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When you choose to recover from an addiction, it marks the beginning of one of the hardest trials you will go through in your life… rehabilitation. We take some of the rough edges off your recovery from drink and/or drugs, by providing a high-end, luxurious, and opulent rehab clinic near you. Based in Peterborough, our fantastic rehab clinics provide excellent care from industry-leading staff members. When you come to us, every step of your recovery from alcohol or your rehab from drugs will be closely monitored, supported, and encouraged.


Verve Healthcare Peterborough

sWe appreciate that people who want to quit addiction don’t want to remain too local to their homes when they go into rehab. The point in a residential facility is to remove you from the people and places in your life that caused you to turn to drug abuse or alcohol dependency. If we can remove you from them, you have a better chance at quitting drugs or giving up drinking for good.

Similarly, we appreciate that you don’t want to be too far from home, when you go into rehab for addictions in England. This is because you still want to be able to have visitors, or to rush home if you have an emergency or family crisis. All of this is taken into consideration on our end. This means that we have spread our affordably quality rehab clinics throughout England.. Peterborough is one area we can now extend our rehab clinic services to.

Don’t forget that, although set up for rehab from addictions, we can also cater to a wide range of other conditions. With us, you can find help to recover from an emotional problem such as trauma or mild to moderate mental health issue like PTSD or OCD. You can choose to have your treatment detailed in one of our bespoke treatment plans – tailored to the individual – or you can engage in a pre-set programme like the 12 steps treatment option.

Whichever rehab clinic service you require, our skilled staff are here to provide a safe haven where you can take those first steps into a better future. To get started on your own recovery journey, or to find out more about admission to our Peterborough based rehab clinics, call 0203 955 7703 today. We can help, but we need you to call first.

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What Rehab Services Does Verve Healthcare Provide?

Our beautiful guest rooms and tailored treatment plans are available to all for affordable rates – and we do mean all. This means that we don’t just treat addictions in our stylish rehab centres, Peterborough based residents can enjoy our range of therapies no matter what behavioural, emotional, or mental health issues that plagues them.

Below, we went into more detail on who we help and how.

Mental Health Rehab Help in Peterborough

There are a full range of mild to moderate mental health conditions that we can treat, here in our Peterborough rehab clinics. In a rehab centre near you, there are classes, sessions, programs, and therapies happening right now. Each and every one of our sessions will help you takes steps towards a better quality of life… a quality of life that our mental health issues have robbed from us.

The most common clients we see that are suffering from mental health disorders, are those that suffer from low-level depression or anxiety. We have specialised treatments and programs that are tailored to aid you fight back against these conditions. We like to think of mental health therapies as ways to communicate new ideas to you. These ideas are like little tools, you can learn them, tuck them away, and bring them out whenever you need them in future.

We can teach you how to spot incoming ‘dangerous thoughts’, how to relax properly, and how to manage stress, anger, and even suicidal thoughts. We want to rewrite the programming in your brain so that it operates in a healthier way… and so that you can manage your condition on your own by the time you leave us.

Can you go to Rehab for an Emotional Issue in Cambridgeshire?

Verve Healthcare Peterborough

You can go to rehab if you need help to overcome an emotional issue. It may be that you have been bereaved recently and are struggling to move on, that you are suffering from a trauma-related set of health issues, or that you are suffering from behavioural problems (such as a gambling addiction, then Verve Healthcare quality rehab clinics can help you to overcome it.

We routinely treat those with emotional disorders in our care – although no tailored treatment plan is routine in itself. 

We will welcome you with open arms, situate you in high-quality accommodations, and then start you on treatments. To treat an emotional problem, your assigned remotely-appointed psychologist or specialist doctor will usually set you up with a person-centred range of therapy sessions, each focused on helping you recover in incremental steps.

We treat trauma related emotional problems, grief, trauma, and stress, all within our walls. If you would like to take advantage of our tried and tested provisions in rehab for an emotional disorder in the UK, then let Verve Healthcare be the team that guides you.

