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The 7 Day Rehab Treatment Program, with Verve Healthcare

Stay in our stylish rehab clinic for a detailed 7 day course.

If you need the special type of help that only a quality (yet affordable) rehab clinic can provide, then Verve Healthcare rehab clinics in the UK have just the therapies you have been looking for. We bring together a unique blend of detox and rehab treatments, all of which are directed towards getting you free from addiction. Our 7 day treatment program gives you the best start possible when you choose to kick a bad habit.

Verve Healthcare - 7 day Treatment

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We Make Getting Clean Easier!

Here at Verve, we specialise in making getting off alcohol or stopping taking drugs as easy as we can for our clients. To do this, we give you the best support possible to allow you to get to the root of your addiction. A 7 day treatment for drug rehab or alcohol addiction will help you get through the detox period.

Some of the types of addictions that we help here at Verve Healthcare include:

  • Alcohol addiction – if you want to stop drinking, we provide both rehab and detox within one specialist rehab clinic near you. See our pages on how to stop drinking for more information.
  • Prescription drug addiction – we offer support to those who have developed an addiction to something that the doctor has prescribed. It might be a painkiller; it might be an antipsychotic. Whatever it is, Verve Healthcare can help you quit it.
  • Cocaine addiction – this drug is an expensive one, but cocaine addiction does damage to more than just your pocket. Get help for a cocaine addiction with our affordable luxury rehab centres.
  • Heroin addiction – although one of the most addictive substances on the planet, we can still help you get clean of heroin. Learn more about how to stop taking drugs.
  • Cannabis addiction – the fact that many people believe you can’t become addicted to cannabis or marijuana, is exactly why this addiction is so common. We can treat your cannabis addiction with a varied blend of therapies.
  • Ketamine addiction – if you want to stop taking ket, we are here to help. We have all the tools you need to get off – and stay off – drugs.
  • Opioid addiction – when you need help for an opioid addiction, you want a service that will do everything for you, so all you have to do is attend.

If you suffer from a substance abuse disorder, or if you have a behavioural addiction such as gambling, sex, or internet addiction, then we are here for you.

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7 Day Treatments for Addiction

If you only have 7 days to get off drink, drugs, or quit your behavioural addiction, then the first stage will always be the detox process. You will be brought to us and shown your spacious, deluxe suite. Next, we will have you meet with our consultant psychiatrist, who can discuss your treatment plan with you.

Once decided, your treatment will begin. Depending on what you are addicted to and for how long you have been taking it/doing it, 7 days may not be enough time for you to break completely free. For example, heroin addiction can take up to 14 days for you to detox from.

Verve 7 day treatment

While you are with us, you will have access to our full range of treatments. These include workshops, self-reflective sessions, group therapies, one-on-one support, and many other techniques. Every healthcare individual we employ brings another string to the rehab for addiction bow, here at Verve Healthcare.

We recommend the 7 day treatment program for:

  • Those with a mild or brewing addiction which hasn’t taken hold fully
  • Interrupting dangerous patterns of behaviour
  • Removing yourself from triggers should you feel a relapse looming

If you need to break free from a harder addiction, see our 14 day or 28 day treatment plans, instead. Contact us today on 0203 955 7703 to have a chat.

Mental Health Rehab and Recovery


Here at Verve Healthcare, we can provide treatment for your mental health issues. We have therapists, all skilled in their fields and chosen for their exemplary reputations. These practitioners can help you get back on track and managing your mental health problems on your own. Best of all, you will be subject to our luxurious facilities and top notch amenities when you stay in one of our four star facilities.

We specialise in affordable luxury rehab for mental health problems in the UK. No matter what the problem is, we have a solution for you. That being said, 7 day treatments might not be long enough to tackle a deep-rooted mental health issue. If you think you are suffering from a deep-rooted condition, we advise you to opt for a 14 day or a 28 day treatment plan, instead.

While we are fully equipped to handle all mental health rehab needs, we most commonly deal with clients who suffer from the trio of anxiety, depression, and OCD. These are the three most common mental health problems that people in the UK seem to suffer from. Usually, the three must be treated independently, in the same way that we might treat a patient with dual diagnosis.

7 day Treatment - Verve Healthcare

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Some other mental health problems we treat here at Verve Rehab Clinics include

  • Exasperation of Phobias – if you need treatment for any number of phobias, a rehab clinic has all the psychotherapy you need to succeed.
  • BPD – borderline personality disorder can be just as jarring on a person’s lifestyle as an addiction can. We can provide a safe haven until you are ready to face the world again.
  • PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder sufferers are survivors of horrific circumstances. We have specialised Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing treatments which has proven effective in treatment of PTSD symptoms.
  • Mild to Moderate Pre and Post Natal Depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder, and other depressive phases, can all be managed better with a 7 day treatment program via Verve Healthcare Rehab Clinics.

No matter what your mental health issue might be, we can be the secure support system that you need to get better. Some mental health conditions will be with us forever – and we know this. But we also know that proper management of a mental health condition can lead the sufferer to enjoy a full, whole, and adventurous life, just like a mentally healthy person.

7 Day Rehab Treatment for Mental Health Disorders

When you spend 7 days with us, it gives you the life-break you need to get some clarity. Mental health problems are overwhelming and exhausting, and we provide a special place to rest that will become your sanctuary.

We recommend the 7 day mental health recovery program for those who are already in recovery from a mental health problem but are struggling. It is also a wonderful tool for those that want to know more about a generic mental health problem their doctor has diagnosed. If you want to tackle a series, deep-rooted mental issue, we suggest you opt for the 14 or 28 day treatments.

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