strength, addictiveness, and the power they have over you. Cocaine is a Class A drug regardless of which cocaine type you smoke or snort. It is regarded as one of the hardest drugs to quit, since it is in this class.

If you need to get help for your cocaine addiction, or for an addiction you don’t have yet – but you feel is brewing – then we are here for you. Call Verve Health on 0203 955 7703 right now for helpful, friendly, non-judgemental advice. You can even visit our contacts page if you are not confident on the phone and would prefer to email.

So we have discussed how to spot acocaine addiction in yourself, but how do you spot when someone you know or love has a cocaine addiction? We explored this question a little, next.

How to Spot A Crack Cocaine Addiction in a Loved One?

If you suspect your loved one is going through an addiction problem, there are a few signs you can look out for. Are they tired and irritable often – particularly in the mornings? Do they disappear on the weekends or spend untold amounts of time with friends you are unsure of? If any of these seem familiar to you, cocaine addiction might be an issue.

If you spot any of the signs of drug addiction in your loved one, they may be addicted. Some of these that apply specifically to cocaine addiction and withdrawal, include some of the following…

Verve Health Cocaine Addiction

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Foggy Thinking

A condition often described as ‘brain fog’ accompanies withdrawal from cocaine addiction and from many other drug addictions. We know that there is a direct link between addiction and the cognitive processes. Interestingly enough, this is amplified two fold if you have a mental illness and an addiction. See our page on dual diagnosis for more on this matter.

Exhaustion and Muscle Fatigue

When your body and brain are trying to re-write the way they operate, you are going to find this exhausting. Everything you try to do will feel harder than normal. Every relationship will feel strained, every action will be more difficult. This is why it is so important to take time off to recover. Doing so in a full time residential rehab facility for cocaine addiction in the UK – just like our service – gives you the best chance at recovery from addiction since it removes you from your triggers.

No Pleasure

Expect your ability to feel pleasure to fade while you are in rehab for cocaine addiction. This is your brain focusing on correcting your metabolism, central nervous system, and hormones. It is far too busy to be throwing out serotonin. This is yet another reason why getting help for addiction from a rehab clinic like ours is essential when you are addicted to cocaine. We can provide medication which lessens these effects until you are through the worst of it. We have centres that can help.

Mental Health Crises

Verve Health Cocaine Addiction

Suicidal thoughts and tendencies are not uncommon when recovering from a cocaine addiction in the UK. Rehab clinics are well equipped with medical teams and anti-depressants, as well as psychotherapists, counsellors, and psychiatrists, should you need them. When we say that getting off cocaine is best done in a residential facility, this is why. Even if you don’t come to us and choose to do it somewhere else – make sure you don’t go through cocaine rehab alone.

Aches and Pains

When you are in rehab for cocaine addiction in the UK, you are subject to physical symptoms that can be worse than the mental and emotional ones. Alongside restlessness and exhaustion combined, your body will start to misbehave as your nervous system interprets the lack of cocaine as a threat to your system. It appeals for more by making your physically hurt. You may find it difficult to even get out of bed at this point, which will further aggravate the mental health problems you are feeling.

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Sweating and Shaking

As well as aches and pains, you should expect to sweat and shake quite a lot during recovery. Again, this is your body readjusting to life without substance abuse. Cocaine and crack cocaine alter the way your body processes everything that passes through it. Before it can process anything else, it has to deal with the drugs. When you take them away, it feels something is missing.

Verve Health Cocaine Addiction

Over time, all of these symptoms of cocaine addiction will pass. Expect to put on a little weight as you recover from cocaine abuse, simply because it operates as an appetite suppressant. This is another way in which your brain will try to fool you. If it can get the little bursts of serotonin from eating good food instead of from drug taking, you will feel a little bit better. It won’t be the same buzz, but it will feel like it is helping.

Our advice? Get of drugs in the safety and sanctity of a medical rehab clinic in England. With Verve Health rehab centres, you can recover from cocaine abuse and even lose some of that addiction-quitting weight. We have an ample range of facilities designed to keep you entertained and can provide a number of exceptional therapies led by experts in their respective fields. Feel free to browse our pages to find out about the full range of treatments and therapies for cocaine addiction that we provide.

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If you think you have an addiction, but you aren’t quite ready to get help yet, then that’s OK, too. Bookmark our page and return when you feel ready. Alternatively, contact one of our supportive advisors who will be able to talk you through potential future treatment options.

To get help for a cocaine addiction and quit drugs once and for all, call us today. We are ready and waiting, with a beautiful guest room already made up. Let us take care of your diet, your therapy, your clinical needs, and provide you with somewhere safe, warm, and comfortable in which to recover. Your recovery is our specialty… and we can’t wait to meet you.

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