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Here at Verve Healthcare Rehab Clinics, we are fully equipped to treat any addictions in Norfolk in comfort, serenity, and style. We offer a high quality rehab clinic with an affordable price tag, allowing more people to get the high end care they deserve, to help them to get off drink or stop taking drugs for good.

We don’t just cater to addictions, either. We extend our highly sought after Norfolk-based rehab clinic services to any and all who suffer from mental and emotional health problems. The tailored blend of keywork and eclectic therapies we use to treat addictions with, are similar to those you might seek out when suffering a mild to moderate mental health problem, emotional or behavioural disorder.

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If you think you need help with something a doctor can’t quite reach, then Verve Healthcare rehab clinics are here for you.

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What do Verve Healthcare Rehab Clinics Treat?

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-We treat most manner of emotional, mental, behavioural or substance abuse related disorder. From mild to moderate depression to addiction, we have a therapy schedule jam-packed with industry-leading solutions. Our hand-picked staff all represent leading figures in their sectors. Our stylish amenities were designed to accommodate even the pickiest of clients… but best of all, our affordable prices make us the first ever affordable-yet-high-quality rehab clinic in England – let alone in Norfolk.

Here at Verve Healthcare Rehab Clinics, you can find support for:

  • Mild to moderate mental health problems – we treat your mental health issues by getting to the bottom of them with psychotherapy. Once done, we will give you ongoing support until you are free from the troubles that plagued you.
  • Emotional problems – if you are going through a tough time and find your stress level through the roof, attending our rehab clinics can help. Attend tailored treatment plan therapies and take the time and space you need in our stylish rehab clinics in Norfolk.
  • Behavioural disorders – whether it be a personality disorder or a behavioural addiction, we are here help.
  • Addiction – alcohol addiction, drug addiction, prescription drug addiction – whatever it is that plagues you, find allies with Verve Healthcare Rehab Centres.

So if you feel that you are suffering from an inner problem that you can’t quite get a handle on alone, then we would be honoured to help you. Our high-end facilities are ready and waiting, our opulent amenities are set up and ready to go. All that is missing is you.

Drink and Drug Problems are On The Rise in Norfolk

Alcoholism is a problem up and down the country, but recent times have seen drug use almost equal the number of alcoholics in England and Wales, according to NHS figures. The last few years have seen a rise in all sorts of narcotic drug use, most of which brought on by police and NHS cuts.

Drug and alcohol misuse are such a common issue in the streets of Norfolk, that Norfolk County Council had to draw up a drugs and alcoholism action plan. The report this was founded on cite 55% of the population admit to alcohol abuse in the past, with only 8% admitting to daily or weekly use. National figures point towards only a fifth of all alcoholics admitting their problem, however, which would throw the reliability of this survey into question. Since addiction is still viewed with stigma in Britain (it is something to be ashamed of), these figures may be unreliable.

Despite being underfunded and undervalued, Norfolk police are still at the top of their game when it comes to arresting drink and drug offenders. It is recorded that 20 drug networks were successfully routed in 2020 alone, meaning 20 x small town or regional dealers have been sourced, arrested, and taken off the streets. About 500 arrests were made in relation to the supply of drugs. That’s 500 dealers that will think again before they get involved in this illicit problem.

In the Great Yarmouth Mercury, it was reported that one drug dealer was arrested for selling crack cocaine to vulnerable and disabled people. In a similar story, the Eastern Daily Press covered reports of Class A drugs in Norfolk being supplied by three separate dealers… all of whom were arrested. Police in Norfolk executed 17 search warrants this year in an effort to crack down on hard drugs. These three arrests were the result of this attention to detail.

Where Can I Get Rehab for Drug Addiction in Norfolk?

Although we are fully aware that the presence of Class A and B drugs in an area doesn’t necessarily indicate the presence of drug addicts, we do know that the two are never far apart. Where you get one, the other is not long in springing up.

If you have fallen victim to any of the drug dealers found in Norfolk and you have become addicted, contact Verve Healthcare Rehab Centres now on 0203 955 7703 and we can check you in.

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Rehab for Alcohol Misuse in Norfolk

Like everywhere else in England, Norfolk has an alcohol abuse issue. Alcohol addiction represents substance abuse in its purest form. You can buy alcohol at just about any store, in pubs and restaurants, and whole social lives revolve around the fact that pubs sell alcohol… As a result of this, it can be an exceptionally difficult addiction to quit.

Police recently put a restriction into place via public order. This order saw three Norfolk towns, King’s Lynn, Downham Market, and Hunstanton, covered by a ban on open consumption of alcohol in the streets. This order was created so that police could do more than just ‘move on’ street drinkers. Sources say drinking on the streets of Norfolk is a huge problem, but that police are working on solutions like these, that will dampen and discourage drinking in future.