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High-End Rehab for Drug Addiction near Peterborough

Recovery from drug addiction in Peterborough is completely within your reach. We operate our high quality treatment plans to your betterment, allowing for a patient-focused method of operation and a clear benefit to all our clients. Patients come to us for all manner of drug addictions, looking for rehab in England and Wales. We are delighted to offer a high quality, stylish-yet-affordable rehab for drug addiction service, that puts the client first.

Our high quality drug rehab services include an array of therapies, some of which are considered to be vital to your treatment, others of which will teach you more holistic things, such as how to relax, how to manage craving-related-anxiety, and how to go about setting new goals for your sober life. Some of the keyworking therapies we use to help you conquer drug abuse or drug dependency include CBT, DBT and Motivational Interviewing. Each of these is given by a specialist in their field, who can advise you as to what your next steps should be when the courses are completed.

By blending these therapies together, we are able to create a welcoming environment that covers every facet of your recovery from drug misuse. Substance abuse is difficult to break free from – and we appreciate that. So much so, that we tailored our whole program towards giving you optimal service to attain the best results. When you go to rehab you are never guaranteed to quit drug taking for good, but we like to think that we give you the best possible chance at a fresh start… all you have to do is call us and take it. That number again: 0203 955 7703. Write it down, pin it to your fridge, and call it as soon as you are ready to journey into sobriety. We would be honoured if you chose us as your rehab service to get you off drugs.

Deluxe Peterborough alcohol rehab clinics near you

We provide the best in alcohol rehabilitation services in the UK. It is our intention that every alcoholic that comes to us for help receives the best possible quality of rehab care that we can give. We do this by providing an exemplary set of therapies, providing access to a team of clinical staff that have been hand-picked for being at the head of their field, and by providing all this for affordable rates that you just can’t get anywhere else in England and Wales.

Verve Healthcare Peterborough

Our Peterborough alcohol rehab clinics are able to facilitate your everyday needs while you recover from alcoholism. We will settle you into your beautiful guest room, fitted out to meet your comfort and entertainment needs. We will supply you with your own assigned group of recovery professionals, each of whom will have input into your treatment plan and recovery options. We will even help you to go through the detox from alcohol process, before we progress your treatment on to alcohol rehab services.

As with our drug rehab program, we will also subject you to a combination of keyworking and holistic therapies, when you move from alcohol detox into alcohol rehab. It is this balanced combination that will help us tackle every aspect of your addiction to drink, in order to provide you with our luxurious signature brand of end-to-end care.

If beautiful accommodation equipped with all the comforts of home – and then some – sounds like the ideal place for your recovery from alcohol, then we would love to host you. Call our friendly experts on 0203 955 7703 today to make enquiries. You can also read all about us on our website.

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Are Drink & Drugs a Problem in Peterborough?

Drink and drugs are at epidemic proportions in Britain. Cannabis is readily available on most street corners, with dealers and growers at least one per town. We have massive rates of drug and alcohol deaths, with some 17,000 drug deaths reported in a single year, by the NHS. As to alcoholism, there are an average of between 5 and 9 thousand deaths that are alcohol related in England and Wales, every year… but how many of them take place in Peterborough specifically?

On the very day that we wrote this page, the Peterborough Telegraph reported on two drug dealers being caught red handed by CCTV cameras while in the city. Just to reiterate our point, the same publication reported on a mother who lost her daughter to a drunk driver in Peterborough. Everywhere you turn there are similar stories about drugs being removed from the streets of Peterborough – the Cambs Times, The Cambridge News, and Peterborough Matters are but three of the many, many, many reports on drugs in our streets.

While the presence of Class A drugs doesn’t always mean there are addicts – there is often no smoke without fire. If there are drugs on the streets, you can bet that there is someone, somewhere, suffering because of it.

Deluxe Peterborough alcohol rehab clinics near you

Verve Healthcare Peterborough

If you live in England or Wales, you can travel to our Peterborough-based rehab clinics, right here in the UK. Our network of specialist centres is so intricate and diverse, that you are sure to find a rehab centre near you. Call us now, on 0203 955 7703, or visit our contacts page to drop us an email. However you reach out, do it today. Tomorrow could be the first step towards the rest of your life.

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