Other areas of Norfolk have since looked at the situation in these three towns and considered following suit. Councils across the region are already in talks about banning public drinking on a much larger scale. West Norfolk is the most recent to speculate upon the positive changes wrought by alcohol in public places bans in other places in England. As one of the best rehab services in Norfolk, we can’t help but agree.

Rehab for alcohol in Norfolk has become a vital service throughout. The Norwich Evening News has referred to the alcohol problem in towns as a ‘ticking public health time bomb’. However, there are reports that are bringing alcoholism to the public eye. Alongside these are signs that times are changing for the better. One report saw an alcohol ban brought in at Norwich station, making the usually docile rules about drinking on trains even more complex throughout the UK. Officials have also requested that pubs and clubs ban the sale of alcohol after 3 am. This will have a knock-on effect of having less crime in the area, late at night.

Where can I get Rehab for Alcohol in the UK?

You can get rehab for alcoholism right here in Norfolk, and all it will take is a phone call to get enrolled. We have a whole facility equipped with therapy tools, exercise amenities, and luxurious suites, all ready and waiting for you to get in touch.

Take advantage of our alcohol detox or alcohol rehab treatments and call us right now, on 0203 955 7703.

Mental Health Problems in Norfolk

Norfolk isn’t free of mental health problems, either. According to the Norfolk Insights reports, around 142 adults were admitted to NHS services throughout the area in the sample period. The number of those suffering mental health problems that were admitted to mental health services due to imbibing a substance was in the 900s – and those who were admitted due to stress-related illnesses was 385.

The Eastern Daily Press has already reported on an increase in alcohol-related deaths. They record that 21,000 alcohol-related hospital admissions had taken place in the Norfolk jurisdiction in the space of a single year. If these numbers continue to rise, it won’t be long before Norfolk is named as the region with the biggest alcohol death figure in all of England and Wales.

Where Can I Get Rehab for Mental Health issues in Norfolk?

As well as alcohol and drug addicts, we treat multiple cases of mental health problems, too. Our blend of high end rehab facilities and full quality therapies lead to an exemplary setting in which you can recuperate from a mental health problem. We like to create a serene, peaceful, calming environment. When we have created this sense of calm, we move on to tackling those issues, one at a time.

If you think our blend of high quality therapies and winning treatment plans can help you to stop drinking for good, we want you to call us.

Treatments we use at our Norfolk Rehab Clinics

Here at Verve Healthcare Rehab Centres want to provide the best rehab clinic care in Norfolk. To do this, we provide a varied mix of therapies to each and every one of our cherished clients. We mix keyworking treatments with holistic therapies, with the aim of producing a combination capable of treating every addiction, soothing every emotional disorder, and helping any mental health issue we come across.

Verve Healthcare Norfolk

Some of our therapies are listed below, but you can always check our FAQs page if you can’t find what you are looking for.

Keyworking Therapies at our Norfolk Based Rehab Clinics

Some of the keyworking therapies we employ include:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – where a therapist will talk through your problems and reactions with you, to allow you to discern triggers.
  • Dialectic Behavioural Therapy – which focuses on mindfulness as a tool to actively manage your triggers and coping tactics,
  • Motivational Interviewing – which encourages you to set new goals and plan your new life eagerly.
  • Psychotherapy – which will incorporate a range of techniques aimed at getting to the root cause of your addiction.

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Keyworking Therapies at our Norfolk Based Rehab Clinics

Verve Healthcare Norfolk

Some of the optional therapies we employ include:

  • Holistic therapy and body maps – so you can better know your stress points and understand the impact of stress on your body.
  • Relapse Prevention – so you understand how to avoid being placed in a similar situation in future.
  • Client-Led Groups – so you can listen to others and learn from their ability to overcome addiction, mental health issues, or behavioural problems.
  • Self-Esteem Workshops – which will help you gain back some of the confidence you have lost throughout your journey.

Most of all, what we offer is a safe place to relax, recuperate, and rebuild yourself up to your former glory. Anyone can fall foul of an addiction, emotional or eating disorder. It takes a special strength to be able to bounce back from such a traumatic incident and get on with your life. We want to help you do it in as smooth and luxurious a manner as possible.

Where to get Help for Addiction Near You?

If all of our deluxe treatments, lavish suites, and stunning amenities sound like something you could enjoy while you break free from addiction, contact us today to secure a place. Our four star plus facilities incorporate a mix of treatments, comfort, and opulence, and all for an affordable rate.

To get booked into a rehab clinic in Norfolk, call 0203 955 7703 today. We have every tool you need to recover in style – all that is missing is you. Call now, book in, and start your journey. Even if it takes a thousand steps, it starts with a single one. Let today be that one, so you can go on and enjoy the rest of your life.

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